Leading Tech Companies Are Highlighting Blue Light Awareness

Leading Tech Companies Are Highlighting Blue Light Awareness

Blue Light Protection

Be honest, how long do you waste staring at a design with a monitor? Regrettably for most of us, it is more than we care to admit. And it is becoming a problem because of the blue daylight they produce.

Some of the leading tech companionships in the world along with health professionals are coming together to highlight the dangers of blue sunlight along with solutions. The Blue Light Summit 2020 is going to explore the connection between screen time, off-color flare showing and overall health.

This is what these companies are doing to address the problem 😛 TAGEND

Dell is the first global PC label to have its XPS, Alienware and G Series position of computers to meet the Eyesafe Display certification. HP says it will render a range of laptops across its consumer and gaming stages last-minute this year into 2021 with the Eyesafe Display certification. Lenovo- Last-place year the company got the world’s firstly TUV Rheinland Eye Comfort certificate for notebooks. This year, we got the TUV Rheinland Eyesafe Display certificate for our produces. Acer- Offers Eyesafe Display-certified simulations across its monitor portfolio to reduce the amount of potentially harmful blue-blooded ignite radiated.

What is Blue Light and Why is it Hazardous?

Blue wavelengths in the light range are beneficial in daylight hours. They help keep you notified, improve reaction time, and boost your mood. But once it is dark, the light on computing devices continue to emit the sun along with its effects.

If you are trying to sleep, it will take you that much longer to do so. What is more, the beacon from these devices also has other unintended health outcomes. This includes everything from bad eyesight to less sleep, hormone inequality and more. This is what is leading health and tech companies to participate in the summit and find solutions.

What is Eyesafe?

Eyesafe is a company that stipulates engineerings to manufacture maneuver habit, screen age, and the impacts of off-color light-emitting maneuvers safer and more effective. The technology formulated by a world-class team of eye doctor, operators and scientists.

The Blue Light Summit, presented by UnitedHealthcare, Eyesafe and TUV Rheinland will be held practically this year because of the pandemic. Some of the tech business participating in the summit to address this issue include Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Acer.

You can register and were represented at the Blue Light Summit 2020 on October 15 th at 8 p. m. CST.

Image: eyesafe.com

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Quintana: I have never used illegal substances to improve my performance

Quintana: I have never used illegal substances to improve my performance

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A day after information firstly emerged that French police had searched Nairo Quintana’s hotel room and opened a initial investigation into possible doping, Quintana has seen his first public statements on the subject.

” The French gendarmerie be put into practice an operation in the hotel where my squad was staying on Wednesday, September 16, in Meribel, after the Tour de France stage intent ,” Quintana confirmed in a statement.” That date, the authorities concerned opened my room and abducted vitamin augments “thats been” perfectly legal, although perhaps unfamiliar to the French sovereignties. This is the main reason why it takes time for everything that happened to be fully clarified .”

According to reports in French media, police examined the rooms of a few members of the Arkea-Samsic team as well as team gondolas after the 17 th stagecoach of the Tour. Harmonizing to the AFP, attorneys in Marseille opened a initial investigation following the “discovery of numerous state commodities including doses … and above all a programme that can be qualified as doping .”

Le Parisien reports that a doctor and soigneur were taken into police custody on Monday while Nairo and Dayer Quintana were questioned.

In his statement, Quintana was insistent that the search did not recover anything illegal.

” So that there is no doubt, I want to confirm that narcotic elements “ve never been” attained ,” he said.

Although an Arkea-Samsic affirmation noted that the investigation concerned” a limited number of equestrians, as well as their close entourage , not employed by the team ,” Quintana like to remind you that he has been working exclusively with unit personnel.

” I too want to clear up a misunderstanding: during the recent Tour or during any previous hasten, I have never consulted auxiliary or foreign personnel from the team ,” Quintana said.” I do not have and have never had anything to hide .”

Quintana said that he has been cooperating with authorities and will continue to do so.

” Yesterday, at the invokes of the French powers, and voluntarily, I loomed before the department of public prosecutions and reacted each and every one of their questions clearly and with a clear conscience ,” he said.” In this feel, it is necessary to emphasize that I has not been able to been the subject matter of any accusation by the authorities. For my own part, I am and will be ready to clarify any incredulity from the prosecution, as I did on Monday and today.

” I, Nairo Quintana, have been a clean rider throughout my sport life and have an flawless biological passport. I want to clarify to the public, to my followers, and cycling partisans that never in my part vocation- junior, under-2 3 and professional- have I expended illegal elements that improve my athletics carry-on and that disclose the principles of sport .”

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Win the Wire: Week 3

Win the Wire: Week 3

Win the Wire: Week 3 Vincent Verhei 22 Sep 2020, 09:46 am

San Francisco 49ers RB Jerick McKinnon

Week 3 can be a hushed week after the initial rushed to the wire from the start of the season dies down. Not so much this year. Sunday may have specified the record for injuries to fantasy adepts with lineup staples such as Christian McCaffrey, Saquon Barkley, and Raheem Mostert suffering multiple-week to full-season injuries. That leaves a lot of work to be done in this week’s wire and may create a few sneaky impact adds-on for your illusion teams.

Rostered percentages are for ESPN/ Yahoo.

