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More Empties! Curly/Wavy Cheapies, General Health/Beauty

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  1. A natural homemade/ handmade soaps is the best for shaving. Best slip and softening.
    Bars of soaps from stores are a detergent. Always try to buy handmade. I promise your skin will thank you. Your skin hates detergent also. You can ask me anything you want on homemade soaps. I am a soap maker. I'm not trying to sell you anything. I'm also a curly girl and just offering help.

  2. Hey! So excited I found someone who shares a lot of my hair properties. Did you have curlier hair when you were younger? Why do you think the canopy doesn't curl as good as the layers underneath? Also my hair is not dry after I started the CG ,method i have been even over moisturized, do you think coconut oil is still ok? As a treatment?

  3. yay empties! theres a bottle of that vo5 strawberry milk shampoo in one of the bathrooms in my bf's house- i've opened it to sniff and it smells delicious!!!…oh i never heard of coconut oil to shave the legs! i am going to have to try…the carrington farms brand, i get it at costco near me a HUGE 54oz tub for $15!!!! it's a STEAL! this question may be stupid but the dial soap w/the himilayan salt- is the salt inside it to exfoliate?


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