What is Yes Baby?

Yes Baby is the first and only self-managing lubricant for couples trying to conceive that is both sperm and vaginal health friendly.

Pack 1 includes lubricant that is pH and osmolality matched to semen during ovulation to ensure sperm longevity which keeps sperm strong and healthy.
Critically, when vaginal pH is elevated above its typical protective acidity the likelihood of infection such as Bacterial vaginosis (BV) or Thrush is significantly increased. Uniquely Yes Baby has the solution by providing a 2nd pack (Pack 2) includes vagina friendly moisturising lubricant to restore the protective acidic vaginal pH, thus reducing the likelihood of infection.

When trying to conceive it is vitally important vaginal health is maintained, to give a fertilised egg the best possible chance of developing to full term.

How does Yes Baby differ from other products?

Yes Baby vs Fertility Friendly Lubricants – (Pre-seed, Conceive, Zestica)

A two-pack conception friendly lubricant system vs A one pack, high pH sperm/fertility friendly lubricant. Ignores vaginal pH considerations. Sperm pH centric

Guaranteed pure & natural through Soil Association Organic Certification vs No purity or natural guarantees, all contain synthetic chemicals and Methylparaben as a preservative

Addresses both sperm and vaginal health, with ovulation sticks to enable self management*vs Only sperm focused, no pH reduction, leaves vaginal pH high increasing risk of infection*

*Infections such as Bacterial vaginosis and thrush are more likely when the protective vaginal pH is elevated. Bacterial vaginosis is known to be a risk factor in early miscarriage.

Product Features

  • Sperm & Vagina friendly lubricant for use at the most fertile period
  • Why Yes Baby: No Chemicals…. All Natural, Pure & Organic Ingredients.
  • Yes Baby is Certified by the Soil Association, Approved by The Vegetarian Society since 2006, Certified Cruelty Free since 2003
  • Addresses sperm longevity to increase the chances of a healthy sperm reaching the egg, and vaginal health to reduce the chance of infection
  • 5 x One Step 20mIU Ovulation test Strips to determine the most fertile period, as supplied to the NHS. CE and FDA approved.

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