James Robinson, RB, Jacksonville Jaguars

62 %/ 70%

Many fantasy participates were aligned with my Week 2 suggestion to prioritize Robinson over the field of waiver claims, but he remains available in about one-third of fantasy conferences. Don’t overlook him this week. Robinson offered a honourable encore of impres volume in Week 2 with 16 carries and three celebrations that he was transformed into 120 total grounds. Combined, his 36 signatures through the first two weeks are 13 th-most at its own position and have him on a full-season pace for 288, an RB1 workload. As if that weren’t fairly, Robinson has been efficient with 5.8 yards per touch, 12 th-best of the 51 backs with 15 or more strokes through 2 weeks. Try to evaluate your organization mates’ tendencies, but don’t be afraid to exhaust your FAB if you deem it will make that to land Robinson. He’s that kind of a fantasy difference-maker.

Recommended FAB bid (% of peak ): 100% Should you use your No. 1 waiver priority on him: Yes

Joshua Kelley, RB, Los Angeles Chargers

28 %/ 39%

I offered a tepid affirmation of Kelley after his Week 1 recreation without a target. But after Sunday, I foresee I are likely to have underrated his receiving potential, and I’m not sure it matters as much as I thought it would with the Chargers’ commitment to the run and blocking performance.

To the onetime place, Kelley caught two guides for 49 grounds in Week 2. The first was a 35 -yard catch-and-run that was undefended, but Kelley presented an unexpected breakaway move to entwine through the second level.

And he followed that with a 14 -yard reception with fewer yards after the catch but showcasing a nice tracking and adjustment to a slightly off-target throw.

Kelley’s lone incompletion was on a screen that failed to develop. First-time rookie starter Justin Herbert intentionally shed the ball into the dirt.

To the latter point, the Chargers have so far established an improvement in their run-blocking from 4.37 adjusted strand gardens last season( 13 th) to 4.60 through 2 weeks this season( 10 th ). That plus a lead-in against the Chiefs’ relatively inadequate drain defense( -0. 7% in 2019, 26 th) started it possible to run 44 seasons against just 33 pass aims on Sunday. And I expect the Chargers to aim for that stage of imbalance when they can manage it in Herbert’s early job starts. That could create a rushing volume to support Kelley’s RB2 consideration even if he seldom experiences numerou targets. And he may well catch a few delivers per competition, specially if Herbert is under center and likely checking down to his backs more often than the veteran Taylor did in Week 1. Just 3.4% of Taylor’s aimed attempts in Week 1 targeted his running backs.

Recommended FAB bid (% of peak ): 70% Should “youre using” your No. 1 waiver priority on him: Yes

Mike Davis, RB, Carolina Panthers

1 %/ 2%

Christian McCaffrey drafters have only ever had one anxiety with their top picking, and that gash fright has occurred in the form of an ankle gash that could sideline the Carolina star for several weeks. Most participates have never handcuffed McCaffrey, either because of his health to date or a lack of clarity on who his backup even is. But unexpectedly, it seems crystal-clear that Davis will be that player. In relief of McCaffrey on Sunday, Davis took a carry and, more important for fantasy, had eight catches for 74 yards. He toy 24 offensive clicks while the team’s other healthful back, Trenton Cannon, frisked on only special teams. And while Davis has a reputation as a receiving back, his 5-foot-9, 221 -pound size advocates he is built to withstand a short-term bell-cow volume of handles. You can comfortably plug-and-play Davis for McCaffrey, and you are eligible even enjoy RB1 digits in PPR formats when you do.

Recommended FAB bid (% of peak ): 51% Should you use your No. 1 waiver priority on him: Yes

Jerick McKinnon, RB, San Francisco 49 ers

19 %/ 23%

Head coach Kyle Shanahan’s ability to turn any player into a productive one for fantasy will be put to the test next week with Jimmy Garoppolo, Deebo Samuel, George Kittle, Raheem Mostert, Tevin Coleman, Nick Bosa, and Solomon Thomas potentially missing the Monster recreation with their myriad injuries. For McKinnon, the two to monitor will be Mostert and Coleman. The onetime dislocated his MCL, serious injuries that our Andrew Potter’s research suggests will likely cost him at least two weeks. Meanwhile, Coleman sprained his knee and could miss multiple weeks, as well.

McKinnon may be third string with everyone health, but his 4.35 s 40 time indicates that he is chipped from the same cloth as the journeyman-turned-star Mostert. And my own investigate suggests that it isn’t coincidence that fast participates such as Mostert can crack long touchdown runs such as the two he once has in as many weeks. McKinnon immediately followed suit with a 55 -yarder on one of his just three impress in succor on Sunday. He should slot in near where Mostert often grades as an RB2 if Mostert and Coleman both miss time.

Recommended FAB bid (% of peak ): 40% Should “youre using” your No. 1 waiver priority on him: No

Robby Anderson, WR, Carolina Panthers

78 %/ 62%

Anderson turned in an exceptional team debut with 114 yards and a touchdown in Week 1, but his( eight ), D.J. Moore’s( nine ), and Curtis Samuel’s( eight) target totals recommends that the Panthers could have too strewed a pas onrush for he or Samuel to achieve WR3 status. One week last-minute, I have not yet been concerns. Anderson was a touchdown away of a full encore conduct with nine catches and 109 grounds in Week 2. And while he and Moore both outperformed their Week 1 target shares, Samuel came back to precisely two targets. Now through 2 weeks, Anderson is restrained for 10 th among all receivers with 18 targets and top-2 0 with a 24.3% target share. On a team looking to pass with brand-new offensive coordinator Joe Brady and likely having to pass with a protection that will land them in a lot of second-half insufficiencies, Anderson is a WR3 with upside to be even better.

