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Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF February 21 – 2 7, 2022

Questions of the week: Who are you barking orders at, and why do you think that’s going to get them to respond in the fashion you’re hoping? A restorative quarter moon in Sagittarius and your grounded second house on Wednesday, February 23 can shine a helpful light on how your “demands” or “constructive criticism” are actually being received. First, how do YOU feel when someone gets in YOUR face about work? Is your instinct to hop-to and fall in line—or maybe your passive-aggressive streak makes a loud appearance. That’s just human nature, Scorpio, so instead of believing you have to play hardball to get things done, lob a few soft, underhanded pitches to your colleagues or employees. Throw in generous amounts of sincere praise, and people might actually line up to do your bidding.

Treating the folks in your work life like actual partners whose contributions are vital will win you their support and loyalty, which is more valuable than gold! Starting on Wednesday, make a point of taking a few minutes every day to greet people by name, deliberately making eye contact. Get to know more about your colleagues, and even (gasp!) let them see YOUR human side. (Such “vulnerability” will not only NOT kill you but it will make you more appealing and trustworthy.) On a tight deadline? This personal interaction isn’t a time suck but a surefire way to enrich your professional life and inspire people to pitch for you should the need arise.

Relationships could feel charged with every emotion in the Gottman Institute’s “Feeling Wheel” (and more!) this Thursday, so take a few minutes to really think through what you’re planning to say before you blurt a single syllable to anyone. With chatty Mercury in your sensitive fourth house in a tense angle with spontaneous (and famously unpredictable) Uranus in your partnership house, it won’t take much for someone to offend (or hurt) somebody else. And once that feline is out of the bag, it’s impossible to stuff it back in. The perturbed party will likely react by hurling more vitriol at the other, and the next thing you know, no one is speaking to anyone! If you can’t bite your tongue—or leave the situation alone for the next 24 hours—just count to 10 (or whatever your magic calming number is) and remind yourself that, with very few exceptions, names will never hurt you.

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