In this interview, social justice and anti-GMO proponent Vandana Shiva, Ph.D ., discusses her book, “Oneness Vs. the 1 %: Shattering Illusion, Seeding Freedom, ” which she co-wrote with her lad, in which she argues that the ultra-wealthy society have the responsibility of the majority of members of the environmental, financial and health catastrophes currently facing us.

In reality, it’s really about the 0.001% — the small number of billionaires and centibillionaires who have become ultra-rich over the past 30 times or so. Most of them didn’t exist before globalization. The 1% is just a helpful metaphor for the find nobility that the publisher thought would be easier to communicate.

One of the key players is , no catch, Bill Gates, whose wealth and “philanthropic” endeavours have garnered him unprecedented influence over agriculture and world-wide state policies that peril meat questions of safety and human state.

“I was in Paris for the atmosphere meridian, and I’ve been doing this UN Summit since the Earth summit in ‘9 2. I’ve been doing the Biodiversity Convention, drafting of riders, including Article 19.1, which basically expected biosafety and assessment of GMOs. So, I was very surprised that, for the first time, the billionaires were on the stage with the heads of state, ” she says.

The Ongoing Transfer of Wealth

One of the “solutions” to climate change offered by this billionaire fraternity was geoengineering, which in reality is no solution at all. As noted by Shiva, if the environment is already changing for the worse, engineering temperatures, avoiding sunlight, dropping cast-iron replenishes on the ocean and substances in the sky, and creating artificial volcanoes, you’re simply creating additional problems without solving the original one.

At the end of the August 2020 updated information about the journal, “shes been” discusses COVID-1 9, and how this engineered pandemic has catalyzed the transfer of wealth to the rich. While global lockdowns have devastated small businesses and left countless to fight financially, the rich have amassed terrific profits.

“The 2008 crisis was very clearly about deregulation of the monetary economy, ” she says. “It was about collateral, it was about do certificates, wrap up jeopardy, and then the system entirely collapsed because it was really trade in myths. But I’ve been working on the economy, because I started to work on the grain in 1987.

Companies is ready to own and patent life. That’s how my outing on GMO started. But they likewise wanted to change the commerce constitutions. They wanted to own seed as their innovation. They missed an intellectual property treaty in the GATT. I firstly sounded this in a 1987[ United Nation] meet.

That’s when I decided: a) I would save grains, b) I would keep track of the GATT and the World Trade Organization( WTO ). The antiglobalization advance flourished out of that, and the International Forum on Globalization. We shut down WTO in Seattle, which shows the power of the people. We will not allow this lie of seed being Monsanto’s invention.

I is cooperating with our[ Indian] parliament, I is cooperating with our government to write principles. Article 3G[ says] grains are not abilities. This is what has prevented Monsanto from ripping off Indian farmers even more than they did. They’ve been taken to court now for the illegal collection of technology costs …

Basically, what we have today is this move of abundance. Monsanto’s behavior is also the big tech’s behavior. Do they display anything? No. They only obtain leases on digital platforms. They’re rent collectors …

I investigated the seed problem with Monsanto. I said, ‘Here the issue is collecting rents from grain, which they didn’t draw. Then we won’t give them own it.’ In upshot, whether it’s Amazon or Gates, they’re basically rent collectors. What they’ve done with this pandemic is literally create a closed economy, which depends on them and their payment collection.”

The eight-minute video below plies a sobering epitome of the big opulence movement that has occurs in 2020 thanks to pandemic lockdowns, during which small businesses were forced to close while giant multinational enterprise were allowed to stay open and thereby monopolize world markets. The terminate cause is the largest transfer of affluence in modern history.

The Discontinue of Democracy

Shiva goes on to review how India mustered against Walmart’s encroachment, which threatened to destroy local industries. The COVID-1 9 lockdowns, nonetheless, have prevented the same kind of mobilization against the tech and retail giants.

As local firms various regions of the world have had to close their openings for months on end,’s power has exploded. Amazon is even encroaching on grocery suppliers.

“I was just read a article, that the super rich in the U.S. have moved $50 trillion to themselves[ over the past 30 times; the globalization period] … While they cheat you of your work, they’re still obtaining[ fund from] you for that pressured software program on digital payments, for software programs on … digital education.

