Wouldn”;t it be nice if embarking on a health and fitness journey meant a straight line to success? For better or worse, that”;s not real life–;but there is hope. Here are six true stories from Precision Nutrition Coaching clients who faced major obstacles on the road to weight loss, overcame them, and used what they learned to become better and stronger people than ever before.


It”;s become a quintessential question of the modern age: Why is it so hard for people to lose weight and get fit?

The answer is, well, life.

Demanding jobs. Fear of change. Plummeting self-confidence. Social lives that revolve around beer and bar food. Starting a family. Caring for a sick loved one, or maybe even grieving a loss.

These health and fitness barriers can feel insurmountable to those facing them.

Sometimes, for a period, hopelessness will have its way. You might feel like no one understands and no one can help you. You might feel like there”;s nothing beyond the bottom.

In the course of coaching over 100,000 clients, Precision Nutrition coaches have heard ALL the stories of struggle–;nail-biters and gut-punchers and heartbreakers. And if we”;ve learned anything from these stories, it”;s that people are strong.

It seems somewhere inside us all there”;s a little voice that says: Keep going.

The following six stories are from people who kept going.

Despite the major obstacles they faced, these Precision Nutrition Coaching clients managed to keep moving forward and crest the top of their personal mountain.

These stories are from real people just like you.

Which means, if you”;ve hit a seemingly immovable rock, whatever that looks like for you, the story isn”;t over.

You just have to keep going.

Meet Bob.

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