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Mountdog Photography Reflector with Clip 24 Inches/ 60cm 5

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Product Description




11 Mountdog Reflector with Clip

Reflector is ideal for use in photography. Whether it’s portrait shooting, fashion photo shoots, children’s photo shoots or still life shots, this reflector is easy to create the perfect lighting for indoors shooting, making photos more attractive.

Mountdog 24 Inches/ 60cm 5-in-1 Photography Reflector with Clip

Perfect photography equipment whether it’s out or indoor photography

Translucent Panel with 4 Color Cover can help increase Photography creation.Clamps can help you fix the reflector where you want.
Translucent Cover: Used as a diffuser. It is usually fixed above the subject to soften the sunlight Black Cover: Subtracts light and creates shadows in certain areas. Golden Cover: Add warmer tones to the image, basically working in the same way. Silver Cover: Highly reflective, can brighten shadows and highlights, but will not change the color of available light. White Cover: Brighten the shadows to produce soft light. It is not as bright as the silver side, so you can get close to the subject.


Backdrop & Reflector Clip Holder

This handy tool is specially designed for foldable background shelves and reflectors, allowing you to place light source adjustment tools on any shelf you need. The simple kneading design system can achieve quick fixation without damaging the photographic equipment, reflectors or extras.


95W X 2 95W X 2 95W X 2 80W X 1 95W X 2

Bulb Voltage & Socket
110V,E27 110V,E27 110V,E27 110V,E27 110V,E27

1 2 3 1 2

Softbox Size
20X28 INCH 20X28 INCH 20X28 INCH 20X28 INCH 20X28 INCH

Stand Height
27IN-80IN 27IN-80IN 27IN-80IN 27IN-80IN 27IN-80IN

Standard US Plug Standard US Plug Standard US Plug Standard US Plug Standard US Plug

Rotatable Head
210° 210° 210° 210° 210°

Stand Conecter
Original Original Original Original Original

Carrying bag

【5-IN-1 Design Reflector】: The translucent panel can scatter light, and the white surface can brighten the shadows to produce soft light. The silver surface provides neutral and strong light reflection. The black side will block light to create shadows. Golden surface, used for warm fill light.The five-in-one design is convenient to carry and can meet your different needs.
【Durable and Strong Material】:The reflector made of High-Quality and Raised Grain cloth. Photo light reflector can be easily folds down to 1/3 its open size.It only needs to be unfolded when in use, and can be easily folded and stored after use. The clip uses a strong material to easily fix the reflector without being damaged easily.
【Easy to Carry】:Come with 11.4 inches Durable convenient zippered pouch for travel, on location. The folded reflector is very thin and can be easily stuffed into a bag or suitcase.Perfect for studio lighting, home, outdoor photography,travel and photography lighting.
【Reflector Holder Clip】:Made of aluminum alloy and plastic, durable. Designed to fix the reflector or foldable background on the stand. It is suitable for shooting alone, and the angle will not deviate after the reflector is fixed by the clip, and the angle can be adjusted by yourself.
【Kits Include】:1x Translucent Panel with 4 Covers (Silver, Gold, White and Black), 1x Photography Reflector Clamp Holder.

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