Mariska Hargitay Advocates for Sexual Assault Survivors During DNC 2020 Speech - Watch Now

Mariska Hargitay has an important theme to share while speaking at the 2020 Democratic National Convention.

The 56 -year-old Law& Order: SVU actress drew presented a virtual addres during the event on Wednesday( August 19) where she advocated for sexual assault survivors.

” When I started doing experiment to play Detective Olivia Benson on Law& Order: SVU over 20 decades ago, I was stunned to find out how many people, including children, event physical or sex offense ,” Mariska shared.” The statistics fueled my resolve, and I perpetrated myself to the movement to end this violence .”

Mariska spoke alongside the CEO and President of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence Ruth Glenn, who is urging Congress to” reauthorize and heighten” the Violence Against Women Act, which then-Senator Joe Biden wrote and introduced in 1990.

In 2004, Mariska started the Joyful Heart Foundation, which aims to educate and empower survivors of family violence, sex offense and child abuse.

” I created the Joyful Heart Foundation to help survivors heal, and to change the lane our society responds to forms of sexual violence ,” Mariska said.” The vice president has worked tirelessly by our area to end the backlog of hundreds of thousands of untested assault packs. And our wreak will be pursued because testing packs is not simply clears our country safer, but it sends a vital message to survivors that what happened to them problems .”

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