♊️ GEMINI June 2021 Live Extended Intuitive Tarot Reading & Meditation by Nicholas Ashbaugh

♊️ GEMINI June 2021 Live Extended Intuitive Tarot Reading & Meditation by Nicholas Ashbaugh

Join Nicholas for a LIVE monthly forecast which includes: a Channeled Message, a Celtic Cross and an Expanded Forecast( contain Health, Wealth, Love& Destiny ). [?] BONUS: Each learning ends with a Soul Path message plus a guided musing with a sound bath.
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Nicholas Ashbaugh is an negotiator of Nicholas Ashbaugh, LLC, a for-profit California limited liability companionship. This busines does not offer medical, psychological, legal or financial services of any kind. Should you be experiencing any kind of emergency, delight endeavour professional assistance or announce 911. Business of company are for entertainment, spiritual and educational purposes simply. By watching this video and/ or listening to this podcast, you agree to the Terms of Use located at: https :// nicholasashbaugh.com/ calls

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What Product Management Metrics Really Measure

What Product Management Metrics Really Measure

Understanding app health and patron knowledge arrive hand-in-hand.

While accurate metrics and the the priorities of those KPIs differs from company to company, there are three key areas all concoction overseers measure 😛 TAGEND

Customer acquisition Retention and commitment Purchaser ordeal

Ultimately, measuring these different KPIs admits make managers to answer the question, “Why? ” Why are app downloads down this month? Why are purchasers unexpectedly churning? Why are parties vacating their patronize go-carts?

When you continue a constant pulse on your customers through proactive feedback, you can gain a better understanding of where friction occurs in the customer journey and therefore immediately take action to improve that experience.

Hero_Surveys-2Customer acquisition

You can’t come new patrons if beings don’t trust your brand or make. And what “theyre saying” and feel about your fellowship, product, or service greatly impacts overall firebrand stature. Third-party validation and peer recommendations question more to parties than a brand name alone when making a purchase decision. That’s why ASO and app downloads are directly impacted by the quality and frequency of your customers’ ratings and scrutinizes. If you enlarge the expression of your most loyal supporters, you can resolve negative experiences rapidly, and ripen your purchaser base.


Customer lifetime value( LTV) App downloads or installs Conversion pace App store ratings and recollects Cost to acquire a client( CAC) or expenditure per install( CPI) Return on ad expend

Increase customer acquisition by proactively inspiring people to share their positive knows in public channels. Prompt happy customers for discuss, and resolve issues directly with discontented customers.

Commitment and retention

Converting clients into supporters is a kind of your greatest opportunities for reducing churn, but shoppers have no shortage of options to choose from when determining their love toward labels. The key to reducing customer churn is to understand why your clients feel the room they do–especially when their excitements change over time.

When you accurately calibrate displacements in customer sentiment and behavioral changes, you can intervene at the best time and locate before it’s too late. You’re then able to follow up with customer segments based on how they feel and turn detractors into promoters in the process of implementing and listening to their feedback.


Uninstalls Retention proportions/ churn charges Monthly active useds( MAU) Daily active customers( DAU) 90-day retention Annual retention Average dictate appreciate Recur acquires

Engagement is a big indicator of concoction success. No significance your industry, the primary goal of all products ought to have highly-engaged customers.

Conversion and retention may be among the most equivocal metrics to define, but they are also two of the largest part. Understanding how to retain clients once they convert is what turns good mobile makes into great ones, and it’s important to consider tracking metrics around transition and retention as early as possible to help you understand your customers’ journeys.

Key Stat: Many businesses don’t focus on metrics past 90 -day retention( marketplace median is 48 %), and they don’t feel like they know enough to focus on annual retention( marketplace average is 35 %). Customer event

Tracking qualitative in addition to quantitative feedback is the key to truly understanding- and therefore improving- patron suffer. But the secret sauce comes from tracking this data over day. When you track metrics such as customer sentiment over term, you can then start to predict and act on shiftings in sentiment.


