I’ve got a shocking discovery about health practitioners to share with you. When I saw this it obliged me recognize why Healthpreneur exists.

This shocking discovery comes from a inspection of the Chiropractic profession asking them to choose each product they may plan to purchase in the next 12 months for their rehearse. This are applicable to other patterns as well such as naturopaths, physical therapists, etc.

It was appalling to see what items were at the top of the list and how the most important purchase they needed for their business was at the very bottom.

Would love to get your comments and feedback on this. Where do you stand on this? Do you concur or disagree with me?


In This Episode I discuss 😛 TAGEND

00: 00- 04:00- Introducing Today’s Topic

04: 00- 05:36- The Certification Epidemic

05: 36- 07:46- The Shocking Discovery And The Reality Behind It

07: 46- 12:00- The Poisoned Mindset

12: 00- 17:00- What Is Marketing?

17: 00- 18:58- Wrap Up With Yuri


What You Missed

In our last-place chapter, we talked about the one wickednes that hurts your business. It’s the only thing that hamper you back from your dreams.

It’s the one thing that obstructs you from selling more, having more coin coming into your business, having better affinities, being a better leader and much more.

If you missed this incident, you can catch it right here to find out what that one thing is .


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