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More Than 200,000 Have Already Died From the COVID Jab in the US

Yesterday, October 8, 2021, I published a Highwire exclusive interrogation with Deborah Conrad, a physician’s assistant who is blowing the whistle on COVID jab gashes, and the facts of the case that these injuries are rarely reported because of a faulty VAERS database design.

Today you’re in for yet another bombshell video: “Vaccine Secret: COVID Crisis.” It’s the first chapter of “The False Narrative Takedown Series, ” produced by Steve Kirsch, executive director of the COVID-1 9 Early Treatment Fund.

“Vaccine Secrets” complements and supporters everything Conrad shared in her interrogation, so I most recommend saving these files on your computer and watching both of them. Both can be obtained on Bitchute.

How Many Have Died From the COVID Jabs?

According to Kirsch, the COVID shots have already killed an estimated 200,000 Americans, a far higher number than the 15,386 deaths reported to the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System( VAERS) as of September 17, 2021.1 You can find all the research for Episode 1 of the “False Narrative Takedown” series on vaccine-resources. 2

As noted by Kirsch, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention director Dr. Rochelle Walensky claims no causative connect has been find for any of these extinctions. She’s not lying, per se. But she’s also not telling the whole truth.

So far, the CDC has not determined that any demise was instantly caused by the COVID shot, but that doesn’t mean the infusions haven’t killed anyone. In this occurrence, Kirsch sets out to determine whether evidence of causality exists, and if so, what the actual death toll is likely to be.

Can VAERS Data Demonstrate Causality?

The large-hearted disconnection, Kirsch points out, is that the CDC insists that VAERS, as an early warning system, cannot prove( or contradict) causality. Kirsch argues that this is false. The idea that VAERS cannot show causality is part of how and why the CDC can claim none of the deaths is attributable to the COVID shot.

To prove his time, Kirsch sacrifices the following analogy: Suppose you commit a two-dose vaccine. After the first quantity , nothing happens, but after the second dose, parties die within 24 hours of a penetrating vein thrombosis( DVT ). When you look at the VAERS data, what you would find is no reports associated with the firstly dose, and a rash of deaths after the second dose, and all within the same timeframe and with the same cause of death.

According to the CDC, you cannot ascribe any causality at all from that. To them, it’s precisely random probability that everyone died after the second dose, and from the same condition, and not the first dosage or from another condition.

Kirsch argues that causality CAN be identified from this kind of data. It’s very difficult to come up with another explanation for why people die precisely 24 hours after their second dose.

For example, is it reasonable to assume that people with, say, undiagnosed stomach healths would die accurately 24 hours after going a second dose of inoculation? Or that beings with undiagnosed diabetes would die exactly 24 hours after their second dose?

Why not after the first dosage, or two months after the second dose, or any other random number of hours or days, or for other random cause of death? Why would public haphazardly die of the same condition at the exact same period, over and over again?

Vaccine Program Needs To Be Halted Immediately

According to Kirsch, the vaccination platform should be immediately halted, as the VAERS data indicate more than 200,000 Americans have already died, and more than 2 million have been seriously injured by the vaccines. Interestingly fairly, Kirsch and his entire household took the COVID shot early on, so he’s not coming from an “anti-vax” position.

Ending the vaccinations would not spell disaster in terms of allowing COVID-1 9 to run rampant, as we now know there are safe and effective early medicine etiquettes that everyone can use, both at home and in research hospitals. These cares likewise work for all variants.

According to Kirsch, the CDC, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the National Institute of Health are all “spreading misinformation about the inoculation versus early treatment.” In a nutshell, these agencies are saying the complete opposite of what is true — classic Orwellian doublespeak.

They claim the COVID shots are safe and effective, when the data show they’re neither, and they say there is no safe and effective early medicine, which is clearly false. At the same time, our medical exemptions are being stripped away under the guise of public health — all while an immense death toll is allowed to take place right before our eyes.

