'Pose' Boss Reveals Season Three Will Be Set In The Mid-1990s

Get ready for an all brand-new period with the brand-new season of Pose.

Co-creator Steven Canals spoke to TV Guide about the upcoming season, which starts filming in October and strengthened it will take place in 1994, a four time season jump-start from 1990 in season two.

” Thematically it’s much of the same — our superstars navigating New York and this time it’s New York of 1994 ,” he shared.” One big-hearted thing is Blanca experiences adore. A gigantic part of Blanca’s arc for the season is the push and pull of being both business partners and a mama. How do you offset all these multiple personas? Blanca has always been so dedicated and focused on her children…She’s finally focusing on her herself and going for her aims in a manner that is we’re really never seen for her .”

Steven adds that the upcoming season will likewise explore” the ripple effects[ of that preference ]. How does that then affect her children ?”

He likewise spoke about how the third season will implement coronavirus security protocols while filming, trying to tell me that the writing crew was ” jolly far along in the season” when the pandemic shut down production, and they’ve had to go back and change things.

” How are we going to do the missiles? Do we wait and shoot the pellets last-minute in our production repetition when hopefully the restrictions have loosened up some? A pile of it is a question mark and we’re having to figure it out as we are now going .”

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