As a result of its recent “Donating Blood Should be Voluntary” campaign, Atlanta, Ga.-based Orkin Pest Control gave $100,000 to the American Red Cross via a virtual check performance between Freeman Elliott, chairperson of Orkin, and Jennifer Pipa, CEO of American Red Cross of Georgia. A short video of the presentation can be seen on Orkin’s Facebook page.

” I am proud to say we achieved that milestone ahead of period ,” Elliott said before the virtual “handoff” of the check.” We is ready to do our character during this trying COVID-1 9 hour, to help a great cause, to really contribute to our community, and we are thankful for that .”

Through this initiative, Orkin gifted $25 to the American Red Cross when a customer signed up for a mosquito control service in late April and May, up to $ 100,000. The purpose of this partnership was to save lives on two fronts: To aid the Red Cross in maintaining the national blood supply, and to protect people against the public health threats of mosquitoes.

With no known intent date in the struggle against coronavirus, Orkin wanted to do its part to substantiate its American Red Cross to help maintain a sufficient blood afford for the weeks and months to come.

In Pest Management Professional’s April 27 coverage at the start of the campaign, Frank Meek, BCE, noticed … … that” mosquitoes are one of the world’s greatest public health threats. While we commonly foresee less about that in the U.S ., the current pandemic is likely to cause heightened concern over malady dissemination .” Meek is technological business manager for Orkin’s parent company Rollins Inc ., and a member of the Pest Management Professional store editorial advisory board.

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