Tristan Thompson Speaks Out Amid Allegations of Being the Father of a Third Child

Tristan Thompson is speaking out about allegations.

The 30-year-old basketball player is responding to new accusations from a woman named Kimberly Alexander who claims that he is the father of her son.

In legal documents obtained by The Blast, Tristan spoke out about the allegations.

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“I am the father of two young children. I love my children and take my responsibilities as a father extremely seriously. I am involved in my children’s lives and proud to have close relationships with my children and to provide for their needs financially and otherwise,” he wrote in the filing.

“Had the DNA test results shown that Ms. Alexander‘s child was my son, I would have done the same for Ms. Alexander‘s child without hesitation. For Ms. Alexander to falsely state that I am the type of man who would neglect his parental duties hurts me emotionally and is incredibly damaging to my reputation,” he went on to say.

“Most of my professional contracts, including my contracts to play with the NBA, gives them the right to terminate my contract in the event I engage in certain behavior or conduct that may cast the team or the brand in a negative light publicly…I have potentially lost out on endorsement deals or other brand contracts, as I have been publicly portrayed as a troubled athlete with whom companies do not want to associate or have represent their brand.”

Tristan is now suing the woman for the claim, following a negative DNA test.

Tristan has a has a daughter, True, 3, with Khloe Kardashian, and a son, Prince, 4, with Jordan Craig.

Khloe Kardashian recently said something about having a second child with Tristan.

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