Recommended FAB bid (% of maximum ): 20% Should you use your No. 1 waiver priority on him: No

Antonio Gibson, RB, Washington Football Team

79 %/ 76%

The Gibson hive that drafted him as a sleeper in August on the strength of his greater-than-5 0% college receiving rate may have been turned off by Peyton Barber’s two-touchdown performance in Week 1. But now that I’ve seen the team for 2 weeks, I foresee I have a read on how they will use their backs. When confined or earning, Barber contributes their trio of backs with 10 carries versus only four for Gibson and one for J.D. McKissic. But when trailing, Gibson has a clear advantage with 18 carries versus 10 for McKissic and really eight for Barber. Those splits make sense for their skills and abilities, with Gibson and McKissic more versatile as receiving menaces and Barber the biggest at 5-foot-11 and 225 pounds. But they shouldn’t lead to a perfectly given workload. Despite their Week 1 shock of the Eagles, Washington remains a bottom-two team in DAVE. They will likely trail more than they result this season, and Gibson’s workload will likely expand across sport moods as he originates more comfy at this new level of competition.

Recommended FAB bid (% of peak ): 16% Should you use your No. 1 waiver priority on him: No

Darrell Henderson, RB, Los Angeles Rams

45 %/ 31%

It’s difficult to disentangle the Rams’ aimed reliance on Darrell Henderson as part of a three-back committee from the seemingly minor injuries Cam Akers and Malcolm Brown suffered against the Eagles on Sunday. But even if Akers and Brown can return to the field in Week 3, it may be worth adding Henderson to your fantasize terraces as well. The majority of his 121 gardens on Sunday came from a few big-hearted toys. He took one carry up the midriff for 40 yards.

And another for 11 yards.

Those breakaway carries likely say more about the Rams’ run-blocking than Henderson’s skill set. But Henderson should continue to benefit from an offensive wire that at least so far this season has returned back from 4.27 adjusted cable gardens last-place season( 19 th) to 4.89 this season( sixth ). Meanwhile, Henderson is likely the best receiving alternative of the Rams’ three backs, something he pictured with a clever spinning catch on a 28 -yard wheel route that roughly been successful in a touchdown.

Overall, Henderson is averaging 7.5 gardens per touch this season, the second-highest rate among the 51 backs with 15 or more impress. With that rank of efficiency, he could overcome a age share to become a flex option in PPR leagues.

Recommended FAB bid (% of peak ): 15% Should “youre using” your No. 1 waiver priority on him: No

Dion Lewis, RB, New York Giants

1 %/ 5%

With Saquon Barkley confirmed to miss the rest of the season with a rush ACL, there is no mystery of which back will be in the New York spotlight. Lewis played 88% of the Giants’ offensive snaps on Sunday. And after playing just three clicks the week before, Wayne Gallman was a health inactive in Week 2. The greater question is how effective Lewis can be in fantasy the rest of the course. The Heavyweight have put up a dire 1.61 adjusted direction grounds through the first 2 weeks, more than a yard and a half start of the rest of the NFL. And while that frequency assuredly shows the greatnes of the run defenses of their first two opposings — the Steelers( who cut YPA by 14%, fifth-most) and Bears( 7 %, seventh-most) — things don’t improve dramatically over the next two months with matchups against the 49 ers( 1 %, 17 th-most ), Rams( 2 %, 16 th-most ), Cowboys( 5 %, 11 th-most ), Buccaneers( 31%, most ), and Eagles( 18%, third-most) twice. Lewis will likely land in the flex compas most weeks rather than the top five that Barkley lived in. And that is even before one considers the opportunities that the Heavyweight could compute a bigger back to take over the capability operates that Lewis( 5-foot-8 and 195 pounds) and Gallman( 6-foot-0 and 210 pounds) may not be suited to handle.

Recommended FAB bid (% of maximum ): 12% Should “youre using” your No. 1 waiver priority on him: No

Devonta Freeman, RB, Free Agent

8 %/ 13%

If you plan to bid a non-trivial amount of FAB on Lewis, I recommend you handcuff him with a similar entreat on Freeman. Frankly, I’d spend more on Freeman if I knew “hes been” signing, but you maybe can add him inexpensively if the Monster signal him after the Week 3 waiver deadline.

Recommended FAB bid (% of maximum ): 11% Should “youre using” your No. 1 waiver priority on him: No

Ryan Tannehill, QB, Tennessee Titans

35 %/ 46%

Tannehill had numerous outlier statistics in 2019 that drawn attention to likely regression, such as A.J. Brown’s historic rate of grounds after the catch and the team’s incredible 11.3 -yard average on play-action legislates based on Sports Info Solutions charting. But Tannehill’s fantasy success still necessitates that he at least be on benches to start this season. He threw four touchdowns against the Jaguars on Sunday, and that isn’t more different from what he did down the elongate last year. From Week 7 when he became the Titans starter on, he has averaged 22.2 fiction levels per sport. That’s the second-most at the position behind exclusively Lamar Jackson( 27.9 ). I still might analyse him as a matchup play, but his upside is demonstrably immense.

