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Sun-Man Classic ’80s Figures Join Masters of the Universe

Image for article titled Sun-Man and the Rulers of the Sun Are Back for Real

Image: Mattel/Olmec Toys

Sun-Man was, in reality, an ancient Egyptian prince who was renown for his kindness and fairness to his people. The sun chose him as its champion, and sent a fairy down to grant him immortality, a magic sword, and these powers as per his classic packaging: “His magical melanin skin gave him unequaled, unlimited, and special super strength. Sun-Man’s skin could not be cut, burned, bruised, broken, pierced, stabbed, ripped, or removed, so Pig-Head the evil wart, was plotting to smoke-out Sun-Man. He wanted to see if he could weaken Sun-Man’s powerful skin through the smoke from the drugs Pig-Head had just cooked up. But Sun-Man flies free, protecting the right for the Galaxy-Trefixa to exist in peace. His rap is clear: ‘Pig-Head listen, you’re bad luck. You won’t win, so just give up. Sun-Man is on the scene to stay. My good powers shall rule all the way! The Battle has just begun…’”

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