Kelly Ripa Shares Sweet Memory Of Working With Josh Duhamel On 'All My Children'

Kelly Ripa remembered about her meter on All My Children, in which she starred as Hayley Vaughan, during Monday’s escapade of Live! With Kelly and Ryan.

The 49 -year-old host and actress recalled a really sweet memory about working with Josh Duhamel, where he would play with her lad Michael when he was just a toddler.

” This morning when we were setting up and he was doing his sound check, I had to grab Michael and I said,’ I want you to see somebody ,'” Kelly shared about the virtual check in with Josh.” When we both ran at All My Children together, Josh — there’s a handful of people who were born to be parents that I’ve known in “peoples lives”, Josh being one of them .”

She continued,” He was like a young minor, he was in his very early 20 s when we had Michael. He would sit and play with Michael, who was a toddler, for hours, and Michael used to call him the Iron Giant .”

” Josh, to report to his mothers[ her and Mark Consuelos] looked like a monstrous ,” Kelly added.” He was like,’ Who knew that adults came in this size !’ He’s used to looking down on adults, but Josh, he was like,’ You’re the largest person I’ve ever seen .'”

Josh was recently part of the All My Children virtual reunion and was last seen out before the pandemic smack, enjoying a snack at a Mexican restaurant.

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