Recommended FAB bid (% of maximum ): 11% Should you use your No. 1 waiver priority on him: No

Mecole Hardman, WR, Kansas City Chiefs

42 %/ 36%

Sammy Watkins made a helmet-to-helmet hit that slapped him out of the Chiefs-Chargers game on Sunday. It’s too early to know whether he will clear protocol for Week 3, but last year taught us that even temporary Honchoes ascensions furnish a great deal of fantasy potential. Hardman and Demarcus Robinson are both options, but I’ll side with Hardman as the better fantasy choice. He legislated Robinson with a 65% versus 62% offensive sound share in Week 2, and his status a second-year player intimates he would be the bigger home run swing if Watkins dissolved up missing various weeks.

Recommended FAB bid (% of peak ): 10% Should you use your No. 1 waiver priority on him: No

Russell Gage, WR, Atlanta Falcons

20 %/ 22%

Austin Hooper may have absorbed most of the Falcons’ tight end targets in 2019, but the team had a middling 65% charge of three of more receivers on the field. Even as much as Matt Ryan hurls the lump, that wasn’t a recipe for the slit receiver Gage’s fantasy success. Well, that does not seem to be the case anymore in 2020. Gage owes some ascribe for his top-1 0 wide receiver total of 21 targets through two weeks to the Falcons’ extreme pass ratio, but he also has a top-2 0 23.9% target share at the position. That proportion would be necessary to 12 th among wide receivers in 2019. And Gage even has a top-1 0 total of 1.12 opportunity-adjusted touchdowns. The Falcons definitely sounds like the rare unit that can support three receivers in fantasy, so don’t overlook Gage’s potential because of his teammates.

Recommended FAB bid (% of peak ): 8% Should you use your No. 1 waiver priority on him: No

Myles Gaskin, RB, Miami Dolphins

13 %/ 15%

Gaskin has yet to escape the three-headed running back monster the Dolphins are deploying this season. He contributed the team with 13 strokes in Week 2, but Matt Breida took eight and Jordan Howard took five. That workload split will likely prevent Gaskin from becoming fantasy-relevant in the short term. But long term, his superior efficiency could skew the share to elevate him to flex or even RB2 status. Helped by a top-five-among-backs total of 11 targets, Gaskin is averaging 5.7 yards per touch, tied for 13 th-best of the 51 backs with 15 or more impress this season. That bests Breida( 4.7) by a ground and Howard( 0.8) by practically 5 grounds. The latter isn’t a fair comparison since Howard has received the bulk of his touches come in short-yardage situations, but that doesn’t certainly matter for fantasy actors. Grounds are yards, and grounds are fantasy points.

Recommended FAB bid (% of peak ): 8% Should you use your No. 1 waiver priority on him: No

Jonnu Smith, TE, Tennessee Titans

39 %/ 68%

A two-touchdown week ever catches your eye at close-fisted aspiration, where character fantasize alternatives rapidly become hard to come by after the elite tier of musicians such as Travis Kelce and Mark Andrews. But Smith always had potential as a touchdown-scorer. Scouts saw the 248 -pound Smith as a Delanie Walker type before the Titans even drafted him as Walker’s eventual replacement. And now two weeks into his fourth season, Smith seems to be approaching Walker’s former TE1 role. At his crest from 2015 to 2017, Walker shored between a 20.8% and 24.5% target share every season. And so far this year, Smith is at 18.8%, 10 th-highest of all tighten ends.

Recommended FAB bid (% of maximum ): 5% Should you use your No. 1 waiver priority on him: No

Mike Gesicki, TE, Miami Dolphins

48 %/ 67%

I wasn’t expecting a fast start to Gesicki’s 2020 season returned Ryan Fitzpatrick’s historic reliance on wide receivers over tight expirations. But after an eight-catch, 130 -yard, one-touchdown Week 2 on 11 targets that preceded the team, Gesicki is up to a 21.2% target share that is sixth among all tighten aims this season. Meanwhile, he has been a red area menace with 1.58 opportunity-adjusted touchdowns, second-most at its own position and onward even of Tyler Higbee( 1.23) who scored three times on Sunday. With better touchdown luck, Gesicki could have the seem of a top-1 0 close-fisted demise. Take advantage of his relative obscurity now while his market price is a bit depressed.

Recommended FAB bid (% of peak ): 3% Should “youre using” your No. 1 waiver priority on him: No

N’Keal Harry, WR, New England Patriots

40 %/ 27%

New quarterback Cam Newton has controlled the team’s touchdown scoring through their first two weeks, but that may be good news for fantasy musicians looking to add N’Keal Harry, a second-year receiver positioned for a breakout, for a rebate. The Patriots have overhauled their pique to take advantage of Newton’s rushing ability, but that run-leaning has not propagandized Harry out of the top 10 wide receivers with 18 targets. His 29.0% target share is sixth at the position this season and ought to have been tied him for second in 2019 with DeAndre Hopkins. Newton’s 397 -yard passing performance in Seattle in Week 2 had indicated that the Patriots can propel when the matchup calls for it. At the least, that should shape Harry a flex alternative when the team faces tone opponents.

