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Libra Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF February 21 – 2 7, 2022

Don’t be too quick to shut people down—or shut them OUT, Libra! While that’s a far cry from your M.O. as the diplomat of the zodiac, when you get stressed or your emo buttons get pushed, your usual voice of reason and understanding can get drowned out by a more reactive side of your personality. Even if that’s happening this week, just stay aware and trust that things will come into beautiful Libran balance on Wednesday, February 23, under the beams of a restorative quarter moon in Sagittarius and your communication corner. You don’t usually get overwhelmed by your feelings, yet not enough sleep or a troubling conversation may have drained your reserve tank. The silver lining is that now you’ll have a chance to more thoroughly think through someone else’s opinions or reconsider their motives. And when you do that without feeling pressured or getting defensive, yours more than any other sign can truly listen with an open mind.

So midweek, hit pause and ask this person to elucidate their ideas. As you take in what they’re saying, objectively evaluate whether they do or don’t have a personal agenda, and whether their ideas might benefit both of you. No one is saying that you must agree with them or their tactics, but you can still validate THEM as a person by affirming their position and offering supportive words that could inspire a healthy compromise. Perhaps it’s time for everyone here to refresh their perspectives. Call a timeout and take a few days to research credible data, hear what thought leaders are saying and even study wisdom from multiple cultures and perspectives. Return with a well-rounded view, and this will all run much smoother.

And afterward, if you find you need to take some time for yourself, don’t wait for anyone else to grant permission! On Thursday, you’ll want to store up as much patience and energy as possible because unpredictable Uranus gets into a rare scuffle with analytic Mercury, both of which are heating up your passion sectors. Your person might lob a curveball your way—at precisely the wrong moment—or you might feel like you need to pull a disappearing act to let your mind AND body recover. Just because you feel like you have energy to burn doesn’t mean you should push yourself to exhaustion. Nor should you seek out “relief” in a glass of anything alcoholic or food that you know will only leave you with a sugar hangover. A better idea would be to use this pent-up emotionality to tackle some tasks you keep kicking down the road. Bang them out now, or at least get a running start, and you’ll have so much more time and mental bandwidth available come Friday night. Pro tip: Commit to clearing the decks before Monday morning, and you won’t even have residual guilt to contend with this weekend!

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