Kelly Ripa Reveals She Still Struggles with Being On-Camera: 'It's Painful'

Kelly Ripa is getting candid.

The 50 -year-old television personality first go her start on the long-running soap All Their own children before becoming a full-time talk show host in 2001.

Kelly spoke with Bethenny Frankel on an incident of her podcast Just B and revealed that despite over a decade in the entertainment industry, she still learns it challenging to be on-screen.

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” I’ve been saying that it’s time to’ crimp’ em’ for 20 years. For 20 years I’ve been saying,’ I can’t make love anymore. I can’t do it. I’m too old for this crap. I need to find another career. I need to get off camera .’ I’ve been saying that forever ,” Kelly said.

” Being in front of the camera is not something I’ve ever experienced. I’m not very comfortable. I always say I could do my job for 200 times if it didn’t happen on camera ,” she continued.

Bethenny asked if she was worried about the space she seemed or if she was just awkward with “members attention” and Kelly replied,” All of that! I don’t like “members attention”, I don’t go to defendants, I don’t go to Hollywood phenomena. I don’t do any of that nonsense. I would rather buy robes than have to ask to borrow anything. It’s pain .”

” I don’t love being on camera ,” she supplemented later in the conversation.” It’s never been something that fed me in any sort of selfish highway. I find my own expres grate, so I apologize to your listeners if they’re like,’ This is claws on a chalkboard .’ I feel you .”

Kelly also said that she feels like she’s somewhat polarizing to audiences, but that was an inevitable effect of being authentic on camera.

” I don’t think you can work in any plain in presentation and not be polarizing. It’s one thing I learned right away. And I’m taking the acting off the table- I’m talking about being yourself, which very few people actually are ,” she said.” I am myself. You is no longer able like it, it may not be for you, but here’s the good news: It’s always the same ,” she said.

Kelly and her husband Mark Consuelos recently some details about how they approach their marriage.

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