Recommended FAB bid (% of maximum ): 2% Should you use your No. 1 waiver priority on him: No

Gardner Minshew, QB, Jacksonville Jaguars

19 %/ 32%

I may have spend too much time this preseason extolling Teddy Bridgewater’s possible fantasy benefits from a horrendous Panthers defense and not enough do the same for his cat-team counterpart Minshew in Jacksonville. After an unpredictable frontrunner carry-on against the Colts in Week 1, the Jaguars fell behind the Titans on Sunday and shifted to the pass. Minshew intent up top-five at the position with 45 struggles in Week 2, and he profited on them with 339 yards and three touchdowns. Visually, Minshew seems to have improved his accuracy from his rookie season and to be enjoying better receiver play with the additives of rookie wideout Laviska Shenault and receiving back Chris Thompson. After a 5.2% shortfall in 2019 that was the second-biggest of regular starters, Minshew this year is completing 9.3% more of his elapses than expected according to Next Gen Stats. That’s the third-highest surplus at its own position. Even a regressed surplus would spawn Minshew a irreplaceable fiction option when coupled with his likely passing volume and scrambling. Last-place year, he averaged 24 hastening yards per activity, fifth-most of the 36 quarterbacks who playing in eight or more games.

Recommended FAB bid (% of peak ): 1% Should you use your No. 1 waiver priority on him: No

Golden Tate, WR, New York Giants

58 %/ 36%

Barkley’s injury was the team’s most important and longest live from Week 2, but No. 1 receiver — at least by target share — Sterling Shepard also suffered a turf toe injury and is poised to miss several weeks. Tate made 91% of his targets from the slot last-place season, so he isn’t a direct capacity substitution for Shepard. But Tate did experience considerably better product with 6.0 catches for 81 yards per recreation between Weeks 6 and 10 last season with Shepard sidelined by a concussion versus 3.2 and 52 with Shepard sharing the field from Weeks 12 to 17.

Recommended FAB bid (% of peak ): 1% Should you use your No. 1 waiver priority on him: No

Logan Thomas, TE, Washington Football Team

11 %/ 32%

Thomas didn’t match my performance expectations in Week 2 against a Cardinal squad that was the No. 1 increaser of tighten boundary consummation percentage, yards per target, and touchdowns per target last season. But more important for his future fantasy ethic, “hes seen” another nine targets. That was second on the team on Sunday and four more than the No. 3 receiver, and it boosts him to a 27.0% target share through two weeks that is second-most among all close-fisted demises. Thomas hasn’t converted that usage into a ton of gardens still further, but he has teased touchdown upside with 1.39 opportunity-adjusted touchdowns, third-most at the position.

Recommended FAB bid (% of peak ): 1% Should “youre using” your No. 1 waiver priority on him: No

Joe Burrow, QB, Cincinnati Bengals

45 %/ 71%

Burrow’s totals from Thursday evening of 316 grounds and three touchdowns inspect a bit more impressive when you inspect past his attempt total of 61 moves. The Bengals are bad, but they aren’t 61 -passes-per-week bad. Still, Burrow has passed the eye test. He looks cozy in the pocket despite picturing heavy push behind what is likely a inadequate offense cable (8. 2% adjusted bag proportion ). Unlike the team’s less knowledge options from 2019, Burrow seems to have found the necessary balance of throwing the occasional shot downfield but mainly get rid of the projectile soon. His 8.0 -yard average depth of target is 15th-highest of the 34 quarterbacks with 20 or more tries, and his 2.64 s median time to throw would have been sixth-fastest at the position in 2019 according to Next Gen Stats.

Recommended FAB bid (% of peak ): 1% Should you use your No. 1 waiver priority on him: No

Drew Sample, TE, Cincinnati Bengals

0 %/ 1%

I didn’t realize Bengals tight tip C.J. Uzomah was a must-have fantasy player before he tore his Achilles on Thursday evening. But if his six-catch second half was any indication, second-year backup Sample should do a fair impression. He clearly has the TE1 job. For the full recreation, Sample frisked 54 offensive snaps compared to just seven for Cethan Carter. And with Burrow, that Bengals TE1 role has pestered some miraculous fantasy capability. Combined, Uzomah and Sample have 21 targets through the first 2 weeks, which are restrained for the second-most among tight death cells in football. And they lead its own position with 1.86 opportunity-adjusted touchdowns, hinting even greater touchdown upside than they’ve shown so far this season.

Recommended FAB bid (% of maximum ): 1% Should “youre using” your No. 1 waiver priority on him: No

Michael Pittman, WR, Indianapolis Colts

15 %/ 15%

With top potentials such as Jerry Jeudy and CeeDee Lamb landing on squads with established No. 1 receivers, the 2020 rookie receiver class has a volume problem. That opens the door for some less heralded potentials to enjoy the best rookie seasons. And now that Parris Campbell has suffered a PCL injury that knocks him out indefinitely, Pittman may end up leading his peers in targets this season. He had just six on Sunday, but that did conduct the Colts. More important from a forecasting perspective, Pittman headed the team’s receivers by playing 92% of the team’s offensive snaps. That bested Zach Pascal at 81% and readily transcended inferred No. 1 receiver T.Y. Hilton at 58%.

Recommended FAB bid (% of maximum ): 1% Should you use your No. 1 waiver priority on him: No

Mo Alie-Cox, TE, Indianapolis Colts

1 %/ 1%

Already down Eric Ebron from Frank Reich’s 2019 crew that finished top-1 0 with a 34% reliance on two-tight end patterns, the Colts lost Jack Doyle for Sunday’s game against the Vikings and had to rely on Mo Alie-Cox. Even as an unquestioned temporary No. 1 tighten purpose, I didn’t have high expectations. Last season, the Vikings had the stingiest tight discontinue justification in football, accommodating the position to a -4 6.4% DVOA. But Alie-Cox handed with 111 gardens on time six targets. And as JJ Zachariason pointed out, it’s never a bad mind to bet on an athletic close-fisted tip such as Alie-Cox, a former college basketball participate for VCU.

