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Vaccine Awareness Week Update 2021

This week, we commemorate our 12 th anniversary of Vaccine Awareness Week. In this video, Barbara Loe Fisher, co-founder and president of the National Vaccine Information Center( NVIC) — which are commemorating its 40 th anniversary as individual organizations in April 2022 — is a summary of the upper and lower stages we’ve suffered over the past year.

“It’s truly kind of surreal for me to watch what has progressed since the winter of 2020, ” Fisher says. “In the 1990 s, I predicted that the day would come when we would not be able to function in society unless we had received every government recommended inoculation.

I didn’t accurately understand how they would get there. Well , now we know how they got there, and it’s like living my bad ordeal, which I recalled my children and grandchildren would be grappling with after I was long gone. Instead, I’m here to witness it and it’s exceedingly disturbing.

But within this difficult challenge, we also have opportunity, because I indeed think that what they’ve done has completely changed the public’s view of public health officials and of public health policy in general. And I don’t think they’re going to recover — perhaps ever — but certainly not for a long, long time.

The perception is that the public has not been told the whole truth about how this virus came about, and about the way in which they[ was also necessary] handle it.

Certainly, if you look at it, you see that psychological warfare has been used to create such panic and nervousnes in the minds of so many people that they were willing to give up fundamental civil liberties in order to feel safe,[ but it’s] an semblance of safety … I think they have overreached, since they are zealots in saying that everyone should get all these inoculations in order to keep the public safe.”

Growing Understanding of Vaccine Dangers

According to Fisher, polls support two-thirds of Americans do not want COVID shot mandates. 1 They do not want to be required to show a inoculation passport in order to participate in society, enter a restaurant or a storage, hold a job or go to college. 2 “There is definitely not an passion in this country for mandatory use of this COVID-1 9 vaccine, ” Fisher says.

[ People are] starting to understand that vaccines do not prevent infection and transmission. The entire mandatory vaccination arrangement has been built on the delusion that if you get injected, you cannot get infected and transmit the infection to other people. The truth is that vaccine-acquired immunity is often exceedingly temporary and sometimes you don’t get it at all.~ Barbara Loe Fisher, NVIC

An estimated 25% to 30% of health care workers and medical doctors are even refusing the COVID shot. 3 As noted by Fisher, “That’s quite significant, considering they’re the ones who have been taking care of these[ COVID] cases in hospitals.” Importantly, over the past 18 months, the number of people asking questions about vaccine refuge has grown significantly.

“We’ve been talking about these issues — vaccine ineffectiveness, leaky inoculations, as well as vaccine safety issues — for virtually 40 times, ” Fisher says. “So, these issues aren’t precisely related for COVID. I’m hoping that this conversation is going to widen to taking a critical look at the entire mass vaccination plan that is the centerpiece of public health programs around the world.”

In the early 1980 s, when the NVIC firstly started, there was no information at all for the public about vaccine perils. Doctors never discussed it, so mothers knew nothing. Of track, physicians were not drilled on inoculation perils either, so the stupidity was spread equally among medical professionals and lay people. Awareness about chances has increased more or less in tandem with the expansion of the childhood vaccination schedule.

“When I came into this work, it was seven inoculations we were presenting our children, ” Fisher says. “Tetanus, the DPT shot, measles, mumps and rubella( MMR) and oral polio inoculation. That was it. That’s all the children got.”

Today, children receive 72 dosages of 16 different inoculations by the age of 18. The catalyst for the explosion of computed inoculations in the early 1990 s was the part indebtednes shelter Congress handed vaccine manufacturers in 1986 under the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act.

The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act

The movie, “1 986: The Behave, ” released in 2020 explains how the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986( NCVIA) came about, and the forks of it. Fisher, who is boasted prominently in the film, explains 😛 TAGEND

“That law was passed in November of 1986. I and other parents of DPT vaccine injured children worked on that constitution with Congress. They basically told us they were going to protect these companies from indebtednes. We could either come to the table and argue for what we saw the children should get, or not come to the table, but they were going to pass the law.

We came to the table and did the best we could. We has only just been a young group of parents against the pharmaceutical companies, the medical industry and the government, that all wanted to take total liability away from these manufacturers and the doctors.

We managed to get that principle to not protect medical doctors. When that ordinance was overstepped, the doctors were still liable for medical negligence when it came to inoculations injuring a child. The fellowships are also among still accountable for scheme flaw. What they get off on was failure to warn.

