Mindy Kaling Reveals Reese Witherspoon Sent Her The Best Gift After The Birth of New Baby Spencer

When Mindy Kaling welcomed her first child, Katherine, she received a pretty amazing gift from her Wrinkle in Time co-star, Oprah Winfrey.

In 2018, while making an appearance on The Late Show, she revealed that Oprah had gifted Kit an ornate wooden bookcase in the forms of a castle, which was jam-pack with children’s literature and each volume inscribed with “Katherine’s Book Club.”

“It straight-up suctions comparison with what Oprah gave me and I mean that with love, ” Mindy told legion Stephen Colbert about his own knack to her. “The bookcase was engraved in the forms of an old-timey castle. It’s such a delightful present! And yours was such a nice present.”

However, this time around with Mindy’s second child, Reese Witherspoon is the top gifter.

According to her new interrogation with PopSugar, Reese sent over toys, and clothes, and food for days.

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” I felt like the instant I got back from the hospital, there was a fantastic endow for Spencer, with beautiful clothes and toys ,” she shared.” And this is why you know a endowment is from Reese Witherspoon — she also got my older kid something .”

Mindy lends,” My daughter, who didn’t do anything, got all these beautiful invests and dolls, too. And she sent us menu, so we didn’t have to cook for four dates. So, that’s to me really a very Reese Witherspoon-type present where it’s reflective but in a awfully macro method. Like, she certainly knows what’s going on in their own lives. That was impressive to me .”

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