Survey response proportion Beloved Ratio Net promoter compose( NPS) Customer happiness( CSAT) Sentiment( Fan Signals)

Key Stat: A “good” NPS score commonly descends between +40 -5 0.

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What Having Anxiety Feels Like

What Having Anxiety Feels Like

Anxiety feels like everything is your fault, person infringe a glass? Your fault! Someone cancelled proposes on you? Your fault, everything is your fault!

Anxiety feels like you’re a television and someone else has the remote! You have no control over what to watch or what to do!

Anxiety may seem like everyone dislikes you! You say hello to someone and they just say hi back, they hate you!

Anxiety feels like when you’re sitting back on your chair but the chair almost comes over but you catch yourself simply in time! Yeah anxiety feels like that excitement for hours after hours but for no reason at all!

Anxiety feels like you can never trust your own excitements because they are constantly lying to you!

Anxiety may seem like everything is wrong, well because distres forms everything go wrong for you!

Anxiety feels like a race track in my subconsciou but a scoot that never stops or points and the cars in the hasten are negative speculations proceeding round and round the move.

Anxiety feels like someone smacked you in the chest over and over and over again haphazardly out of nowhere.

Anxiety feels like a close-fisted braid in your stomach that no matter how hard to try to untie you can’t!

Anxiety may seem like a expres in the back of your top telling something bad is going to happen no matter how safe you feel.

Anxiety feels like you’re invariably flinging and turning at night unable to fall asleep!

Anxiety feels like you’re alone in nature with billions of beings in it!

Anxiety feels like you wish you could be regular and like everyone else.


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> NEWSLETTER – http :// eepurl.com/ cWqG2j


Authentic Mental Health is a community of like minded people who suffer from a range of mental health disorders, we are an open, honest community who aid, reinforce and never adjudicate each other!

Join local communities by subscribing now – https :// goo.gl/ cRK9Uq


> Anxiety Test – https :// www.youtube.com/ watch? v= 0aiEj8Q5CG0& t= 316 s

> Depression Test – https :// www.youtube.com/ watch? v= Ln0SCsZPZIc

> Bipolar Disorder Test – https :// www.youtube.com/ watch? v= LYuKS_ng7-g

> Social Anxiety Test – https :// www.youtube.com/ watch? v= 9u7PAsm9Wqo& t= 1s

> Schizophrenia Test- https :// www.youtube.com/ watch? v= 2a9RW9H2ymY


#anxiety #anxietyfeelslike #psychology

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Doctor and Lawyer React To Grey’s Anatomy Malpractice Episode

Doctor and Lawyer React To Grey’s Anatomy Malpractice Episode

Watch the second half of this chapter review on Legal Eagle’s channel here: https :// youtu.be/ hA95iw4B2jg

Legal Eagle and I disappeared head to ability last year to see which was harder, Med School or Law School. We decided to bury the hatchet this time and assemble our forces to react to the favourite medical negligence bout of Grey’s Anatomy, Season 10 Episode 9 “Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word”. I imparted my medical a better understanding of a surgery going well for a snowboarder who loses his legs above the knee. Devin Stone created his legal expertise to break down what was accurate and what was fake during the trial of Dr. Callie Torres.

I LOVE learn your comments and take your suggestions gravely. If there’s a subject you want me to discuss or something you’d like for me to react to, leave a comment down below. Many of my videos have been born out of suggestions instantly from you, so don’t hold back!
-Doctor Mike Varshavski

Help us continue the fight against medical misinformation and change the world through charity by becoming a Doctor Mike Resident on Patreon where every month I donate 100% of the starts to the charity, organisation, or justification of your preference! Tenants get access to bonus content, an exclusive discord community, and many other perks for really $10 a few months. Become a Resident today:

Dr Mike Patreon:

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Contact Email: DoctorMikeMedia @Gmail. com

P.O. Box( communicate me substance ):
340 W 42 nd St# 2695
NY, NY 10108

* Select medical photos/ videos supplied by Getty Images*

** The intelligence in this video is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical suggestion, diagnosis or treatment. All material, including text, graphics, personas, and info, contained in this video is for general information purposes merely and does not replace a consultation with your own doctor/ health professional **