Poor Indian children, who could afford a universal education , now cannot open education because their parents have no smartphones. So, we are meet an engineered duty of an economy. A healthful economy germinates as an growth with picks, with right, with equity …

True economies would say, ‘Here is what I deliver. If my digital[ money is] better than your currency, choose it. Is my obliged vaccination better than your immunity? Make your choice.’ The minute choice is removed from people’s life, democracies stop. When the choice is removed from our conditions of being, our conditions of living, then life is threatened …

What is globalization but deregulation of commerce? It is knocking down every law that was put in place by democratic societies for the protection of the environmental issues, the protection of health, the right to education, the rights of workers. Now that’s what’s being targeted.”

In India, they recently eliminated all labor rules, and they’re trying to remove the Farmers’ Rights Act, as well as environmental laws. This is what allows for the transfer of wealth to happen, Shiva says.

The Result Game

As explained by Shiva, all of these companies are essentially rent collectors. Facebook turns our thoughts into a raw material that is then capitalized upon. “Gates is peculiarly ferocious because through the Gates Foundation, he pretends to be doing generosity, ” she says.

But with every philanthropic struggle, he carves out brand-new colonies from which he can accumulate brand-new rents and shape new assets. “That’s why no matter how much he yields, he gets richer and richer, ” Shiva says. “A genuine giver would get poorer.”

In her bible, she explaining how, without Gates, there would be no commercial-grade gene editing, for example, which is the new GMO. He formed a company called Editas Medicine Inc. to facilitate the patenting of these brand-new climate-resilient weeds, with which they aim to create new remedies. “He will do biofortification to solve the nutrition problem. He is peculiarly wicked, ” she says. As for what the ultimate goal might be, Shiva says 😛 TAGEND

“The first thing is, of course, they want to use their money-making implements to stimulate more fund. So, it is a dictatorship of the technology balance. That’s why people should be paying a lot more attention to the viciou burden of digitalization.

A heap of your best friend, who never studied the roots of these brutality arrangements, who never understood matters agrichemicals came from Hitler’s concentration camps and that the agrichemical industry is the deadly cartel is accountable for the carnage, they’re continuing that carnage.

Engineering as tools of domination and exploitation are not neutral. A much of progressive think, ‘More digitalization, more democracy.’ How can a surveillance economy be an enlargement of your naturalnes? You have to have information systems in place, the regulations in place, the choices in place to be able to perform these technologies international civil servants and not your master.”

The Global Merger

They likewise want to merge all of these various industries together — agriculture, technology and finance. Shiva recites how, in 2016, India boycotted all cash and started digital transactions compulsory. In short-lived tell, “9 0% of poor people lost their savings, their incomes, ” she says, as small, local economies melted. Meanwhile, the affluent nobilities also control the world’s economy via their resource stores.

“Corporations don’t own themselves anymore. Even “owners corporations” are owned by the billionaires, the same BlackRocks, the same Vanguards command every big company, Coca-Cola to McDonald’s to Boeing. Look at anything in the world-wide, it’s the billionaire money and their resource administration stores.

Last year, BlackRock increased its prosperity from$ 1 trillion to$ 7 trillion, which represents the billionaires increased their affluence. During the lockdown, they attacked even more profoundly into the Amazon and became richer.

So, these asset asset control funds are the billionaires’ affluence, and it is increasing. That is merging with IT and info technology and the tech tycoons, and it’s merging with biotechnology and the chemical industry.

That’s why they’re talking about digitalization of agriculture — farming without farmers and, worse, nutrient without food. One of the big propagandizes of Gates and Silicon Valley is into fake food.”

As noted by Shiva, while Big Biotech claims GMOs will save your health and protect countries around the world, these pesticide-laden flowers are in fact doing the ended antonym.

We Are the Throwaways

There’s too the issue of social justice. She cites Gandhi, who said that if you’re in doubt about what the right thing to do is, “bring the face of the most vulnerable person to your mind’s eye and do what is good for them.” If you think it will harm them more, don’t do it.

“They intentionally want to get rid of large parts of humanity, ” Shiva says. “First through hunger, then through sickness. They require a digital economy, they require a sick economy. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be spending all your time on Big Pharma; you’d deplete your time making sure that the smaller farmer doesn’t get destroyed …

On a planetary proportion, we are seeing these irresponsible, avaricious, indifferent, heartless humanities making the world, and humanity, to a verge. That’s why we have to act and find imaginative highways …

All of these tech barons who have taken over the economy, concealing behind the virus, are all jumping into life science. Google has a brand-new life sciences department. This will be the final overthrow of Mother Nature, At a day[ when] all countries of the world is waking up to the rules of nature and healthy figures, health ecosystems, an eco-healthy planet, they’re still carried out under the Colonial franchise of defeating Mother Nature.”