Career recreations with 5 or more targets: Jack Doyle – 30 Mo Alie-Cox – 1

Career recreations with 100 or more receiving grounds: Jack Doyle – 1 Mo Alie-Cox – 1

— JJ Zachariason (@ LateRoundQB) September 21, 2020

That said, I wasn’t overly astonished by what I pictured from the athletic tight point. His day started with a descent pass that hit him in the dresser and avoided to become a Philip Rivers red region interception.

And while he rebounded to produce a number of large-scale represents, most of those were generally uncontested by the Vikings defense. For speciman, Alie-Cox had only daylight in front of him on this 16 -yard catch-and-run.

And either linebacker Eric Kendricks or a teammate forgot to cover him on the same route twice. The first went for 33 yards.

And the second gained 21 yards.

The tight end friendliness of the Colts offense procreates Alie-Cox a waiver candidate even if Doyle can make it back immediately. But I’ll want to see more evidence of good play before I spend up for Alie-Cox in FAB.

Recommended FAB bid (% of maximum ): 1% Should “youre using” your No. 1 waiver priority on him: No

Players on More Than 80% of Rosters to Add

James Conner, RB, Pittsburgh Steelers( 96%/ 98%) Tyler Higbee, TE, Los Angeles Rams( 92%/ 96%) Cam Newton, QB, New England Patriots (8 8 %/ 90%) Leonard Fournette, RB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers ( 88% /8 6 %) D’Andre Swift, RB, Detroit Lions ( 86% /8 8 %) Noah Fant, TE, Denver Broncos ( 86% /8 5 %) Diontae Johnson, WR, Pittsburgh Steelers (8 2 %/ 86%) CeeDee Lamb, WR, Dallas Cowboys ( 80% /8 8 %) Dallas Goedert, TE, Philadelphia Eagles( 76% /8 4 %) John Brown, WR, Buffalo Bills( 75% /8 3 %) Hayden Hurst, TE, Atlanta Falcons( 74% /8 6 %)

Players on More Than 20% of Rosters You Can Drop

Saquon Barkley, RB, New York Giants( 100%/ 96%) Courtland Sutton, WR, Denver Broncos( 96% /8 3 %) Parris Campbell, WR, Indianapolis Colts( 55%/ 44%) Jimmy Garoppolo, QB, San Francisco 49 ers( 39%/ 48%) Breshad Perriman, WR, New York Aircraft( 37%/ 14%) Marlon Mack, RB, Indianapolis Colts( 21%/ 17%) Blake Jarwin, TE, Dallas Cowboys( 5 %/ 24%)

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The COVID Vaccine and the Case for Responsible Communications

The COVID Vaccine and the Case for Responsible Communications

The world-renowned Canadian immunologist Professor Sir John Bell has consistently been one of the most instructive, crystallizing spokespeople in media interrogations about the status of research and development toward a mass-scale COVID vaccine. In the face of difficult columnist questions –” Why not sooner? ” “Why is it do so long? ”–he has often plied allay, disinterested rationalizations around the inherent impediments of wreaking any new narcotic to market and the time, expertise and resources involved. His approach has brought balance and cured managed the high expectations of governments, professors and communities as a whole.

The research-based pharma industry needs to mirror this approach. Misinformation about vaccine or care accessibility can rend through social paths like wildfire–often triggered by inadequately informed media clauses, or worse, inadequately informed political leaders. As the originators of new medicines, the sector should contemplate its role in good communications as overriding. If mainstream press are unable to explain the complex, intricate process for inoculation evolution with accuracy, and therefore give rise to perceptions that there is one literally around the corner, it could have a marked effect on public behaviour. It may trivialise social distancing in the minds of some citizens. It could abbreviate mask adherence in urban centres, help rule-breaking on the size of assemblies or originate the relevant recommendations that COVID testing is now all but redundant. That won’t help anyone.

There are some standout examples of good industry comms from which we can all learn. Among these is Johnson& Johnson’s Road to a Vaccine strategy, a series of well-thought-through documentary-style programmes boasting senior thought masters, academics and physicians, furnishing situation around the challenge of a inoculation, a realistic assessment of what success might look like and a balanced, well-researched view. The approach of bypassing the media to draw the floors aim to J& J’s world public provides us with a good opportunity to profile its own people and breakthrough a honour for good science and delivering a proactive response to the pandemic.

This crisis has also offered an appealing opportunity for communicators working in different areas of big businesses to come together for a common challenge. Some of the more effective PR schedules I’ve seen have started with a join between corporate, symbol and medical comms units, all contributing to a dream of the company talking generally with one voice.

If you’re a company with COVID-related R& D struggles underway, first of all, expressed appreciation for, and furthermore, here are three concluded starters when looking at your approach to communicating 😛 TAGEND

Assess the areas of misinformation you can respond to: If you’re working in a specific market, handling a social and press analysis of poor reporting or controversial facts, and plan to target these specific areas in your comms program. The issue is way too big for any one business to own outright. A contribution to the debate is going to be more successful if it’s looking at simply one area–for example, why do tabloids keep writing front-page headlines such as “Vaccine Could Be Ready as Early as Next Month? ” Make a commitment to media education: Over the past few months I’ve viewed some firms investing in fast, stylish online lessons for generalist state media which are either deported live in a group setting or pre-recorded as bite-sized modules. By tailor this type of exclusive content for columnists, you’ll not only be plying useful fact-based guidance, but building individual media relationships for the future. Conceive digital streaming: The demand for content is now predominantly audio-visual. Attention spans are close-fisted, so consider routes including podcasting, YouTube streaming or even relying on good old-fashioned Zoom for catering word and intelligence at magnitude. It’s easy to weigh commitment paces, and you’ll learn something new each time, which will gear you to ongoing improvement. You are also welcome to clear shrewd squander of key opinion commanders and independent experts to complement company messaging.

