1 Which of these nutrients work in tandem with vitamin D and will significantly improve your vitamin D level using a lower dosage when taken concomitantly with vitamin D?

Magnesium and vitamin K2

Combined intake of both supplemental magnesium and vitamin K2 has a greater effect on vitamin D levels than either individually. You need 244% more oral vitamin D if you’re not concomitantly taking magnesium and vitamin K2. Learn more.

Vitamins B6 and B12
Calcium and iron
Vitamins B1 and E

2 Which of the following is likely the greatest threat to humanity?

Biodefense/biowarfare research

If SARS-CoV-2 is an engineered manmade virus –; as mounting research suggests –; it is proof positive that gain-of-function research poses tremendous risks to humanity and that those risks far exceed any potential gain. This kind of biodefense/biowarfare research is the gravest threat facing mankind, dwarfing all other concerns. Learn more.


3 Which of the following platforms are actively suppressing or banning Mercola.com content?

YouTube and Spotify
All of the above

Google, YouTube, Twitter and Spotify all actively suppress or have banned Mercola.com content, starting in mid-2019. Learn more.

4 The United States of America is:

A majority democracy
A constitutional republic

The United States of America is a constitutional republic where democratically elected representatives make laws, and state governments are a check and balance on the authority of the federal government. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many Americans who value freedom of speech, religion, assembly, privacy and the right to work have given up those constitutional rights, without stopping to think through the ramifications of the larger precedent being set. Learn more.


5 What does scientific evidence say about face masks?

They should be worn at all times, even at home
They protect the wearer from others but not others from the wearer
Face masks remove the need for social distancing and hand hygiene
Mask have limited value and may actually cause harm to the wearer

Face masks have limited value in protecting wearers against COVID-19 and may cause harm. Learn more.

6 How many different species of bats are there?


Bats as a species are incredibly diverse. There are an estimated 1,400 species of bats worldwide. While bats are expert hunters, they are also important pollinators. More than 300 species of food-producing plants depend on bats for pollination. Learn more.


7 Which of the following presents the greatest threat to public health and human life on earth?

Air pollution
Biosafety level 4 laboratories

Biosafety level 4 labs pose a far greater threat to public health and human life on earth than most other well-known health threats, including pollution and pesticides. Accidental leaks are near-impossible to prevent, and global pandemics have occurred already. COVID-19 also may very well be a lab-created release. Learn more.

Acid rain

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