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The Coworker Who Acts Like Your Boss: Signs To Recognize The Toxicity & Ways To Deal With It

The Coworker Who Acts Like Your Boss: Signs To Recognize The Toxicity & Ways To Deal With It

Imagine starting your workday, being besieged with a ton of emails, pings and messages on numerous programmes that “youre using”, all from the same person, asking you for updated information about nineteen different things. And the most annoying part is that they aren’t even your director/ boss and you aren’t really answerable to them.

In the current remote-working scenario, it has become extremely challenging for many working personnel to find the balance between their work and life. With lethal coworkers who assume they are everyone’s boss, it kind of gets more out of control. There are hundreds of beings asking for help on different meetings about this question, which says that this happens a lot more than it is actually discussed.

We all deal with the’ know-it-all’ colleague from time to time, but the coworker who acts like your boss is another level of noxious and it gets stymie to simultaneously to be dealt with and abide beneficial at work. The first step to dealing with this issue is, recognizing the problem.

Is Your Coworker Really Toxic?

Toxicity in workplaces can be really slight but terribly despairing and it is important to look for the signs peculiarly when the situations are dicey and tough to handle.

Your coworker is actually toxic if they 😛 TAGEND Throw You Under The Bus and Steal Credit

They make you work on projects that they should be working on, under the veil of’ team effort’. They fail to give you credit, and a lot of undocumented job that you do proceeds unnoticed by the management because of the approval stealing. When something is wrong, they do not hesitate to throw you for the purposes of the bus, merely to clear their name from the situation.

Have Little or No Respect For Your Time

They do not respect your time. They always restrain besieging you with their own priorities and unnecessarily make panic and distres, when their needs aren’t met. This causes a negative culture in the whole team and as a result, the team productivity goes down.

Competitive In An Unhealthy Way

Competition can be a positive and healthy thing in a crew, but it becomes quite challenging for the team to survive, when someone is constantly trying to undermine their efforts, by making use of affirmations like “This is how my older workplace used to function, the team now precisely cannot handle how effective my solutions are.”

Not A Team Player- Ever Put Their Needs First

They don’t understand what being a team player is. They do not care about what you are working on, and how important your project is. They always involve your 100% attention to their needs. They aren’t very great listeners, they assume that they can only get study done by pushing parties around them.

Intervene With Your Productivity

By always putting the needs and requirements firstly, they tend to constantly is in conflict with your productivity. Everyone has their own priorities set and their own deadlines that this organization is shooting. But they don’t recognize the importance of other functions on the team, they are just looking for someone who can handle their work for them without any complaints.

Behave Like Your Supervisor

Even if the chain of command says that you two are parallels, these poison coworkers tend to treat you like, you are their direct report and they aren’t subtle about it. They could allocate tasks to you and obstruct poking you until you finish them and conclude you feel that they are above you.

How To Handle The Wannabe’ Boss’

Once you’ve recognized the unfairness of your noxious collaborator, it is time to deal with it. Different people deal with it differently, but here are a few gratuities that could help you get started.

Set Boundaries

This might seem like the most basic advice you’ve gotten, but it certainly runs. It is very important for everyone to set necessary bounds. Giving anyone end those boundaries, realise them feel like they can boss around. Even though you couldn’t do it from the beginning, you can always implement these bounds and “ve realized that” no one else can tell you to got something unless it is your boss.

Know Your Priorities

You might want to help your teammates when they are stuck, but firstly, retain to set your priorities right. It is important to put yourself first. Prioritize your tasks, assignments, your time etc. over anyone else’s’ requests’/ expects. No affair how much they propagandize you, if you understand what is more important to you, they really don’t have any power over you.

Utter Your Decisions Yourself

Document your concerns with the person or persons and be reminded that your decisions are yours to make , not anyone else’s. If your co-worker tries to do your decisions for you or makes a decision without consulting you, “its time” you strengthened in and have a real start fucking talking to them.

