Targeted, iron-free nutrition that meets men’s special needs, delivering a balanced profile of essential nutrients and featuring extra support for reproductive health with high-potency zinc plus Saw Palmetto, commonly known as “the prostate herb”.

Product Features

  • Food-based: a proprietary blend with organic spirulina, beet, kale, dandelion and spinach supports energy and absortion and is rich in co-nutrients to support long-term heath
  • Therapeutic potencies; potent vitamin B-complex supports cardiovascuar health and energy, 800 IU vitamin D supports colon, bone and blood pressure health
  • Digestion-enhanced: with enzymes, probiotics and ginger, easy to digest and gentle on the stomach
  • Purity Guaranteed; free of gluten, yeast, sugar, and dairy/lactose
  • Packaged in 100% recycled, 100% recyclable Ecoguard bottles, which are FDA approved and BPA-free, lowering the carbon footrpint by 92%

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