Another day, another exciting escapade of Tv One’s original auto-biographical series “UNCENSORED.”We’re giving you an inside inspect as part of the weekly digital successions, Bossip UNCENSORED hosted by Danielle Canada, Deputy Editor of, and Janee Bolden, Senior Content Director of Pop Culture For iOne Digital.

Bossip Uncensored

Source: Tv One/ Uncensored

The latest “UNCENSORED” follows” The Grand Dame” of Hollywood Jenifer Lewis who freely consents her role as” everybody’s mummy” and is proudly part of the Mt. Rushmore of “Moms” in movies and television.

Bossip Uncensored

Source: TV One/ Uncensored

” One thing I like about this occurrence is she accepts that, she talks about being everyone’s mom and she rests into it and she loves it ,” said Danielle.” Dr. Jenifer Lewis is all about being that quintessential matriarch of someone’s clas, it’s really exciting to see .”

” I’m glad that you to come up that fraction about here being a Doctor ,” said Janee while speaking on Jenifer going from humble beginnings in St. Louis to obtaining a doctorate degree. She also indicated the actress’ legacy.

” She’s bee such a crucial personality in every portion that she’s played, she’s really been memorable .”

Not merely does this episode explore Jenifer Lewis’ matriarchal supremacy, but it also explores her personal relationships. Jenifer details following the road to stardom alongside Loretta Devine and Sherly Lee Ralph who she’s known since her teenages, and items its relation with the late Whitney Houston. Harmonizing to Jenifer, she and Whitney bonded so much better during “The Preacher’s Wife” that they became friends and she spent quality time with Whitney and Bobby Kristina.

” I got to play her mama for three months, we became friends after that ,” said Jenifer.” I got in the reserve with Bobby Krissy and she was just a little bitty thing and she wanted to swim and swim and swim, I said lil girlfriend I’m tired–‘What’s wrong with you ?!’

She also said that Whitney consulted with her about her serve the expertise and shared a sugared fib about that” lil girl” Whitney Houston missing a day on move because of inclement weather. According to Jenifer, Whitney announced her “mama” while asking her need, even though her biological mummy Cissy Houston was nearby.

” One epoch she didn’t is an indication, it was a winter of record-breaking snowstorms ,” said Jenifer.” I said,’ Hey lil girl! Why didn’t you call ?! They have to now moisten my mane in ten below zero to fix it for another scene that you’re not in–lil girl, Whitney this not a concert, this is teamwork! ‘”

” She said,’ Mama, mummy! I’m sorry I won’t do it again ,” said Jenifer reflecting on the phone call they had that day.

Also incorporated in Jenifer Lewis’ “UNCENSORED” chapter is a shockingly happy narration about a Pastor molesting the sun during her childhood.

Bossip Uncensored

Source: Tv One/ Uncensored

According to Jenifer, it’s important for her to speak so candidly about it so that other women can ” meet” their own legends as well.

” He draws over and bends over to me, I’m in the fare fanny. He reclines over to me and he starts to caresses me. Well, I gritted my teeth and then he tried to kept his tongue in my–it was so gross and outraging. And I felt his hands on my breasts.


He took everything from me in that moment. God. Because he was a man of God. My mother because after I informed her, which I did, we are only pushed it down and never talked about it again. And he took my profession. Because the issue I had asked him before he pulled over was,’ Pastor Herd, do you think I can be a superstar? ’


” And I told. That’s why I always say to other women and men, if that first person doesn’t listen, you tell somebody else. You tell until person listens. And then if you are eligible to, challenge your abuser. Try to have witnesses around. They don’t like to be confronted .”

Jenifer Lewis’ upcoming episode of “UNCENSORED” on TV One auras this Sunday at 10/9 c!

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