Maria Treben-a German herbalist wrote in her book entitled “Health Through God’s Pharmacy” that Lady’s Mantle was called the Mother of God’s coat in the traditional medicine and women’s best friend. It was mostly used for treatment of any feminine conditions – when used, it soothed menstrual pains and the menopausal symptoms, it also helped withthe genital tract infections – e.g. in case of vaginal discharge.Pregnant women drank the infusion of Lady’s Mantle to prevent miscarriage – the components present in it strengthen uterine ligaments, reducing at the same time the risk of losing the foetus. Moreover, it was also used for the digestive tract disorders – diarrhoeas and stomachaches, and the poultice made from Lady’s Mantle speeded up the healing of wounds. The herb has been also used as a cosmetic for a long time.

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