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my goals for 2021: work, health/fitness, personal, + more | maddie cidlik

happy new year!! don’t forget to comment your goals for 2021 down below:)

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instagram: @maddiecidlik
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hey guys, i’m maddie! i’m a 22 year-old living in NJ! i make fashion, beauty, and lifestyle videos and lots of vlogs:) subscribe and chat with me in the comments, i love talking to you guys!!

FTC: This video is not sponsored. Some links above are affiliate links from which I get a small commission, which does not affect you as a customer at all. All opinions are my own!


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  1. I feel like I have been neglecting my physical and mental health so I'm taking measures to work towards thaat, for ex: make sure I'm making regular doctor appointments to get my health in check; journaling and expressing my emotions in a healthy way

  2. 16:41 I'm really proud of you for saying that. And spreading awareness to the community regarding fashion and ethics. You are a very kind hearted role model and I genuinely hope your channel grows to be very successful. I, and many others will always support you!

  3. my 2021 goals/resolutions are to work out more, eat healthier/cleaner, become generally more happy and optimistic, get straight A’s, be more present, and make more memories and long lasting friendships!!

  4. Happy New Year. Since you mentioned a part time job, I think it might be easier than you think in marketing. With the pandemic, a lot of companies are switching to letting people be part time in this industry (at least where I live haha)

  5. I started a YouTube channel so I hope I will reach 2000 subscribers 🥰 + I am a food photographer so I hope I will have more jobs this year 👌🏼 since all the restaurants were closed mostly of the time..

    Good luck with your goals 💫

  6. I never comment on YouTube videos lol but I just wanted to post and say a genuine thank you for being an influencer who has consistently followed the rules and been extremely moral throughout this entire last year. It’s a breath of fresh air to watch your videos after seeing a ton of youtubers blatantly disregarding BLM, covid, etc. You have really led by action. Just know we have all recognized the efforts you’ve put in to be a “good influence” 🙂

  7. I feel like we are so similar. I started going to therapy summer 2019 and just recently found a new therapist that has helped so much more. It’s worth it girl, don’t put it off! Love u 🥰💗

  8. thrifting is a very budget-friendly and sustainable/ethical way to shop! I ordered a few things from thredup recently and they have a lot of awesome brands like Reformation and Wilfred (which is also sold at Aritzia). NYC also has some AMAZING thrift/vintage shops. obviously it's a lot tricker when it comes to Youtube, since there is usually only one of each item, so you can't share a direct link to the product that was purchased

  9. my goals for 2021:
    – learn to forgive myself
    – have fun and be more social (safely)
    – be more present
    – understand that health is wealth
    – become and stay organized
    – find my personal style

    *also Maddie thanks for being so inspiring and always having entertaining videos. I can’t wait to see you accomplish all your goals this year 🙂

  10. I have been following you for so many years now and I'm so proud of how far you've come and how hard you work ❤️ you really inspire me and make me want to do better so thank you, happy new year and ly ❤️

  11. Happy New Year Maddie! I absolutely love you and your videos. You're the most down-to-earth Youtuber I've seen so far. My goals for 2021 are to successfully launch my small business (it's in the works!), work out atleast 3x a week, read 30 books, and move out of my parents' home 🙂

  12. I interviewed you at MSU about your channel a few years ago and I just wanted to say that I've really enjoyed watching your channel grow! Your content is down to earth and relatable without being boring. Can't wait for your videos in 2021!

  13. I’m 26 and have a 2 year old baby girl. I knew this year I needed to quit smoking cigs and focus more on my mental health so I can be the best mom for her. I haven’t smoked in 4 days 💕 I’ve watched your vids for years and you’re always an inspo. Good luck girly!

  14. I don't mean this in a bad way, but I enjoy how you don't post on insta all the time! Personally, I love how you don't post 7373838 stories and pointless posts every day just to post something

  15. i hope! hope! hopefully! everything go's back to normal. Because everything is close in l.a it really "SUCK"😞. But☺ just to get back to my fashion design job!. But!! My big wish is to go back to "Coachella" it will be my second time…….. 🎧🎼🔊🎶😎🎤


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