If you’re concerned about your child’s weight, you should be. Obesity rates continue to climb, and a child’s sedentary lifestyle can spell trouble down the road. To combat this future problem, parents need to take charge now. The Health Plan for Overweight Children provides an innovative approach to improving your child’s life by shifting the focus from a child’s weight to his or her health. To help you achieve this worthy goal, Dr. Melissa Langone incorporates the unique strategies of her HAVE FUN plan, which include: Healthy foods Activity Vitamins and minerals End emotional eating Family as support U as a role model No weighing Dr. Langone shows you how to make better nutritional choices for your children by helping you learn how to read food labels, choose vitamin supplements, and create the proper portion sizes. She also includes helpful tips on how to promote physical activity for those children who enjoy music, art, and video games instead of sports. In addition, Langone addresses the challenges faced by single parents and two-parent working families, as well as the unique issues of emotional eaters. Help secure your child’s future health with this invaluable guide!

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