This is what people simply don’t understand. They[ the inoculation makes] were still liable in a civil court of law. And what did[ Congress] do? In December 1987, in the dead of the night, an amendment was added to an omnibus plan statute … that wholly let all the doctors and inoculation providers off the hook in a civil court of law.

In hearings in 1987, fellowships requested Congress to give them full liability care and Congress wouldn’t do it. They exclusively hold medical doctors full liability safety. 4

Our unique contribution to that ordinance was the safety funds: informing, recording, reporting security clauses. VAERS is the result of what we did in insisting that there be a centralized vaccine adverse phenomenon reporting method that parents and the public could report to, as well as the doctors.

This is a one-of-a-kind vaccine adverse event reporting system[ VAERS ], and why we know today that more than half a million COVID vaccine reactions have been reported by the public, by doctors around this country and in other countries that use the Pfizer, Moderna and the Johnson& Johnson vaccines.

There’ve been more than[ 13,600 extinctions following COVID vaccination as of August 20, 2021, and more than 55,820 post-COVID shot hospitalizations5] to be submitted to that system.”

The Destruction of the NCVIA

The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 also requires physicians to supply mothers with written inoculation report before their children are inoculated. Originally, these info explanations were thick-witted pamphlets full of information. But after the law was transferred, the Department of Health and Human Business gutted the inoculation safety providings, reducing that inoculation info evidence down to a single sheet of paper.

“They made out a lot of information that should be given to mothers, ” Fisher says. “They gutted the compensation clauses. So, today, almost no child prepares for compensation under that principle. I guess what I’m trying to say is, what the law was when it was delivered is not anything like the law we see today.”

Then, in 2011, the U.S. Supreme court placed with Wyeth in a DTP vaccine injury case( Bruesewitz v Wyeth6) in which the prosecutor debated the inoculation trauma was the outcome of a designing shortcoming( failure to make a product safer ). Wyeth could have met the DPT vaccine safer, and they didn’t get it on. The Supreme Court majority claimed the legislative history was clear — that Congress aimed that vaccine creators should have no liability for FDA licensed and CDC recommended vaccines.

This was in fact the complete antonym of what the legislative history shows. Two of the Supreme court evaluates, Rights Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Sonia Sotomayor, wrote a magnificent opposition, stating that the legislative history does not show that Congress wanted to give the companies ended liability care. 7

The film, “1 986: The Achievement, ” allays the delusions smothering this law, clearing up the many confusions about what the law was initially intended to accomplish. Unfortunately, the misinterpretation and gutting of the NCVIA opened the proverbial floodlight entrances to more vaccines being mandated for children.

“There’s not been one vaccine that has been created by the pharmaceutical industry and endorsed by government that has not eventually been mandated, ” Fisher says.

“And what they’re trying to do during this pandemic is set the stage for every adult to also be required to get every government-endorsed inoculation. It is a public/ private partnership between the pharmaceutical industry and government, and it’s dangerous.

When I came into this work, there was somewhat of a firewall between the pharmaceutical industry and government. They’re now one and the same, and Pharma calls the shots at the FDA, the NIH and the CDC. That’s just the plain truth of it.”

The PREP Act

While the U.S. Supreme Court granted inoculation makes rug immunity for childhood vaccine-related gashes by the Supreme Court in 2011, the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness( PREP) Act to be adopted by Congress in December 20058 contributed yet another layer of drawback protection for the industry. After 9/11, Congress and the pharmaceutical industry got together and surpassed BioShield legislation.

This federal legislation was based on the idea that weapons of mass destruction could be used against the United Commonwealth, compelling protective legislation to respond to “pandemic or bio-terrorism emergencies.” Of course, the weapons of mass destruction were never actually determined but, still, Congress in partnership with the pharmaceutical industry transferred BioShield legislation. The PREP Act is in relation to that legislation.

The PREP Act has to do with swore public health emergencies such as pandemics, and includes a separate mechanism for compensation when the trauma results from a pandemic-related medication or inoculation. The PREP Act compensation mechanism was reconfirmed by Congress in the spring of 2020, and again in March 2021,9 in relation to COVID-1 9.

