Abeillo Jewels Healing Energy Magnetic Gemstone Black Magnetic Stretch Beaded Rhinestone Simulated Hematite Bracelet

Style: black stone necklace
Edition type: magnetic elastic bracelet
Material: black stone
Colour: Black
Size: 18cm
Weight: 30g
Packing: 1pcs bracelet
Natural stone itself inherent defects: a small amount of cracks … Continue reading

FYLINA Exercise Resistance Bands – Home Gym 11pcs Stretch Band cords with 5 Training Tubes/Handles/Ankle Straps/Door Anchor/Carrying Bag for Men and Women – Ideal for Shoulder/Arm/Leg Exercise

Band colors: yellow, green, red, blue, black
Weight: 0.97 lb(440g)
Material: latex
5 bands length: 115cm(all bands are of equal lengths)
5 bands weight: 48g(yellow), 53g(green), 64g(red), 68g(blue), 83g(black)
5 resistance levels: 10 pounds(yellow), 15pounds(green), 20pounds(red), … Continue reading

QGEM Healing Crystal Red Agate Beads 8mm Stretch Chakra Charms Bracelet Reiki Energy Meditation-Swadhisthana

7 Chakras:
Amethyst–Sahasrara(Or Crown Chakra) is engraved Thousand Petaled Lotus,Sahasrara’s inner aspect deals with the release of karma,physical action with meditation,mental action with universal consciousness and unity,and emotional action with “beingness”.

Clear Crystal–Ajna(Or Third-Eye Chakra) is symbolised … Continue reading