Confront Them

It is always favourable to speak up in the moment and let your wannabe’ boss’ know that they cannot treat you the nature they are.

Whenever you have a conflict, tradition saying things like,’ I have an idea for a different approach’. Whenever you feel like they are acting like your boss, politely just ask them,’ Is there any reason why you’re acting like my boss? ’

Give Them Feedback

When you have a culture of regular feedback in your squad, implement it and give them feedback about their behavior and how it is affecting you as well as the team. There are many implements that even let anonymous feedback. Sometimes all we need to do to fix these behaviours is, just tell them about it.

Neglect Them and Stay Focused

Sometimes , no matter how genu you are and how many risks you give them, some people never modify. So, rehearse discounting them and their outbursts, and demands and focus more on your priority, your productivity and your time. In this remote-working culture, it has become more important to care for yourself than ever. It is important to focus on your own mental health instead of burning calories on wannabe bosses.

Speak To Your Human Resource Department

If you aren’t able to get them off your back , no matter how much “were trying”, it is necessary to escalate the issue. You must have the roster of contests documented, and it should be transparent. Speak to your HR personnel and ask them for advice on what to do, consider their advice, if you feel that it could help the situation.

Move On

Many say that quitting is the last resort, but moving on from a workplace that doesn’t prioritize your conciliation and mental health, shouldn’t be the last resort. No matter what people say, it is supremely important for you to put your needs before the company’s needs, and the team’s needs.

If someone is trying to undermine you constantly and the management isn’t able to help you even when you are accompanied it to their notice, you are better off without them.

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WordPress Themes: 23 Best Responsive WP Themes

WordPress Themes: 23 Best Responsive WP Themes

Elegant, imaginative and multi-purpose best WordPress themes. Responsive themes should be strengthened some fresh, modern and unique design. The User Experience is among the best and the interface will blow your and your customers’ memories. All WordPress themes comes with lots of useful and modern points, blocks; you can kickstart your brand-new websites with ease and in no time.

WordPress Themes for Creative Portfolio, Corporate Businesses, Blogs and Personal websites. Highly customizable, simple, boast rich, SEO friendly, fast loading, functional and modern WordPress themes will realise your network blueprint gaze most impressive and handsome to visitors.

The potent Theme Options Panel paired with intuitive page options panels, a widgetable localities manager and a custom-built adapted Visual Composer, lag and discontinue sheet builder, require you the tools you need to create complex websites without touching a line of code. These WP themes are the best choice for you to create a business, artistic authority or personal portfolio, photography or a blogging website.


You is a desire to the following as well.

Mockup Templates: 50+ Best Mockups Best Premium Photoshop Actions Best Lettering Procreate Brushes 21 High Quality Photoshop Actions for Photographers& Designers 21 Amazing Lightroom Presets For Photographers Logo Design In Adobe Illustrator- 25 Best Tutorials

Unlimited Downloads

Over 1,500, 000+ Typefaces, Mockups, Freebies& Design Resource


6,131 entries



5,191 entries


Download Now

Best Responsive WordPress Themes 2021

Responsive best WordPress Themes and best website templates for business, corporate, blog and publication websites. Hand-picked best Responsive WordPress themes based on rating, UI and UX design, concert, loading velocity and selling. All topics are perfectly accept coded with HTML5/ CSS3, Bootstrap and SEO Optimized. These best multi-purpose WP Themes are great answer for Entrepreneurs, blogs and all kinds of corporate businesses.

Here is the list of 23 Best Multipurpose Responsive WP Themes For 2021 😛 TAGEND Essentials- Multipurpose WordPress Theme Essentials - Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Preview Download

Theratio- Architecture& Interior Design Elementor WordPress Theme

Theratio specially made for Interior Design, Dining room, Exterior Design, Kitchen Design, Living Room Design, Master Bedroom Design, Residential Design, Furniture Design, Office Design, Commercial Design, Hospital Design, Cottage, Architecture, Contractor, Construction, Building, Industrial, Industry& Manufacturing, Factory, Gardening, Lawn& Landscaping, Staging Website, Construction& Business, etc …. Theratio help you to build beauty and modern website in no time. Theratio has a beautiful pattern and a cluster of peculiarities to realise your website stand out from the crowd. Powered by WordPress.