All areas of our manufacture are in this for the long haul. If we do our task well, we’ll continue to reduce incorrect and potentially dangerous misinformation about how rapidly we’re developing drugs that will help the world get on top of the pandemic. We’ll also help underline the pivotal role the pharma sphere is playing, tempered with reasonable apprehension of what–and when–it can deliver.

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How CHRISTUS Health Curated a Stand-Out Employee Engagement Experience With Real Results

How CHRISTUS Health Curated a Stand-Out Employee Engagement Experience With Real Results

How CHRISTUS Health Curated a Stand-Out Employee Engagement Experience With Real Results

After seeing significant program success at their St. Michael health ministry, CHRISTUS evolved their partnership with Achievers to offer all of their Associates a more modernized and impactful employee engagement program.

With more than 600 centers, CHRISTUS Health is a health organization comprised of over 45,000 Associates who provide individualized and compassionate care across the United States. Before implementing their holistic engagement strategy with Achievers, each hospital used their own homegrown initiatives to acknowledge the good work of their Associates. CHRISTUS realized that these moments of celebration weren’t having the reach and notoriety they hoped for. What they needed was a solution that would standardize the experience, engage Associates across the organization, and celebrate the moments that matter.

Where it all began

CHRISTUS began their modern-day employee engagement journey at their St. Michael ministry where CHRISTUS saw Associate engagement as a result of leadership recognition jump from 66 percent to 77 percent after launching their Achievers program. This outstanding impact on Associate engagement spurred the next phase of their engagement strategy — the roll-out of Achievers across all ministries.

CHRISTUS understood that employees who receive an average of one non-monetary recognition per month are 43 percent more engaged than those who do not. Excited for their engagement potential, they introduced Associates across all ministries to their recognition program powered by Achievers’ employee engagement platform.

CHRISTUS Health Team

Training for success

Setting their recognition program up for success meant empowering Associates and leaders. An introduction to the program was added to CHRISTUS’ new hire orientation to instill the organization’s recognition values and practices from day one.

Few organizations take the lead on educating employees on the important aspects of recognition, such as the quality of its content or the frequency — CHRISTUS wasn’t one of them. Their leaders participated in in-depth training through CHRISTUS Health’s Leader Foundations, a six-month leadership onboarding program intended to fully train managers across their organization to lead by example. CHRISTUS understood that to ensure their program’s continue success, this type of leadership training was required to communicate the importance of recognition that is timely, specific, and values-based.

Today, CHRISTUS’ program has become a part of everyday conversations, with senior leaders and managers working in tandem to drive frequent recognition across their teams.

How CHRISTUS Health Curated a Stand-Out Employee Engagement Experience With Real Results

High adoption drives impactful results

With an adoption rate of nearly 100 percent, CHRISTUS was able to facilitate participation in initiatives that drove incremental recognition and had measurable impacts on both patient and business outcomes.

Through their Associate Resiliency Program, CHRISTUS equips Associates with techniques to encourage mental well-being and mitigate burnout. Through their recognition program, Associates were awarded program points when they completed an e-learning course and worksheet that provided a framework for building resilience.  Associates who participated had a 2.9% lower turnover rate three months after the campaign compared to those who did not participate and CHRISTUS experienced an investment gain of nearly $150,000 and an ROI of 250% for every dollar spent.

Similarly, CHRISTUS initiated a Near Miss/Zero Harm Program to encourage Associates to speak up and report on-the-job near misses — instances that could have resulted in patient harm had they not been identified. To support its success, CHRISTUS again leveraged their recognition program to award points to Associates who came forward to report near misses. This resulted in 6x increase in the number of near-miss reporting — an outstanding result for a critical initiative.

As an organization that’s highly invested in their people, CHRISTUS was also eager to utilize recognition to reduce attrition. During an attrition analysis, CHRISTUS found that Associates who responded unfavorably to an engagement survey question related to recognition were about 3x more likely to leave the organization within three months, versus those who responded favorably. Upon further investigation, they also discovered that Associates who received recognition more frequently were more likely to respond favorably to a survey question about engagement — meaning that they were more engaged and less likely to leave. CHRISTUS understood that one way to impact recognition scores among their Associates and reduce their turn-over was to encourage leaders (particularly among teams with low recognition scores) to be more intentional about delivering frequent and meaningful recognition.

The future of recognition and employee engagement is bright at CHRISTUS. Their investment in improving the Associate experience has earned them The Achievers 50 Most Engaged Workplaces® Award and an Elite 8 win for Accountability and Performance. With their momentum and innovative use of their Achievers employee engagement platform, that’s likely to be just the beginning.    

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Go For a Walk. Your Body Needs It

Go For a Walk. Your Body Needs It

The idea of retaining it simple is something that is embraced in almost every area of life — except practice. Unless a demeanor is extreme or challenging, it’s assumed that it won’t work.

