This re-titled new edition of Public Health Practice and the School-age Population has been updated and expanded to include children of all ages. Following radical changes in public health provision, Public Health for Children, Second Edition examines the implications for children and young adults as well as for those who provide care, prevention, and health promotion services. It also explores the challenges created by these significant structural and functional changes. Written by experts in the field, each chapter takes a practical approach to support learning and teaching. The book examines the health and well-being of children by revisiting the full range of public health practice from analysis to action, including the work of epidemiology and community interventions that seek to improve health. The book does this by examining the three locations that children inhabit as they grow and develop into adulthood: home, school, and the community. This edition includes new chapters on various topics including policy changes, childhood poverty, pre-school children, health and social care services for school-age children, challenges in adolescent health and well-being, neurosciences, complex health needs, and long-term conditions. Demystifying the planning and delivery of public health services for children, the book provides authoritative insights into the needs of the children and how professionals can best attend to those needs. It includes case studies, key issues, and discussion points in each chapter to reinforce understanding.

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