Kirsch is so confident in his analyses, he’s offered a$ 1 million academic grant to anyone who can show his analysis is shortcoming by a factor of four or more. So far , no one has stepped up to claim the honour. He’s even offered$ 1 million to any official willing to simply have a public debate with him about the data, and nothing has accepted the challenge.

As noted by Kirsch, “we’ve replaced debates as a style to settle scientific conflicts … with government-driven censoring and intimidation.” Medical recommendations are now also driven by the White House rather than medical professionals and doctors themselves.

False Narratives Overview

In this chapter, Kirsch goes through five inaccurate narrations about COVID jab refuge, namely that 😛 TAGEND

The shots are safe and effective

No one has died from the COVID shot

You cannot consume VAERS to determine causality

The SARS-CoV-2 spike protein is harmless

Exclusively a few adverse events are associated with the shots and they’re all “mild”

He too remembers the five false narrations about what the solutions are 😛 TAGEND

Vaccines are the only way to end the pandemic

Vaccine mandates are therefore needed

Masks work

Early medications do not work

Ivermectin is dangerous

COVID Shot Kills Five Times More People Than It Saves

Kirsch quotes info from Dr. Peter Schirmacher, premier pathologist at the University of Heidelberg, who is recognized as one of the top 100 pathologists in the world.

Schirmacher did postmortems on 40 patients who died within two weeks of their COVID jab, and witnessed 30% to 40% of them were conclusively due to the shot, as there was no other underlying pathology that could have caused the deaths. Now, he did not rule out that 100% of the deaths could have been caused by the shots. He simply could not conclusively prove it.

There’s likewise Pfizer’s six-month study, which included 44,000 parties. During the blinded period of the study, the deaths were just about even — 15 deaths in the vaccine group and 14 in the authority radical. So, one soul was saved by the shot.

But then, after the study was unblinded and controls are also available the vaccine, another three in the original inoculation radical died along with two original placebo recipients who opted to get the shot. None of these extinctions was considered related to the Pfizer “vaccine, ” hitherto no one knows what they actually died from.

So, the final tally discontinued up being 20 death toll of the vaccine group and 14 death toll of the control group. What this tells us is the Pfizer shot offers no all-cause mortality benefit. The shot saved one life-time, and killed six, which gives us a net-negative mortality rate. The actuality is that five times more people are killed by the shot than are saved by it.

How to Calculate Excess Mortality

In the video, Kirsch explains how anyone can calculate the number of COVID shot fatalities exerting VAERS data. What we’re looking at here is excess extinctions , not background deaths of people who were going to die from a natural lawsuit, such as old age, anyway. In epitome, this is to be undertaken by 😛 TAGEND

Determining the inclination to report

Determining the number of domestic death toll of the VAERS database

Determining the underreporting factor for serious events

Determining the background death rate, i.e ., all fatalities reported to VAERS by time

Calculating the number of excess fatalities

Lastly, you would validate your meets consuming independent methods or comparing it to what others have found. Step-by-step instructions and figurings can be found in the document announced “Estimating the Number of Vaccine Deaths in America.”3

More Than 200,000 Have Likely Been Killed by the Jabs

Between the documentation on his website and the video, you get a detailed in-depth understanding of how to do this and how Kirsch came to the conclusions induced. Now, I will simply provide a summary rundown of Kirsch plannings and opinions 😛 TAGEND

Propensity to report= same as in previous years

Number of domestic death toll of the VAERS database= 6,167 as of August 27, 2021

Under-reporting factor for serious events= 41( i.e ., for every 41 incidents, simply one is reported)

Background VAERS death rate= 500 per year( this background death crowd will be subtracted twice, as most COVID jab recipients are receiving two quantities. This sacrifices us a very conservative estimate)

Excess extinctions calculation=( 6,167- 2 x 500) x 41= 212,000 excess extinctions

Using the same calculation methods, Kirsch conservatively forecasts more than 300,000 Americans have also been permanently disabled by the COVID shots. These guess ought to have authenticated by four teams of researchers exercising other methods.( None of them exercised VAERS data .)

If you’re under the age of 50, the health risks of dying from the inoculation be higher than your likelihood of dying from COVID-1 9.

