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Trump news – live: Ex-president faces fierce GOP backlash after endorsing TV’s Dr Oz in Senate race

Mitch McConnell explains why he will still support Donald Trump

Former president Donald Trump has endorsed Dr Mehmet Oz to represent Pennsylvania in the US Senate, angering a number of prominent Republicans.

“I have known Dr. Oz for many years, as have many others, even if only through his very successful television show,” Mr Trump said on Saturday. “He has lived with us through the screen and has always been popular, respected, and smart.”

The announcement outraged many conservatives, including the previous Trump-endorsed candidate for that seat.

“I have enormous respect for President Trump,” tweeted Sean Parnell, who dropped out of the race in November. “But I’m disappointed by this. Oz is the antithesis of everything that made Trump the best president of my lifetime—he’s the farthest thing from America First & he’d be very bad for PA.”

Meanwhile, the US State Department says Donald Trump and other White House officials left office without providing a record of the gifts they received from foreign governments.

And as investigators continue probing the 2021 Capitol riot, one prominent MAGA activist has said he will talk. Ali Alexander, the organiser of several “Stop the Steal” rallies protesting the 2020 election, will cooperate with the Justice Department’s investigation of the January 6 insurrection, his lawyer says.


Trump brags as Republican who voted to impeach him retires: ‘4 down and 6 to go’

Donald Trump gloated over the retirement of Rep Fred Upton, a Republican who had voted to impeach the former president for his role in the January 6 insurrection.

“UPTON QUITS! 4 down and 6 to go,” the former president said in a statement. “Others losing badly, who’s next?”

Nathan Place11 April 2022 02:00


Biden jokingly refers to Trump as ‘the last guy’

President Joe Biden took a jab at his predecessor in the White House, whom he referred to as “the last guy” during a speech in Washington DC.

Speaking to a conference of the North America Building Trades Unions on Wednesday, Mr Biden called the Trump administration’s $2 trillion tax cut “just so outrageous”.

“The last guy, what was his name? Anyway, the last guy,” Mr Biden continued. “I forgot it. He never showed up to the inauguration.”

Nathan Place11 April 2022 01:00


Endorsed by Trump, Dr Oz urges followers to ‘surround yourself with people who care’

Newly endorsed by Donald Trump, Dr Mehmet Oz encouraged his Twitter followers on Sunday to surround themselves with “people who will lift you up.”

“Surround yourself with people who will lift you up, push you harder, and act authentically,” tweeted the TV doctor and recently anointed MAGA Senate candidate. “I thrive to do [sic] all of these things for my community. Surround yourself with people who care. Elect people who care.”

On Saturday, Mr Trump gave Dr Oz a lift, endorsing him in a crowded GOP primary for Pennsylvania’s next senator. The announcement outraged many conservatives.

Nathan Place11 April 2022 00:00


Judge allows Trump to keep golf course in NYC

A judge on Friday rejected New York City’s appeal and ruled that the Trump Organisation can continue to operate a city-owned golf course in the Bronx.

Lawyers for the city had argued that the 2021 Capitol riot impaired the Trump brand’s ability to attract professional golfers and tournaments. But Manhattan Supreme Court judge Debra James said the company was not contractually required to attract professional tournaments.

“There is no ambiguity in the obligation in the Agreement that petitioner is required to ‘operat[e] a first-class, tournament quality daily fee golf course,” Judge James said. “When read in the context of the Agreement as a whole, it is not capable of multiple interpretations.”

Nathan Place10 April 2022 23:30


Trump accused of being ‘really stupid or really corrupt’ over missing gift records

Government ethics experts say they are stunned after the US State Department said records are missing of the gifts Donald Trump received while he was president.

Federal officials are required by law to inform the State Department of any gifts from foreign governments worth more than $415. But as the Trump administration made its chaotic exit from the White House, it allegedly neglected to send the list – for all White House officials in all of 2020.

Nathan Place10 April 2022 23:00


Trump says he may be ‘the most honest human being’ of all time

Donald Trump has suggested that he is “the most honest human being” ever created, prompting laughter from his followers.

“I’ve got to be the cleanest sheriff,” Mr Trump said at his rally in Selma, North Carolina. “I think I’m the most honest human being, perhaps, that God ever created.”

Nathan Place10 April 2022 22:30


White House accuses GOP of holding Covid funding ‘hostage’

White House press secretary Jen Psaki went on the offensive on Sunday, accusing Republicans of holding federal Covid-19 response funding “hostage.”

“What is important right now is that they are using this to hold hostage funding for Covid [response],” Ms Psaki said on Fox News Sunday. “Funding that we need to buy [antiviral] pills to help immunocompromised [patients] … to make sure we can reboot our uninsured program, to make sure we have testing capacity … that’s what they are doing.”

Nathan Place10 April 2022 22:00


Pro-Trump news outlet objects to Dr Oz using their footage

In another sign of tension between conservatives and Dr Mehmet Oz, a pro-Trump media company has accused the TV doctor of using their footage without credit or permission.

“We know our videos when we see them,” Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN) tweeted at Dr Oz, after the newly Trump-endorsed candidate posted a clip of their video. “Next time, please leave up the graphics. It’s a nice courtesy to networks like us who work hard to provide coverage of Trump-endorsed candidates like yourself.”

Nathan Place10 April 2022 21:30


A look back at Sean Parnell, the MAGA candidate Dr Oz replaced

Why is Dr Oz running for a US Senate seat with Donald Trump’s endorsement? The short answer is: Sean Parnell.

Last year, as Republicans crowded into the race to replace outgoing senator Pat Toomey, Mr Parnell gained an edge when Mr Trump gave him his much-vaunted seal of approval. But his campaign imploded in November 2021, when his estranged wife accused him of physically abusing her and their children. Here’s a look back at what happened:

Nathan Place10 April 2022 21:00


Trump demands ‘justice for the January 6th prisoners’ at rally

At his rally on Sunday night, Donald Trump once again defended participants in the 2021 assault on the US Capitol.

“And we, while we’re at it, will demand justice for the January 6th prisoners and full protection of their civil rights, like was received [sic] by antifa and Black Lives Matter,” Mr Trump told the crowd in Selma, North Carolina.

Nathan Place10 April 2022 20:30

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