While the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Act-related compensation mechanism has been fatally settlement with Congressional amendments and federal agency rule fixing over the years, the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program( CICP) for the purposes of the PREP Act is even worse. It’s so bad, if you’re disabled by a vaccine used under a public health emergency declaration, there’s almost no the expectations of compensation.

Imagine surrendering to all the pressure of losing your job and getting the poking, simply to get so sick you engender over$ 1 million in hospital legislations. It resonates outrageous, but this has in fact happened to many. They have zero recourse and in most cases have to declare bankruptcy, while the vaccine companies can continue to ravage the public assets without ANY obligation or responsibility. It’s beyond reprehensibly criminal, but they are getting apart with it.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s book, “The Real Tony Fauci, ” which comes out in November 2021, goes into far greater detail as to just how this BioShield legislation is really good-for-nothing more than a gaming of the system, essentially letting medicine companies to capture hundreds of billions of dollars from the federal government,( really you, the taxpayer ). It’s all a big fund and dominance grab.

Fauci himself, who is definitely one of the cores of this whole nightmare, is responsible for having allocated probably over$ 1 trillion in federal funded to investigates, principal investigators that are intimately and eventually bind to pharma, over the 37 times he’s presided as administrator of the NIAID. His budget for most recently completed fiscal year 2021 alone is $6.5 billion. 10 The patents they created produces royalties to them. It’s a ordeal dystopia of raping the public from the federal treasury.

‘Colossal Mismanagement of a Pandemic’

From the beginning, health authorities have been neglectful when it comes to the treatment of COVID-1 9. They’ve even actively frustrated safe and effective cares from being used. In the interrogation, Fisher describes her working experience with COVID-1 9 😛 TAGEND

“I had COVID in December of 2019. I had a fairly difficult course with it for 10 weeks into the end of February of 2020. Of track, I didn’t know what I had, but it was not a fun experience, and I was left with long-COVID that lasted 16 months until a functional medicine doctor who experimented me found that the COVID had reactivated a[ latent] Epstein-Barr infection.

She prescribed a short course of appropriately dosed ivermectin, and I had an astounding reduced by my evidences, which included cardiac indications that had been diagnosed by a cardiologist. So, I had all the classic indications of COVID and I had a classic track of long-COVID, more I didn’t know that I should have been able abused ivermectin months ago to help me get through.

My energy shot up after that ivermectin and I stopped having to sleep 12 hours per day. My cardiac indications were significantly reduced. It was like I got my life back. Yet the government has gone after doctors who have urged people to get vitamin D, vitamin C, zinc, ivermectin1 1 and these other licensed doses that are safe and have been around forever.

The government actively discouraged parties from doing things that could have helped them recover. This is so wrong on so many levels. It’s a gigantic mismanagement of an outbreak.”

Of course, there are indications that it wasn’t truly accidental mismanagement but, instead, a strategies of carefully orchestrated plan to implement the Great Reset.

“A couple of months ago, I went to the website of the World Economic Forum and what comes up? The Great Reset. 12 I could not believe what I was reading. It’s completely transparent, how they just wanted to reset the entire world’s economy, ” Fisher says.

The eventual “public health authority” is of course the World Health Organization, and the No. 1 funder of the WHO is Bill Gates, as he provides funding not only through the Bill& Melinda Gates Foundation but too GAVI.

This monetary leveraging renders Gates a disproportionate quantity of supremacy over public health globally and, of course, we know that his primary goal is to expand the use of vaccines. At the same time, Gates is also a major Big Tech player, which is the central enforcer of censorship. By censoring one feature of its consideration of the question, Big Tech is responsible for seeing informed consent impossible.

Ripening Awareness That Vaccines Don’t Prevent Infection

The good information is that the COVID situation is waking parties up not only to the potential dangers of these romance mRNA doses, but too to the problems and deceits associated with all the conventional inoculations. They are starting to recognize these infusions are not as harmless or as effective as they have been alleged to be. That is one of the silver linings of this entire mess.

“[ People are] starting to understand that inoculations do not prevent infection and transmission, ” Fisher says. “The entire mandatory vaccination system in this country has been built on the superstition that if you get inoculated, you cannot get infected and channel the infection to other parties; that you have vaccine-acquired immunity that is robust and contributes to herd immunity.

The truth is that vaccine-acquired immunity is often unusually temporary and sometimes you don’t get it at all. And genuinely, herd exemption is more based on natural immunity … So, the term ‘immunization’ really should never be used anymore.