Kirsch also supports another calculation to show the COVID shots kill more beings than the actual COVID-1 9 infection does. That figuring too are demonstrating that if you’re under the age of 50, the health risks of dying from the inoculation be higher than your possibility of dying from COVID-1 9, so it moves no sense from a risk-benefit perspective to get the jab if you’re younger than 50.

What’s more, since your risk of natural infection exponentially weakens over meter( as natural flock immunity germinates, your hazard of infection approximately halves every year ), the danger of the COVID shot rapidly outgrow any potential benefit with each guiding year.

Precedents of Adverse Events

Kirsch has also analyzed adverse events by manifestation, calculating the rate at which they come after the COVID shots compared to the average rate seen for all other inoculations mixed from 2015 – to 2019 for ages 20 to 60. Here’s a sampling: 4

Pulmonary embolism, occurs at a pace 473 times higher than the normal incidence rate( i.e ., if there was one pulmonary embolism event reported in VAERS on average for all vaccines, there were 473 affairs following a COVID injection)

Stroke, 326 times higher

Deep vein thrombosis 264.3 times higher

Appendicitis 145.5 times higher

Parkinson’s disease 55 times higher

Blindness 29.1 times higher

Deafness 44.7 times higher

Death 58.1 times higher

Interestingly, the most common cause of death in children aged 12 to 17 who got the COVID shot was pulmonary embolism. This was determined by the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices( ACIP) after analyzing the deaths of 14 children. Coincidence? Or evidence of causality?

Anecdotes and Other Data Consistent With High Death Rate

Kirsch too cites anecdotal data that can clue us into what’s happening. One top neurologist claims to have 2,000 reportable vaccine hurts in 2021, compared to zero in the last 11 years.

In all, 5% of her existing cases now have supposed vaccine traumata. Yet this neurologist has there reported two of them, because she got so baffled with the VAERS organisation. So, in this instance, the under-reporting rate is not 41, but 1,000. And she’s not alone. This is another classic real-world illustration of what the PA Deborah Conrad shared in yesterday’s article.

Canadian physician Dr. Charles Hoffe has also reported that 60% of his COVID jabbed patients have hoisted D-dimer elevations, which is indicative of blood clotting, and heights in many cases remained heightened for up to three months.

This too is evidence of causation, because your D-dimer level is a marker for blood clotting. Even if you don’t have self-evident manifestations of clotting, it can indicate the presence of microclots. Hoffe discusses this in the video below.

Dr. Peter McCullough has also reported that troponin degrees are heightened in numerous injected cases. Troponin is a marker for soul impair, such as when you’re having a heart attack or myocarditis( nature inflammation ). A tier between 1 and 4 is indicative of an acute or recent heart attack. In case of a serious heart attack, troponin can remain heightened for five days.

In numerous patients who have received the COVID jab, the troponin statu is between 35 and 50 (!) and is still at that rank for up to two months, which suggests big mar is occurring to the heart. Yet this is what they’re regularly labeling as “mild” myocarditis. There’s absolutely nothing mild about this tier of heart damage.

No Rate of Injury or Death Is Too Great

Unbelievably, there seems to be no ceiling above which the death and disability toll is deemed too great. Why aren’t the FDA and CDC concerned about safety when more than half a million side effect reports have been entered? How come nearly 15,000 reported deaths5 haven’t set off emergency alarms and in-depth investigations? Historically, 50 fatalities ought to have the cutoff time at which a vaccine is pulled.

Considering the unprecedented hazards of these shots, I urge you to review as much data as you can before you jump on the booster bandwagon. Based on everything I’ve seen, I imagine the health risks of side effects is likely going to exponentially increase with each dose.

If you need a refresher on the potential mechanisms of harm, download and read Stephanie Seneff’s excellent paper, 6 “Worse Than The Disease: Reviewing Some Possible Unintended Significance of mRNA Vaccines Against COVID-1 9, ” published in the International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice and Research in collaboration with Dr. Greg Nigh.

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