There are literally thousands of women reaching menopause every day and, despite the fact that we are currently flooded with lots of information about menopause, many women like you still have endless questions concerning menopause.

Indeed, this can be a very confusing and uncomfortable point in time, plagued with harsh symptoms. You want to understand better what is going on with your body just before and during menopause so that you can feel better. You may have even been told that the only answer to your troubling symptoms is prescription drugs.

As a woman who has personally experienced this, I want to tell you my experience with menopause, what menopause entails and show you great options available for treating your symptoms.

Having trustworthy facts at your disposal will help end any fear, confusion or worry you may be experiencing now.

I believe after reading this book you’ll feel empowered and ready to conquer this seemingly scary monster, menopause.

We’ll understand menopause better. We’ll cover everything – diet, relaxation techniques, exercise, sleep, essential oils and loads of quick tips.

Do you want to start feeling better now? Are you looking forward to an active and happy life?

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