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Is COVID-19 a Bioweapon?

Helping you take control of your state in these crazy eras is Dr. Richard Fleming, a prolific writer in addition to being a physicist, a nuclear cardiologist, researcher and attorney.

Here, we discuss his latest book “Is COVID-1 9 a Bioweapon? A Scientific and Forensic Investigation, ” slated for release September 7, 2021. It’s currently available for preorder on Amazon. It’s an incredibly well-documented journal and contains record that many of us aren’t aware of. As it is about to change, the creation of this virus goes back not a year or two but two decades.

“My area of instinct[ is] physics and calculus, the mathematic speech for that. Physics, and particularly high energy particle physics, is something that I find most fascinating.

I eventually wound up doing some of that later on in soul as a nuclear cardiologist. So,[ I’ve done] 53 years of research in physics, and in remedy, I actually developed the irritation in heart disease theory and presented it to American Heart in 1994.

I met American Heart in 1976 as the youngest faculty member at that time, and I got lay in various members of the standing committee as a result — basic and boosted cardiac live carry as well as the physician cholesterol education faculty.

I did a lot of research on dietary forces and influences that are critical , not only for in the end — myocardial infarction — but other chronic inflammatory diseases, be that cerebrovascular ailments, strokes, diabetes or cancer, ” Fleming explains.

Standing on Principles of Ethics

Fleming is also a technical reviewer for more than 16 different publications. He was on the external clinical re-examine council for The Lancet, but retire in complain of the imitation hydroxychloroquine essay they published — an ordinance I conceive demonstrates his dedication to scientific soundnes. He too resigned from the British Medical Journal Open Quality due to similar concerns.

“Eventually we either are behind principles or we capitulate and become nothing more than the German doctors of Nazi Germany during World War II, ” he says. “And as record showed us, they eventually paid world prices at the Nuremberg Trials …

There are beings — powers that be — that think that they have things moving their counseling, but it’s very clear to me that they’re not self-confident that they’ve got everybody under control. The way in which this is all being handled demonstrates that they’re more worried about the truth coming out than not. And I think they’re worried about the consequences, as they should be.”

Digging Up the Truth

Early on in 2020, Fleming started researching medication options for SARS-CoV-2 using the Fleming Method, which you can learn more about on Using this method, you can measure how a given intervention works on the tissue height, and how illnes or inflaming is responding to the treatment.

He dissolved up developing 52 medication combinings, and over the process of being that study, the length of hospitalization remains went from five to six weeks down to one to two weeks. But he too learned something else.

“In the process of doing that investigate, I excavate more and more and analyse what was going on, and that guided me into the background of the research that many of these people had been doing, ” Fleming explains.

“Tens of millions of dollars have been funneled out of the U.S ., and Anthony Fauci has helped with that. He’s been on those committees. You can see the award numbers in the book.”

Is COVID-1 9 a Bioweapon?

While gain-of-function can be used for benevolent determinations, it can just as readily be used for nefarious ones, “and that’s kind of what you see happening, ” Fleming says.

“You see real efforts to produce viruses, coronaviruses, in particular. Spike proteins of coronaviruses to be even more specific, as I show in the book, paid for by the federal government by people who say they were not involved in gain-of-function research.

Well, their fingerprints are on the documents, or on the published articles or on the grants or on the patents. You can’t say that you’re not involved in things when the above-mentioned documents picture differently. They evidence the work and the money that came out of the federal government departments that went to Peter Daszak at EcoHealth, that went to Ralph Baric at the University of North Carolina, Shi Zhengli at the Wuhan Institute of Virology and other targets.

For me, as a researcher, obviously, once I start to investigate something, the only way you can stop me from doing that is to threw a bullet in my honcho. Otherwise, I’m going to stay after it. There are things that are not in the book that are going to come out in international criminal law, things I’m saving for that, because this virus is, by definition, a biological artillery.

It infringes the biological artilleries meeting treaty. You really have to look at the clarities. It adds nothing useful to humanity. It’s perilous. When Fort Detrick is involved and the Department of Defense is involved … and you realize these funds and you ascertain the people that are involved, you realize that … the United District was playing China, China was playing the United Government, and you checked who got caught in between. And they’re still toy the game.

For lack of a better expression, this volume is an indictment. That’s now my lawyer hat going on saying that I have provided in this book evidence that I would take to a majestic jury … I’m not somebody who is going to give up on having these people are dealing with, because all the freedoms that we have lost, and the rights that we have lost as individuals , not to mention really the numbers of people who have died.

My argument is … the reason why they died is because they didn’t get treatment for the sorenes and the blood clotting that I and other doctors have shown undertakings. The eventual assertion is that you can’t kill somebody more than dead … they can’t do worse than kill individual patients. And we’ve already seen what doing good-for-nothing does. It kills the patient.