Theratio - Architecture & Interior Design Elementor WordPress Theme

Preview Download

EZY- Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme EZY - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Preview Download

Borgholm- Marketing Agency Theme

Elevate your business with Borgholm, a contemporary theme designed for all types of agency websites. Whether you wish to create a marketing, seo, labelling or inventive enterprise website, or launching a company blog or an app platform page, Borgholm has you crossed! You likewise get full Elementor Page Builder compatibility and an entire smorgasbord of portfolio, shop, seo, enterprise templates and more.

Borgholm - Marketing Agency Theme

Preview Download

Emphires- Human Riches& Recruiting Theme

Emphires is a Human Resource& Recruiting WordPress theme that is highly customizable, easy to use and amply responsive. It has progressive topic setup warlock and demo process engine that utter your site ready in really 5-minutes with selection of your preferred preview.

Emphires - Human Resources & Recruiting Theme

Preview Download

Reuss- SEO Marketing Agency WordPress Theme Reuss - SEO Marketing Agency WordPress Theme

Preview Download

Winger- Aviation& Flight School WordPress Theme

Winger is an aircraft and aviation WordPress topic dedicated exclusively to many niches in the aviation industry. For starters, the topic is a great choice for house an internet site for flight academy, aviator academy, pilot teach, parachuting, cabin crew and flight attendant training, aviation academy, aviation clas, and flight training.

Winger - Aviation & Flight School WordPress Theme

Preview Download

Majed- Business Consulting WordPress Theme

Majed- Business Consulting WordPress Theme professional and flexible Business Consulting and Investments WordPress Theme based on Strong experiments into the field of Business, Consulting and Investments. This theme specially designed for professional Consulting and Financial industry, Lawyers, Finance Firms, Investment Experts, Consultants, Investments Consulting Services, Financial Advisors, Insurance Brokers, Accountants, Advisors, Trading and Investments, Technology Consulting, and Business Development Enterprise, or other Finance and Consulting related businesses.

Majed - Business Consulting WordPress Theme

Preview Download

Motodeal- Car Dealer& Classified WordPress Theme

Motodeal is a multi-purpose WordPress theme for dealership of motor and non-motor vehicles. You can create your stunning websites for luxury vehicles, fund autoes, buses, trucks, bikes, engine bikes, boats, carries, agricultural vehicles and more.

Motodeal - Car Dealer & Classified WordPress Theme

Preview Download

Meto- SEO& Marketing WordPress Theme

Meto- SEO& Digital Marketing WordPress Theme is a modern& perfectly responsive topic which has been designed for Online Marketing, SEO Agency, Digital Marketing, Social media marketing agency company, Social Media website, etc..Meto comes with many built-in pages like assistance sheets, portfolio sheets, case study sheets about us and pricing pages.

Meto - SEO & Marketing WordPress Theme

Preview Download

WebGatha- Multi-purpose WordPress Theme

WebGatha is a modern, colorful, flexible, clean-living, and terribly impelling multipurpose WordPress topic. It offers limitless customization options, layouts, headers, and footers that will help you easily develop unique and beautiful websites. WebGatha is fully responsive and retina ready, it is therefore toils nicely on smartphones, tablet PCs, and desktops. That’s what it attains the Multipurpose theme.

WebGatha - Multi-purpose WordPress Theme

Preview Download

ITInc- Technology& IT Solutions WordPress Theme

ITInc theme is specially made for IT( Technology) Mixtures& Business Enterprises. ITInc has beautiful design and assortment of boasts to induce your website stand out of crowd.

