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What DC Superhero Deserves a Solo Game Next?

Wonder Woman holding her Lasso of Truth in a trailer for Monolith's Wonder Woman game.

Image: WB Games

For a long time and to many a fan’s ire, it felt like the only way for DC characters to get a video game was if they were adjacent to Batman. Whether it was being the Dark Knight’s disciples, enemies, or friends turned enemies, the caped hero has largely dominated DC’s gaming output for decades, not unlike in films or TV. That refusal to branch out on DC’s end made it all the more surprising when earlier this week at the Game Awards, it was revealed that Wonder Woman would finally be receiving her own game, courtesy of Monolith, the studio behind the Middle-Earth slavery simulators, Shadow of Mordor and War.

It’s been a long time coming, and not just because Diana’s been the only member of the Trinity to not really get a chance at a solo game. Since Gal Gadot electric cello’d her way into cinematic stardom with Batman v Superman and the original 2017 Wonder Woman film, DC has slowly but surely been allowing their Amazon princess to get the recognition she deserves. This year’s seen Diana’s corner of the world expand thanks to strong titles like Wonder Girl, Nubia & the Amazons, and Wonder Woman: Historia, and next year she’ll get her first event in decades with Trial of the Amazons.

The only question now is, who’s next? Previously, there were developers who tried to branch away from Batman; Brash Entertainment tried to get games for the Flash and Superman off the ground, plus lower tier characters like Lobo and Gen 13 were in the works before being shut down. Though we’re a ways off from the game itself, the fact that a game for Wonder Woman exists tells us that at the very least, DC and WB are willing to experiment more, take some wild swings. And they deserve to—much like how Marvel’s making an effort these days, DC should do the same with their ever expanding library of characters.

Let us know what DC hero (or heroes, or villain) you think would make for a good video game in the comments below. My ideal DC game is Teen Titans, where the heroes have their own social bonds and relationships in the vein of Persona or Dragon Age. That, or Kite Man traveling the world a la Microsoft Flight Simulator. 

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