Nicole Kidman Won't Let Her Kids Join Instagram

Nicole Kidman‘s kids won’t be on Instagram anytime soon.

The 53 -year-old Moulin Rouge actress revealed that her younger daughters- Faith, 9, and Sunday, 12, will not be allowed to open Instagram accountings in an interrogation on Loose Women on Tuesday( October 27 ).

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“The technology. I’m not unusually techy myself. It’s very hard for me to monitor it and stay on it. I won’t let them be on Instagram….I have a 12 -year-old right now who is chomping at the flake and wants to get into all of that. It’s merely that constant move, pull. I’d say a lot of mothers would say the same thing ,” she said .

“I think it’s maintain their confidence and their self-esteem intact. And still steering them , not being overbearing, trying not to’ helicopter parent’. Allowing them to utter mistakes and fall down and not trying to sort of absorb that grief. There are so many things. But it’s a joyfulnes, it’s a joy having these beautiful little maids that are growing up and I’m discovering them day by day. I adore it.”

She recently revealed that she found this hard at the beginning of her job .

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