ITInc - Technology & IT Solutions WordPress Theme

Preview Download

Inestio- Business& Creative WordPress Theme

Inestio is a stylish, responsive and easy-to-use Business WordPress Theme best suited for contemporary network pattern studio and imaginative authority, web designer’s portfolio, commerce bureau, and advertise firm, digital& graphic designing, website build, etc.

Inestio - Business & Creative WordPress Theme

Preview Download

Landkit- Multipurpose Business WordPress Theme

Build a beautiful, modern website with adaptable Elementor widgets improved from scratch. Landkit is built to draw their own lives easier. Variables, build tooling, documentation, and reusable blocks. Designed with the latest design trends in mind. Landkit feels modern, minimum, and beautiful.

Landkit - Multipurpose Business WordPress Theme

Preview Download

Optimax- SEO& Marketing WordPress Theme

Optimax is one of the best WordPress themes for SEO& digital market. You get an startling number of aspects with this theme, which don’t alter the theme’s clean and neat layout. It is perfect for digital market, email market, and SEO service providers. Optimax too boasts a plethora of exclusive pieces that make it suitable for software developing corporations and entanglement service providers.

Optimax - SEO & Marketing WordPress Theme

Preview Download

Medical Equipment- eCommerce WordPress Theme

Medical Equipment- eCommerce WordPress Theme is specially designed for infirmaries, Clinics, Medical Suppliers, Medical Accumulation, Pharmacy Store, Medical Shops, Pharmacy Shops, Health Care Centers, Surgical website, Pharmaceutical Store, Coronavirus Prevention, Surgery Cosmetic Products, Medicine Store, Cannabis& Dispensary eCommerce Websites, Health Care Supplement and Clinical Laboratory Equipment related eCommerce Websites.

Medical Equipment - eCommerce WordPress Theme

Preview Download

Puva- Affiliate Product Reviews WordPress Theme

Puva is a clean and modern responsive WordPress Theme for Affiliate Product Reviews website. It is coming with a full niche demo fluctuation with a blog and inner pages. The theme is developed with Elementor, Bootstrap 4. x, and Sass.

Puva - Affiliate Product Reviews WordPress Theme

Preview Download

Magia- Astrologist WordPress Theme

Professional Astrology, Horoscopes and Esoterics WordPress Theme Magia is a modern theme designed especially for astrology, magician and horoscope reports. People have always been attracted by metaphysical and magical things. If your website is referred to esoterics, untraditional medical rehearsals, reflection and other related niches we most recommend you using Magia WordPress theme.

Magia - Astrologist WordPress Theme

Preview Download

Aruxcont- Business Consulting WordPress Theme

Aruxcont- is a Powerful& Modern Business, Consulting, Finance etc. WordPress topic created with latest intend veers according to all your needs to create professional website. When we was creating this theme, tried to create a theme which all parties is an opportunity utilize it, without any program, coding skills.

Aruxcont - Business Consulting WordPress Theme

Preview Download

Notio- Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme Notio - Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme

Preview Download

Bespoke- Onepage Creative WordPress Theme

Bespoke is a Premium One sheet WordPress Theme best suitable for Design Agencies, Startups, Freelancers, Photographers, Personal Portfolios, Corporate and more. Bespoke is easy to customize as per your requirements and comes with 3 unique schemes with blog pages and portfolio detail pages.

Bespoke - Onepage Creative WordPress Theme

Preview Download

Octavian | Creative Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Octavian is Ultra Responsive and Retina Ready WordPress Theme suitable for all types of Creative, Technology, App, Business, Studio, Portfolio, Architecture, Fitness, SaaS, Co-working, Online Store, Medical and other type of websites. Theme is full of customization options and locations, you can change almost everything. We supplemented a lot of design organizations and structures to utter theme ultra flexible and powerful.

Octavian | Creative Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Preview Download

Flora- Responsive Creative WordPress Theme

Flora comes with smart theme alternatives so you can easily customize every aspect of your website with just a few cases clinks. Easily develop accept pages and poles with the most popular Drag& Drop Page Builder, Visual Composer. You can build any page layout without coding.

Flora - Responsive Creative WordPress Theme

Preview Download

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