The Great Economic Reset

None of these things is coming out of left environment. They’ve been carefully planned to take place countless decades. We now realize clear proofs that a “great financial reset” is in the works, which will transition everything over to digital monies.

If there’s one activity we should have, it’s strategies to get rid of the robber barons, whatever it makes.~ Vandana Shiva, Ph.D.

As noted by Shiva, the industrial revolution shifted our mindset to one where we thought of nature as dead. The ensue was environmental extermination and the fragmentation of civilization. The coming economic reset is mostly part of an effort to further manipulate and alter our mental framework toward something wholly unnatural. Shiva says 😛 TAGEND

“In India, they assaulted and are still attacking organic and procreated something called the Zero-Budget Natural Farming … What they’re mostly doing is giving big loans to the state, which then hands overweight loans to the farmer. In the meantime, Gates is quarrying raise data.

He’s getting beings placed in the homes of farmers to quarry data. Then they’ll create algorithms to sell that data back. But all of this is now being reduced to carbon in the clay. You’ll get zero% for what you originate. You are able to obtain no needs of yours assembled through nutrient and food, but we will allow you to trade in the global market on the carbon in your grunge, and that’s what would hinder you alive. This whole financialization of nature is one side.

The further aspect in the great reset is to redo the economy to make it look like those who are now expendable throwaway people deserved it. They established the language of rival.

[ When I was writing] my epilogue, I has only just been received Microsoft’s patent,[ which] basically reduces human being to users. Our brain activity is sounded into in various ways. Everyone wants to have smart wear these days. I should call it spyware. That data goes through algorithms. Those algorithms will decide what[ we are worthy of and] Bitcoins will be allocated to us.

But every child born is born laudable. Every member of society has equal international human rights. So, they’re undoing everything we’ve put in place on humanity, on human rights, on democracy. This is where we need to be alert.

I review the whole question of the pandemic and the lockdown was beneficial for them for two reasons. One, they could get everyone afraid. Second, they could get everyone amused while they made over their own economies, they made over our recollections. They basically transmitted all the remaining wealth to themselves.”

More Information

To learn more, please listen to the interview in its integrity, and be sure to pick up a photocopy of “Oneness Vs. the 1 %: Shattering Illusions, Seeding Freedom.” You can also find more details about Shiva’s work on

“I personally feel that this assault is coming at a time when, in India and all countries of the world, there’s a new rising of consciousness of countries around the world and its living organisations, of our state and our living plans, and the link between our health and the health of the planet. At this part … it needs a lot of harsh violence to impose. So, to the extent they can keep the virus as their shield to hide behind, they will.”

I made in accordance with Shiva when she was of the view that rather than earmarking COVID-1 9 fear-mongering take over our lives, we need to look at critical infrastructures of life, humanity, republic, economy and taxation, “and start thinking about who’s taking them away from us.”

“You have to protect that which you hoard, ” she says. “Freedom and life are what are being made right now … We is therefore necessary to resist nervousnes and there is a requirement to stand detest. We are thinking beings; make us use the minds we’ve been given and cause us rehabilitate community.

Again, I don’t see the 6-foot distancing is by accident. Why do they use the words ‘social distancing’ rather than ‘physical distancing’? Six foot is a physical meter. They … want us to forget that being a human being means being in community. They want us to be customers of gizmoes.

We is necessary to society. We must remember that we are interrelated to the rest of life on Earth and to culture. That’s why we have to be talking[ about how to] rehabilitate regenerative economies … I think we lost a lot of day fantasizing the only issue was force, how intensity is displayed. We lost two decades of how nutrient is produced.

I actually believe that if beings start becoming aware that eating good meat is the single most important[ strategy for health ], and stretching menu in the freedom route is the single most important part to regeneration of countries around the world, this will rebuild parish …

I think we need to start doing homework to say, ‘Where’s the resource disappearing? How should the tax flow watch? How is our money going to draw the billionaires richer? How can they remain extracting more fund out of us?

How is our public fund the brand-new give to create the infrastructure for avarice, rather than be the public resources to create the infrastructure of life, of care and of solidarity? … What in our current law structure can stop this hemorrhaging of public fund to move upwards to the billionaires?

These are foundational publications. Who are we as human beings? How will we live in the future? What is the future we will create long after the raider kings are exited, because they were there in the 1930 s and we learned how to get rid of them. If there’s one campaign we should have, it’s strategies designed to be disposed of the swindler nobles, whatever it makes …

I don’t “think theres been” the luxury to be hopeless. Hope is something you must cultivate on a daily basis. Cultivating hope is preparing resist. Cultivating hope is preparing the strategy.”

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