Michelle Monaghan to Play Twins in New Netflix Psychological Thriller 'Echoes'

Michelle Monaghan is taking on an eliciting new persona!

Variety reports that the 45 -year-old actress is set to star as identical twins in the new Netflix sequence Resembles.

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According to the outlet, the show is a mystery thriller that follows two identical twin, Leni and Gina, who are hiding a risky mystery.

” Since they were children, they have privately swapped lifetimes, culminating in a double life as adults ,” speaks the summary.” They share two dwellings, two partners and small children, but everything in their perfectly choreographed world-wide is shed into disarray when one of the sisters goes missing.

” Though indistinguishable, each sister is unique. Leni is the sister that is content to stay home, marry her childhood sweetheart, invoke her daughter and help run the beautiful colt farm where anyone life-times together rooted in their long shared history. Meanwhile, Gina is the rebellious sister who turned her back on all that and escaped to Los Angeles where she rose to quick fame writing about a darker undertow that informed her Southern childhood .”

Earlier this year, it was announced that Michelle would be starring alongside Jason Clarke and Jai Courtney in a new film. Find out all the details here

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