These COVID ‘vaccines, ‘ the government has now affirmed, cannot reliably thwart infection and transmission. 13 This is a game-changer, if parties will really get their appendages around it. And so, I am glad that has come out. I’m also glad that we’re learn people around the world stand up and fight for their freedom.”

The Fight for Medical Autonomy and Freedom

Since the start of the COVID pandemic, the NVIC has encouraged beings to work within the system, to be done in order to your state legislators and have personal conversations with them. NVIC created pose district legislation at the beginning of this pandemic, since they are knew the end sport would be mandatory COVID vaccination.

So far, 21 U.S. moods have passed legislation that restrict or impede COVID vaccine edicts or COVID vaccine passports. Several commonwealth superintendents have also issued executive orderings to the same effect. These success show us that we should not lose complete faith in the system just yet. It’s broken, yes, but the answer is not to give up but, rather, to get personally involved. We need freedom-loving, rational beings to get involved at every level of government, Fisher says 😛 TAGEND

“That means your school board, your district cards, city council, your country legislatures. At the local level, you can really make a difference. Talk to your neighbors, talk to your community, give them the information that’s produced by NVIC and by

Give them factual report backed up with citations, and try to change the conversation in your community. Likewise, we have to change bad regulations so that we won’t have to feel this oppression that we’ve felt for almost two years …

I’ll precisely point out, there’s a page on the CDC website that basically talks about quarantine camps1 4 and being able to detain citizens should they feel that they need to be protected from the rest of society, or the rest of society protected from them. This is a very serious constitutional issue.”

As explained by Fisher, the federal government could also invoke its official over interstate industry and prohibit unvaccinated people from flying from one government to another that action. There’s already legislation introduced in Congress proposing this. 15 So, even if they are 21 states have enacted laws against the requirement of vaccine passports, we’re not out of the woods yet. The impunity to travel can still be stripped from us in a variety of ways, and we must fight to block all of them.

FDA’s Approval of the Pfizer COVID Shot

August 23, 2021, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration conceded full approval1 6 to the COVID-1 9 mRNA dose put forward by Pfizer/ BioNTech, sold under the brand name Comirnaty, for use in beings aged 16 and older. It’s the fastest approval in biography, 17 and is based on time six months’ worth of data from 44,060 parties. 18,19

Half of them got the shots and half initially received a placebo. However, in the second week of December 2020, Pfizer unblinded the dominate group and 93% of dominations opted to get the real injection2 0 rather than remain in the control group for the remainder of the trial, which is slated to continue for another two years. In other names, there’s no limit radical left against which to liken side effects and effectiveness.

The FDA was expected to hold a public engagement of the Vaccines and Related Biological Make Advisory Committee( VRBPAC) 21 and allow for public and professional input before the first COVID-1 9 inoculation was formally licensed.

For transparency and full public disclosure of vital scientific information, this meeting should have taken place before sanction because COVID-1 9 vaccines are the first to ever have been distributed to the US population under an Emergency Use Authorization( EUA ).

In response, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and the Children’s Health Defense( CHD) filed a lawsuit2 2 August 31, 2021, against the FDA and its work chairman, Dr. Janet Woodcock, for this mess. On its website, CHD says 😛 TAGEND

“CHD argues that the licensure was a classic ‘bait and switch, ‘ allowing Pfizer, the Biden administration, the U.S. military and employers to exhort parties to make ‘licensed’ inoculations when in fact the inoculations available and being administered continued to be the Pfizer-BioNTech Emergency Use Authorization( EUA) vaccines …

… the FDA infringed federal ordinance when it simultaneously licensed Pfizer’s ‘Comirnaty’ vaccine and expanded Pfizer’s EUA for its vaccine that has the ‘same formulation’ and that ‘can be used interchangeably …

The law( 21 U.S. Code SS 360 bbb-3-( 3 )) on ‘authorization for medical commodities for use in emergencies’ expects the EUA designation be used only when ‘there is no adequate, approved and accessible alternative to the product for diagnosing, thwarting or considering such cancer or condition.SSSS

The lawsuit alleges once the FDA approved and licensed Pfizer’s Comirnaty vaccine, there was no further basis for the FDA to preserve the EUA status for the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine that Pfizer accepts has the ‘same formulation’ and is ‘interchangeable.'”

