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Opening up about my mental health + makeup

lets talk bbys..
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  1. Thank you so much for sharing. You may be trying to meet someone else it's expectations of you. I'm going to make a video of my channel tomorrow about anxiety and depression. I've lived with anxiety in depression on my life.

    What do you care what they think? They don't pay your bills. There will always be haters. What people think or say about you is none of your business.. It won't hurt you if don't obsess over it. Take things AS THEY COME one by one. You can eat an elephant one bite at a time. Take it sssslllow.

  2. Therapy saved my life💕 Support groups & a good core group of people to have around you is important.

    Humans who are supported & have either a good family support system or friend support system live longer. Facts. 💕🙏🏼 god bless mamas, be safe & positive.

  3. I have anxiety and depression and my cousin and rest of my family try telling me that I don’t which gets me upset and angry like they don’t know what I go through how are they going to tell me I don’t have it and they try to make a joke about it and say I should smoke weed and stop being dramatic. And they know I don’t like to do that stuff and still try to offer it to me.

  4. I know exactly how ur feeling I suffer with depression and anxiety and it’s crippling at times in the pit of you’re stomach it’s the worst feeling!! Keep focusing on what u got and the light will shine through! 💕💕 I’m an empath and I feel all sorts of emotions just like u…

  5. aww you couldn’t have discribed this better! I’ve been learning this new method of dealing by when you’re in that state, try taking deep breaths and tell yourself that (whatever it is that you are thinking) you are not that. That you would no longer like to partake in these thoughts or feelings. That it no longer serves you’re best interest. it’s all a process and practice 🙏 You’re so pretty wishing you the best 🧡

  6. Anxiety stems from childhood most of the time, especially how a person attached to their caregivers. Look into it, maybe you find out something and it’ll click more for you!

  7. Thank you so much for sharing this. I feel like this too! I have been diagnosed recently with generalized anxiety disorder & complex-ptsd. I now have therapy once a week and been educating myself through books and the internet to increase my awareness and i mist say i do feel a little better already and i thought that even that small difference wasn’t possible. We’re in this together ❤️

  8. Remember you aren't alone! Thank you for not being afraid to be vulnerable with us! Whatever is going on you can always be open with us without judgment. Love you angel 🥺♥️

  9. I understand we’re your coming from I’m dealing with my son he’s been dealing with lots of Anxiety and depression it’s been hard for all of us in the family to the point I cry because I feel I’m not helping him but I know I have to stay strong because I can’t get depressed that’s not gonna help him .But it’s hard when he’s a adult and u can’t get him help unless he wants it . What has helped me to deal with all this is getting close to GOD PRAYERS HELP ME but don’t get me wrong every day is a challenge with my son but he has been seeking help. He has a counselor and a psychiatrist. But there’s days he don’t wanna speak to them😑

  10. I have to just comment cause something women don’t talk about but let me tell you your hormones hit different after 20 or 21 . Like you could’ve been sad and get into funks but after that age your hormones make you cry for no reason . I thought I was going crazy . I felt like I was up and down up and down .like every month but I started tracking my periods and it was happening 10 to 2 days before my period . But like it was at a whole another level. Like anything your insecure about or even just having a good ass day. Tears would just start coming down . And I would cry more like why do I feel this way . I couldn’t put it together it was my periods . But I thought I should get this out . Cause it honestly scared me soo much . I thought I was losing my mind . I believe it’s called PMDD it’s worse than pms .

  11. You are definitely experiencing a spiritual awakening in my opinion, I’ve felt in a rut the past few months and I’ve come to the conclusion that we are just upgrading to new dimensions everyday and it’s a lot of energy going thru us. I think if you aren’t aware of this new energy flowing through you , you’re almost fighting the upgrade and it causes even more anxiety not living in your true authentic purpose. Not discrediting your anxiety at all just think waking up can intensify it X10. Maybe your purpose is to be an outlet for the passing emotions going thru you right now because sometimes we need to hear we aren’t the only ones going through feeling anxious. I love your energy and I hope you get some clarity soon.🤍✨🧿

  12. I hope that u see this aidette and all i can say is that YOU ARE NOT UR MIND. theres a book called "THE POWER OF NOW" i promise u it helped me and i know it will help u. Please when u have some time search up something called "Mindfulness" its ur saving grace. I love you sister ur not alone❤

  13. Find an easy to read bible & ask God to take all that anxiety away. It’s normal to have off days and feel sad, I take a mental health day if I need to. I’ll stay in bed and watch movies, cuddle with my daughter, just be lazy. Reading motivational books has helped me a lot too bc a lot of my anxiety and depression is my own negative self talk.

  14. mild schizophrenia maybe .. i been having really bad anxiety last few years now it just started getting better recently, i cut out coffee and marijuana and have been feeling alot better, i really do think its on the rise these days. like my parents never had this feeling.. and i know the exact feeling your talking about hard to explain but i know it, i think its due to radiation in phones being close to your brain and or social media and the energy and expectations from others.. your young so this is the era you grew up with but before social media and everyone having cell phones times were alot nicer really good days i wish the new generation got to experience that amazing time. anyways i love you and hope you feel better !! beautiful as always especially without make up =)

  15. I use pot to deal with my depression and anxiety I swear it’s the only way I could feel sane not telling you to do pot but that’s worked for me and it will not work for everybody some say it makes anxiety worse.


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