Kelly Ripa & Mark Consuelos Say They Have 'Traditional' Roles in Their Marriage

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos are opening up about their marriage.

In a joint interview with the Double Date podcast, the couple- who have been married for 25 years- has spoken about the relations between the two countries, saying that they approximately have an “old-fashioned” marriage.

Thanks to her morning talk prove, Kelly was able to keep her children rooted in New York City while Mark traveled the world for work.

” I’ve been able to raise my adolescents here in this city, in the burrow, and he’s always been willing to travel and go to a cause and “re going away” now and sometimes he’s had to go live in another country to work on a list over there ,” Kelly said.

She added,” What’s funny is I think of us as such a progressive as a pair. I ever think of us as politically progressive. Yet, when it is necessary to our own family and our matrimony and our capacities, I think of us as particularly traditional and virtually old-fashioned in our personas .”

Kelly then said that he believes that she knew it was ” hard” for Mark to be away from their babies while he worked.

Together, Kelly and Mark have three adolescents- Michael, 23, Lola, 19, and Joaquin, 18.

” Traveling is hard and being away from home is hard and sometimes he would miss milestones for the girls ,” Kelly shared.” I know that was hard for him .”

” In that method, we’re very traditional ,” she continued.” He stirred those relinquishes, but I think he wouldn’t know how to find a ballet class. He wouldn’t know how to go about signing the kids up for belief classes .”

Mark likewise described himself as” a traditional guy. I feel like there are certain personas — it’s hard to explain exactly what those capacities are.

” We had a conference where I said,’ Hey listen, there’s really only room for one worker in this relationship and it’s going to be me ,'” Mark added.

Mark recently cleared headlines for the NSFW comment he left on Kelly’s Instagram!

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