At no other time in American history have physicians looked at patients and said,’ We can’t do anything for you. Going to go and come back when you get sicker.’ We have always discussed parties with breathing problems linked to medications for breathing problems. We’ve ever considered beings with clotting problems linked to medications to put an end to the coagulating.

And so, the reason why this is so critical to understand is because the same people who were involved in the funding of this bioweapon are the same people who have interfered with physicians requiring treatment to cases, and the same people who have been involved in the development of these vaccines.”

While Fleming carefully lays out the evidence in his volume, he leaves it up to you, the reader, to decide whether SARS-CoV-2 is a bioweapon or not. However, he says, if you do come to that opinion( and he believes you will formerly you’ve seen the evidence presented ), “then you have to recognize that the vaccines are nothing more than the genetic reproduction of that bioweapon.” Hence, the COVID shots are bioweapons too.

Warning to Medical Professionals

If you are a doctor, wet-nurse, pharmacist or other health professional administering these COVID shots, you may be wise to reconsider your participation in this scheme. A substantial question is there’s no way to provide or obtain informed consent. As noted by Fleming 😛 TAGEND

“If you’re injecting person with these treat inoculation biologics, you are injecting them with something that you cannot possibly give them informed consent for, which means you’re violating your Hippocratic Oath, you’re violating the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights Treaty, you’re violating the Nuremberg Code, you’re violating the Declaration of Helsinki.

It’s right across the board. It’s not even something that you can pretend doesn’t happen anymore. It’s precisely in everybody’s faces. And you can see that the powers that be are so stressed out right now that they are cajoling and compelling and manipulating and affecting. My friends in Italy tell me that inoculated beings are reacting in the same way that they did during World War II towards the Jews and the intellectuals.

And let’s remember, the first people Hitler put in concentration camps weren’t the Jews. The first parties were the intellectuals, because if you make the scholastics and medical doctors off wall street, if you stop people from talking, you can control the people.

So, the pressure being turn in the medical community in this country and in countries around the world to simply go along is nothing more than the equivalent of what Adolf Hitler and the SS did during World War II when they rounded up the intellectuals. One[ thing] will lead to the next and there’s nothing about this that has been a successful campaign to control an infectious virus …

All you have to do is predict the emergency use authorization reports. I’m only stupefied at how many people have not read these. I’m stupefied at physicians not having read these.”

On, you can find various video demonstrations and PDFs where Fleming goes through the emergency use authorization papers. With that data in hand, Fleming intimates asking yourself some fundamental scientific questions, such as: “Is there any statistical gap in the number of people who developed COVID-1 9 or died among the vaccinated compared to the unvaccinated? ”

The answer provided in the documents is no. There is no statistical difference between the two groups. The vaccines do not statistically shorten COVID-1 9 infection or death thereof. There was still fewer occurrences in absolute numbers, but statistically there’s no divergence. Add to that the risk of side effects. If you take the shot, you risk developing rash and blood clotting.

The same people that were involved in the funding of this bioweapon are the same beings that have interfered with physicians specifying therapy to patients, and the same beings that have been involved in the development of these vaccines.~ Dr. Richard Fleming

As noted above, coerced administration of these shots infringe any number of laws. Fleming too quotes supreme court rulings in which the court ruled parties got a right to choose their own health care.

“Rochin versus California had to do with an individual who was forced to undergo emetic remedies to coerce him to upchuck, to bring up things in his belly. The Supreme court of the united states said,’ You do not have a right to pressure this drug on people.’

Griswold versus Connecticut showed that the U.S. authority cannot take away the personal rights of health care in someones unless there’s some type of compelling and substantial reasonablenes, and then it has to be put into law. It can’t come out of the executive branch.

Cruzan versus Director of Missouri Department of Health in 1990, solely used to say that patients have a right to refuse any medicine. You cannot force treatment on parties. Well, this is forced treatment. This is obliged therapy.

And Doe v. Rumsfeld proved in 2004 that investigational stimulants could not be forced upon parties unless there is a presidential waiver or informed consent. Well, here’s the kicker on presidential waiver, which is what they’re going to go to.

Anybody who takes an oath of its term of office — the president of the United Government, senators, representatives to Congress, boss, police officers, judges, lawyers, administrative officials — cannot violate the U.S. Constitution. If they do, they’ve devoted treason, by definition.

In the U.S. Constitution, it states that Treaty Law and the Constitution and statutes are the supreme law of the land. The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights specifically states that you cannot force people to take a drug; that they have to have informed consent, and that animal study has to have been done beforehand to prove it’s safe.

So, if a president, including this one, editions an seek that this is a mandate and is required, then he is violating the U.S. Constitution by transgres Treaty and therefore is fully committed treason.

