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Peloton’s Motion-Tracking Coaching Camera Is Finally Available

Although Peloton already puts cameras in its exercise bikes and treadmills, the new Peloton Guide, which is finally available after being first announced in November, is the company’s first camera-specific device that uses AI-powered motion tracking to monitor your form and routines while you work out from home.

There are a few notable changes between the version of the Peloton Guide that was announced late last year and the version that’s finally now available—at least in the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia to start. The steep $495 price tag, which actually made the Guide one of the most affordable products Peloton offers, has dropped to just $295.

Part of the pricing change no doubt comes from the company’s attempts to lure new users while people slowly return to gyms as the world has seemingly stopped caring about the ongoing pandemic. But the original version of the Peloton Guide was also going to include an armband heart monitor which is now an optional $90 add-on. It can also be purchased in a pricier $545 bundle with three sets of dumbbells and a mat for users not already equipped for strength training at home.

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For those rightfully concerned about putting another internet-connected camera device from a large corporation in their home, the Peloton Guide includes a physical mute switch for its microphone that allows for hands-free navigation, as well as a shutter that covers the camera when the Guide is not in use. Unlike the company’s previous products which mostly feature a camera for social interactions, the Guide’s camera allows the user to see themselves on-screen alongside one of Peloton’s trainers during a workout so they can ensure they’re matching the trainer’s form during a strength training session, while a Movement Tracker provides inspiration to stick with a given routine until it’s complete.

As with all of Peloton’s products and services the Guide requires a subscription to the company’s content and those not already paying $39/month for full access through the Peloton app, Bike, or Tread can access the strength-training classes and all of the camera’s features for $13/month.

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