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The First Streaming Service for AI-Generated TV Shows Has Arrived

A mockup of the Showrunner interface.

A mockup of the Showrunner interface.
Graphic: Showrunner

If you always thought you could make a better TV show than Hollywood can, AI is here to help you test that theory in the worst way possible.

Showrunner is a Netflix-like platform where the content is completely made by AI. Created by San Francisco startup Fable Studio, the service will have shows created by filmmakers and content creators. But, the company claims, if someone is itching for more episodes, they can make them on their own.

“The vision is to be the Netflix of AI,” chief executive Edward Saatchi told The Hollywood Reporter Thursday. “Maybe you finish all of the episodes of a show you’re watching and you click the button to make another episode. You can say what it should be about or you can let the AI make it itself.”

Showrunner’s original slate of shows is mainly animation. Exit Valley, which has a look that’s similar to South Park, pokes fun at Silicon Valley, and its first episode is already viewable. Spoilers: It’s not that great and is frankly weird to watch. The animation is barely animated, the voices are human yet robotic, and it’s hard to even get what the jokes are. Then again, this is all done by AI so none of that should be a surprise.

Saatchi says users who want more episodes of a show will be able to edit dialogue and develop scenes via prompts. If someone creates an episode that is especially good for a Showrunner original show, it could be picked up and the creator receives a lump payment, a share of revenue, and an IMDB credit.

There is a waitlist to get early access to Showrunner and the site claims 50,000 people are already in the queue, which means it will take some time before you can start making your own shows to binge on.

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