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On the Radio talking HEALTH FITNESS & SELF-CARE for WOMEN OVER 50. Women's Power Hour with Yvonne B.

My first Radio Show appearance | A Guest on the Women’s Power Hour Show – Self-Care Series with Yvonne B.

This week the Women’s Power Hour Self-Care Series continues, with professional women stepping forward to share their journeys, insights and tips.

Selfcare is how you treat yourself in all areas of your life and importantly, for mind, body & soul wellbeing.

My guest is Rae Bright, the founder of Live Yourself Young, The Rae Way!
A lifetime #health & #fitness enthusiast, Rae shares her journey into fitness, finding her life partner and at the age of 53 becoming a successful #bodybuilding competitor. Rae now helps other women over 50 build strong bodies for life.

Be sure to tune in today to hear this exciting story! 1pm on Somer Valley FM (97.5) and online at www.somervalleyfm.co.uk.

NOTE: Whilst we talk on the subject of HRT, please note this is not medical advice. Anyone wishing to find out more about HRT should contact professionals in the field of menopause, such as Dr Louise Newson and discuss further with their GP.
YvonneB x

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  1. Wow I am so happy to find you I’m 45 and soon be 46 I had hip replacement on my both legs and the doctor by accident broke my femur bone so my right leg is about an inch shorter then my left leg, now I’ll watch your videos and start working out, who knows maybe I’ll be on stage too 😜


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