Natural Diosgenin Gel Extra Strong – 64% Diosgenin (from 80% Wild Yams Extract) – Moisturizing with hormone-induced skin problems with micronised natural diosgenin from Wild Yams (100 ml)

Moisturizing with micronized, natural diosgenin from wild yamsThe interchangeable years represent a challenging and sometimes difficult phase of life for every woman with some physical changes. Wild Yams contained in NATURAL DIOSGENIN GEL is known for its supportive effect during this … Continue reading

Menopause formula. Hormone-free herbal complex with Isoflavones, Red Clover, Wild Yam, Sage Leaf, Herbal Extracts. 60 Capsules.

Menocontent AdvantagePlus is a natural hormone-free nutritional supplement developed to provide support for menopause-related symptoms.

Beneficial for:

Hot flashes

Night sweats

Mood swings and Irritability

Low libido

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Women Who Run With The Wolves: Contacting the Power of the Wild Woman (Classic Edition)

Women Who Run with the Wolves Presents the ‘wild woman’, the wise and ageless presence in the female psyche that gives women their creativity, energy and power. For centuries, the ‘wild woman’ has been repressed by a male-orientated value system which … Continue reading