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Yoga Flow for Beginners || Easy Yoga Sequence || Adonis Health & Fitness

This flow was created with beginners in mind, but it may be used by anyone of any skill level.

While not everyone practices the physical branch of yoga for fitness, the physical advantages, as well as the impacts of physical activity, are present regardless of your intentions: tired muscles, joints that feel worked, emotional or mental exhaustion that might lead to the reduced effort, and so on. It’s crucial to listen to your body and know when to slow down, just as it is with other forms of exercise. This sequence may push you a little and challenge you in new ways for beginner yogis. This sequence can be used by experienced yogis to keep their practice going when their bodies are telling them to slow down. Athletes and individuals who practice other forms of exercise have active recovery days, whereas runners have recovery run days (when they still run, but at a slower pace). This can be used for that.

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