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Meet Eric, One of the Most Famous Star Wars Toys on Instagram

Toy Stormtrooper Eric makes a sand angel.

There are other memorable photos, though, Jones said. The artist explained that Eric has been with him through many important moments in his life, such as the birth of his second daughter, holidays with his daughters, the death of his grandmother, a divorce, and becoming a single, full-time dad.

“[I]f you look through the feed, Eric has marked various points in my life,” Jones told Gizmodo. “I have always said [that] Eric has pulled me through a lot of hard times and also been there for all the good, I owe a lot to that little guy.”

In addition to Eric, there are other characters who pop up in Jones’ photographs every once in a while. Recently, he’s focused on his own character named Bill.I.Am, a robot left alone on the planet when the world ends. Jones made Bill.I.Am out of bottle tops and wire during the first coronavirus lockdown.

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