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Mini Bike Exerciser HIIT Workout

Mini Bike Exerciser HIIT Workout

Have a mini bike at home and ready to amp up your leisurely ride for some high intensity cardio? Take this mini bike HIIT workout for a spin! Join Sunny Trainer Sydney as you complete 10, 40-second-high intensity intervals with 0:20 seconds of rest between each. Adjust your resistance as you feel fit to your fitness level, you can always work up to a resistance of 6 or higher as you get stronger.

– 0:40 Sprint
– 0:20 Rest
Repeat 10 times!

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  1. Hey just got this. I’m a 30 year old with pretty strong legs and I find the resistance level, even at the highest, isn’t good enough for me. I’m just wondering if maybe mine was put together wrong. I can definitely tell a difference between levels 1 and 10. Do you feel the same way?

  2. I'm just starting and my first time I did two hours and my knees got sore… Actually I was using it to fix my sore knees but do you think I did too much? I was in pain for the next two days trying to let my legs I don't know he'll I guess today I only used eight minutes and I had a rest in between… The stupid magnetic exercise paddler to me feels so good to use I find it addictive. Anyway I gave you a thumbs up. I noticed you only did 40 seconds a break and then again and again it was interesting thanks I'm learning


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