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Review: sunny health fitness airwalk trainer :)

i give it a 7-8 out of 10 🙂
can be found and bought here::



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  1. Good information. Thank you. You can turn your phone sideways to take videos (and photos) in landscape mode which will fill the YouTube screen instead of only using 1/3 of the screen. If it doesn't work initially, then in your settings you can turn the rotate feature on.

  2. I've seen many people talking about how they step/calorie counter does not re-set, but if you read the manual on this section it clearly states to hold down the red button for about 4 seconds and it will re-set.  And it does.

  3. Looks pretty good for that price. It seems though that my only concern with it was pretty much verified by what u just said: that its got no resistance whatsoever (therefore the added weights). Perhaps if u tie on extension cords do u think that might help some?

  4. Can you lean forward to create your own incline to make your workout harder? I use to have a Gazelle and like the smaller footprint of the Airwalk Trainer, but am torn. On the Gazelle just leaning forwards or backwards while walking/running creates an incline to make the workout more strenuous and more upper body. Would you think that's possible with the Airwalk? Thanks for the feedback!


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