Believing this reality is not only likely to lead to injury and burnout, but it’s also a big reason why so many beings struggle to see decisions, end up stymie, and in general, miss out on the whole way that it’s easy to stay healthy.

Now, that’s not to say you don’t need to put in a little time and struggle, but the time and effort needed to make a difference in your health and how you feel is probably much less than you imagine.

Whether you’re looking for a sit to start your routine, or you’re trying to dial-it-in and represent the small changes that will result in a big impact, it’s time for you to walk. Literally. Here’s why and how to start implementing stroll for solid loss.

Is Walking Better Than Running?

The difference between “healthy habits” and “fat loss habits” is one of the hardest health concepts to grasp.

Just because something is healthy does not mean it leads to fat loss. The easiest precedent is a common diet mistake. You can eat a lot of “healthy” food, but if you chew too much of it, you’ll gain weight.

Conversely, really because something improves with fat loss does consequently intend it’s health. Dr. Mark Haub, a prof at Kansas State University, proved this when he lost 27 pounds following a Twinkie diet .

The phenomenon is also true in effort. All-too-often, people will indicate about the “best” type of exercise.

Certain types of exercise, such as weight lifting, are more efficient for weight loss. And parties will argue that load lifting is more efficient for overweight loss than running.

It’s really a matter of time, points, and capabilities. Yes, if you go for a range and push the severity, then you will burn more calories. But, how often are you going for a extend? And, is your goal to be a better smuggler?

man trail running

Let’s “re saying you” exclusively rolled 2 days per week for 45 hours. But, let’s also “re saying you” disliked it, it led to some hurts and pains, and those feels( emotionally and physically) performed you a highly incoherent smuggler.

Now, compare that to going on a 30 -minute walk 5 days per week, at a brisk speed while listening to your favorite podcast.

Your total amount of exercise( 150 hours vs. 90 times) would rise, the frequency of your push would be more( 5 days per week vs. 2 days ), the stress on your joints would decrease, your stress elevations would go down, and your incitement up.

Not to mention, if you did other forms of exercise — such as weight teaching or toy a play — the amble would function as a form of active convalescence, which would help your muscles recover quicker and abbreviate soreness.

So, is moving “better” than flowing? Maybe not on a minute-by-minute comparison, but it could be a healthier and more consistent option.

And, in general, there are many benefits for lower-intensity exercise, and this type of training can also fill fragilities that you didn’t even know existed.

Can Treading Help With Fat Loss?

While it doesn’t construct headlines because it’s not sex, stepping gets the job done much better than beings contemplate, as long as you put in the consistent effort.

Think of each step you take as a small win. In a 2011 study published in the journal International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity , researchers found that taking a 5-minute walking terminate each hour could burn an additional 660 calories per week.

Extrapolate that over one year and you could lose about 9 to 10 pounds simply by adding up the 5-minute walks.

Of course, over an 8-hour daylight, that is tantamount to 40 hours of treading per for at least 5 days per week. And not everyone can get up every hour to go for a walk. It’s a commitment, but even though they are did half of that quantity, you are able check a difference.

In fact, some of the biggest celeb instructors, people such as Harley Pasternak, are best known for their concentrates on daily steps as a groundwork for state and fat loss. Pasternak mounts a goal of 12,000 steps per era for his -Alist clientele, which is a whos-who run from Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga to LL Cool J and Adam Levine.

legs of a person walking on a sidewalk

In general, you don’t need to sit what celebs do( especially when it requires spending lots of money on approaches not backed by science. Cough, cough, celery liquor ! ). But, if marching can work for them, you better believe that you should, at the least, give it a try yourself. After all, it’s free.

Proven Health Benefits Of Walking

The health benefits of walking should not be understated, and research shows that it is undeniably good for you.

New research from the Netherlandscompared different types of exercise and flow( and absence thereof) on state markers. You’ll know ” state markers” as the “under-the-hood” breakdown of how your figure is really feeling and whether or not you’re healthy.

The study looked into the specific effects of 😛 TAGEND

sitting standing activity( seldom)

Turns out, each has a distinct impact on your body that is discernible in as little as four days.

In this study, investigates recruited 61 adults — some who the hell healthy, some overweight, and some overweight and diabetic. None were exercisers prior to the study. The scientists then had the group follow three different living patterns, each for four straight days at a time. The motifs were 😛 TAGEND

14 hours per day of sitting, get up only to use the bathroom( sounds like my life after an early morning workout) 13 hours of sitting+ 1 hour of moderate usage 8 hours of sitting+ 6 hours of standing or strolling around

Participants underwent a series of health exams before and after each block. The reactions 😛 TAGEND

The sitting span led to a decline in cholesterol and increases in insulin sensitivity, even in those who’d been metabolically health( no diabetes) at the outset. The employ period led to an improvement in endothelial cell state( which maintenances your blood vessels flexible, supple, and strong ), but no impact on insulin sense or cholesterol. The stay/ strolling season led to improvements in insulin sensitivity and cholesterol tiers

The lesson is that movement has advantages, and you shouldn’t think of exercise as “checking off” all the boxes of health.

Just because you lift forces or have gym term doesn’t means that you should think you can sit all day.

Also, stepping has a surprising sum of health benefits( and yes, it will burn some calories too ).

In fact, this is very much in line with what we’ve been saying for a very long time: the free movement of persons you do outside of the gym has a surprising impact on your health and on weight loss.

It’s a make for all. If you need more details on the changes walking can stir to your life, this article are helpful in.

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