'NCIS' Casts Vanessa Lachey & Two Others For 'Hawaii' Spinoff

Vanessa Lachey is officially off to Hawaii.

The 40 -year-old actress will perform in the upcoming NCIS: Hawaii spinoff streak, alongside Yasmine Al-Bustami and Jason Antoon, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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Vanessa will star as Jane Tennant, who were the first female to be named special negotiator in charge of NCIS’ Pearl Harbor office.

Jane is described as the status of women who has ” expanded in a system that’s pushed back every step of the action through equal duties confidence and strategy. She’s also a mother produce their own children mainly on her own and has to balance her duty to her kids and home countries .”

Like her persona, Vanessa is also the first girl to lead an NCIS spinoff series.

Yasmine, known for her role on SWAT, will perform as Lucy, the confident junior member of Jane’s team who’s keen to be the first to find evidence, a workaround in the bureaucracy or to tackle a suspect.

Meanwhile, Jason, who is best known for Minority Report and Claws, will toy Ernie, the team’s cyber ability professional whose wide-ranging interests also include history, literature and all things Hawaiian.

CBS just recently announced that NCIS: Hawaii will debut later this fail, and this other NCIS spinoff is coming back too .

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