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PHOPIK Dimmable 5600K LED Video Light with Adjustable Tripod

Price: $42.89
(as of Mar 02,2022 14:41:21 UTC – Details)

Product Description

light for video recordinglight for video recording

PHOPIK LED Video Light Kit – With White/Red/Blue/Yellow Filters

Create unique and colorful lighting effects for game live broadcasts, video blogs, Tik Tok, etc.

streaming lightingstreaming lighting

The LED video light is equipped with red, blue, orange, and white color filters to bring a different visual experience. It is the ideal choice for photographers to produce different styles of shooting. Whether it is taking photos or videos, portable photography light sets are indispensable.

youtube filming lightsyoutube filming lights

lighting for streaming

lighting for streaming

lighting for food

lighting for food

light kit for youtube

light kit for youtube


LEDs feature low heat output and energy usage compared to incandescents and CFLs.

Cooling Holes

The cooling hole can effectively release heat, so that the flat light can quickly dissipate heat and protect the light board.

180° Adjustable

The LED panel light can be adjusted 180 degrees to meet your different needs for suitable shooting angles.

led photography lightingled photography lighting

video camera light

video camera light

photography light

photography light

light for pictures

light for pictures

Low-angle Shooting

Mount the lights directly to the mini tripods or use together with the extension rods. Adjust the height from 22.2” to 35.5” (56.5cm to 136Cm).You can point the light panel to wherever you want using the ball head adapter.

Extra Long Power Cord

Streamer lighting with a 188 cm long power cord makes it convenient to use in various occasions

USB Power Supply

Applicable to most devices that support USB ports such as laptops, power banks, USB chargers, power adapters, etc.

NOTE: The led video lighting used with a laptop or mobile power supply may consume too much power. And the USB ports on most tablets can’t generate enough power. The panel light is recommended to use with wall plug. (Plug was NOT included in the package)

led studio lightsled studio lights


PHOPIK LED photography light is suitable for living room, study room, baby room, party, office, studio, etc. This makes the led lights stand is used for office, vlog, youtube, Tik Tok, professional streaming photography.

VIDEO LIGHTING KIT: The LED panel light is equipped with a 1/4 universal spherical lamp head, and the panel can be adjusted 180° to easily meet your different shooting angle requirements; the brightness can be adjusted between 10% and 100%. Unlike other LED lights, the brightness of PHOPIK’s 84 energy-saving LED bulbs can provide you with higher quality lighting.
WIDE APPLICATION: It can meet various photography requirements and visual effects, and is suitable for YouTube videos, product photography, image lighting, indoor photography, video conferences, online courses, etc. In addition, you can use it as a desk lamp or floor lamp according to your needs.
OPTIONAL SHOOTING EFFECTS: LED desktop video lighting with tripod is equipped with 2 * 4 color filters (red, orange, white, blue), you can change the color of the light through the color filter to create beautiful photos and videos (note: the color filter needs to be compatible with the white diffuse Please insert the white diffuser first, and then put in another color filter)
ADJUSTABLE SELFIE STICK TRIPOD: This tripod can provide you with ultra-low lighting. The three-stage quick flip lock can provide you with different heights of lighting. The retractable tripod has a working height of 16.9 inches to 48.2 inches and can be used in hand. Make it an ideal camera stand for video conferencing, recording and game streaming, to help you find the best lighting height.
USB-POWERED LIGHT: Power the LED lights via USB wall charger (5V 2A) or USB power strip. All USB ports can be used to power the task lights, which can provide continuous lighting for your objects in different situations. You can plug it into a desktop computer, move the plug, etc.

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