As explained by Fisher, in order to receive Emergency Use Authorization from the FDA, inoculation makes had to show their COVID pokings were more than 50% effective at the prevention of serious manifestations of COVID-1 9 malady. 23 They were not required to demonstrate that the shots frustrate SARS-CoV-2 infection or that it avoids transmitting of the virus.

“So the bar was defined very low at the very beginnings for the Emergency Use Authorization, ” she says. “If you look at the hyperbole the CDC consumes, you can see they’re ever talking about prevention of hospitalization and fatality. This is not what beings review happens when you get a vaccine. We ought to have carefully taught to believe that when we get inoculated, we will not get infected and we won’t transmit that infection to other people.”

Many Vaccines Don’t Prevent Infection or Transmission

The problem is, numerous inoculations don’t work the path we’ve been told. Take the pertussis vaccine, for example. According to Fisher, there’s ample evidence that you can be injected against pertussis and still move the infection, including asymptomatically. 24,25 The same thing has been shown for measles, 26 mumps, 27 influenza2 8 and chickenpox2 9 vaccines.

“That’s why I said that this is an opportunity to educate people about what vaccination really means, ” Fisher says. “It’s too an arguing for why[ COVID] vaccines should not be mandated.

In this case, it’s a biological pharmaceutical commodity that “ve never been” stimulated like this. This is an entirely new technology. 30 It is truly an experiment on the human race, because they did not do the various kinds of science that they should have be done in order to do Emergency Use Authorization.”

Dr. Peter McCullough, an epidemiologist and cardiologist who is very familiar with medical research etiquettes, has pointed out that none of the COVID injection trials has data safety observing timbers. It looms standard safeguards were intentionally eliminated for the rapid rollout of these shots and to eliminate any public protest because the incriminating data are simply not being collected.

How convenient. Actually, it is a clever strategy to achieve their goals and they are getting apart with it, because those in authority do not have the gallantry and boldness of physician scientists like McCullough and Dr. Robert Malone, who invented the mRNA technology. 31 We need 10 times more of these types of brave people to persist their necks out, as they have the credibility to actually make a difference. We simply need enough of them to take a stand.

Had proper monitoring cards set in place, McCullough imagines the vaccination campaign would have been stopped by late January 2021, because of the high number of suspicious deaths that had arisen by then. There’s also the possibility of these shots compelling antibody relative improvement( ADE ), which is a big concern for the future.

Watch the NVIC Conference for FREE

As you might expect, this has been an bizarre year, and virtually nothing has been routine. This year, NVIC was removed from three of the four major social media scaffolds( Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) 32 after NVIC nursed their groundbreaking online Fifth International Public Conference on Vaccination: Protecting Health and Autonomy in the 2st Century in late 2020.33 Fisher says 😛 TAGEND

“This year, so many people have been contacting us. We have a counseling service and we help people, lineages, who are going through a inoculation action or who are asking for information … Our weekly Vaccine Reaction newsletter has realise an nearly 50% an increasing number of readers, and this shows you that people are thirsty for this information.

One of the things we’re really excited about is we’re going to be launching a brand-new website in 2022 that your donations helped us do. It’s a very expensive project, but something that I’m very excited about. We’re likewise going to be launching an updated NVIC portal website.

We have been putting an horrid lot of our efforts into the states, trying to educate people and train them on how to be effective vaccine choice preaches in their nation. This takes a lot of organizing, and it takes a lot of collaboration between other groups that are on the front lines in the states.

We wouldn’t be here if it hadn’t been for the reinforcement that you[ Dr. Mercola] have given us over the years. And I feel positive; I feel that the person or persons in this country are going to remember that exemption is something they have to fight for. It’s taken us a little of time to come out of our outrage, since they are pierced us around pretty good in 2020, but I remember beings are waking up now and are going to start to really fight back …

Those who are authoritarian — impelled vaccinators — have exposed themselves in the last 18 months. And that discover has caused people to take a step back and look to see what their real objective is.”

Taking any decision, Support NVIC Today

As in previous years, during Vaccine Awareness Week, I will coincide your donations to the NVIC, dollar for dollar, so this is a great time to maximize your wallop. So, delight, consider making a tax-deductible donation to the NVIC today, and be sure to sign up for the NVIC Advocacy Portal to stay abreast of the latest legislative activities in your state.

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