It’s not only an impeachable pique, it is punishable by death because that’s[ the beating for] treason. You can’t force U.S. citizens to undergo forced experimentation.

And you can’t get around that by doing something cute like having the FDA say,’ Whoa, well, we’ve now approved for use, OK? ’ Because the Supreme Court has already ruled that you cannot force beings to take a treatment and the only party that can change that is the Supreme Court.”

Moderna Has Been Aware of Risks for Times

You’ve probably heard that the mRNA in the COVID shots are designed to stay right around the injection site. However, Fleming points out that Moderna knew this wasn’t the speciman, as they published experiment in 2017 demonstrate a lipid nanoparticle inoculation for influenza ended up in the brain, bone marrow, liver, spleen and just about everywhere else in the bodies of the test animals.

“So, for parties to come up now and say,’ Gosh, golly gee whiz, we just didn’t expect that’ is a little disingenuous, ” Fleming says. “And I think you have to ask yourself, why does the cardiologist know about the 2017 article but the people responsible for the technology claim they don’t?

And so, what the hell are you examine are normal healthful people in a response to a massive production of spike proteins and healthy parties should make a massive immune response. What does that immune response do? It induces swelling and blood clotting, and then the spike proteins go across the blood-brain barrier and generate prion infections just like what’s been shown in humanized mouse and rhesus macaque models.

I’m willing to bet that the people who made this gain-of-function virus once knew that, because one of the things that had the government and Big Pharma coming after me in the 1990 s[ and] early 2000 s was the facts of the case that studies and research I was doing in dietary and inflammatory illnes had the same Neu-5-Ac raft receptor that the glycoprotein 120 of HIV — which Shi Zhengli leant[ into the virus] in 2004 — attaches importance to.

So, the people that were doing this were paralleling my study … It is about to change that that information is critical for going this virus to be able to attach and to pollute people like it’s doing. So, it’s interesting how you can be minding your own business and doing really good research, trying to answer some questions, and it might just uncovered the people that are doing nefarious things.”

What You Can Do if Your Job Mandates the Jab is a real treasure trove of information that you can surf through. There, you’ll also find sample documents for medical, religious, law and Constitutional exceptions to vaccination that you can present to your supervisor, educational institution or anyone else trying to bully you into taking an experimental COVID shot.

He also has fliers you can print out and share that lay out your U.S. Constitutional and statutory claims as a citizen, as well as applications for the President of the United Position, Senate, House of Representatives and position superintendents, calling on them to investigate those responsible for this gain-of-function bioweapon. You can find all of those petitions under the “Actions” tab at the top right corner. Fleming too encourages people to make legal action.

“I’m working with a number of lawyers to file suits in[ the U.S .],[ and I’m] one of the experts in the International Court and Italian fields for suits being filed for crimes against humanity. So, the bottom line answer to this is going to be everybody deciding that they need to take action and[ regarded those responsible] accountable. And yes, this may mean you lose your job …

You have to look at this, at this point in time, and ask yourself what type of world are you leaving your children and your grandchildren? This is never about you. This is never about me. This is about the children and the grandchildren.

Whatever we leave them, they’re going to virtually be stuck with it. If we vacate them — and the founding fathers did not abandon us — then we are responsible for allowing this to happen. It’s on us, so there’s no easy space … If “youve been” wondered what you would have done in 1930 s Germany, today, you know.”

Suits Filed With International Criminal Court

According to Fleming, Italian solicitors have already entered a client in Italian Federal Courts and plan to file with the International Criminal Court( ICC) in The Hague. Lawyers from six two countries are also putting together a seam bag. While the U.S. did not ratify the ICC, American citizens can still be held accountable in the ICC.

Laws and statutes being relied upon include the Biological Weapons Convention treaty, the Nuremberg Code, the Declaration of Helsinki and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. It’s now up to the ICC to decide what it wants to do, and when.

“It doesn’t really matter how long this makes or to whom this has to go. I’m a conglomerate disciple that there are enough good, honest people on this planet that if the people communicate and work together, the tide on this can and will be turned, ” Fleming says.

“It’s the same story all over the world. All the person or persons that I’ve talked to in the different countries that I’ve been working with have the same feeling. They’re coerced. Their citizens are being bribed, which, as a line-up notation, anytime the government has to bribe the people to get it on, you have to say,’ If it was really a good thought, why would you have to bribe me? I would be ordering up for it.’

I’m the eventual, I recall, study scientist. After 53 years, I genuinely feel very strongly about being a scientist physician. And I am fantastically upset when Anthony Fauci says he is science, because he’s not …

If these’ vaccines’ actually operated and there was scientific evidence, I’d be on now telling you to take it. What you’re hearing me tell you is,’ Don’t take it.’ These things are biological artilleries. They’re nothing more than a genetic code of a biological weapon that was formed, that was paid for, and put together by nefarious beings … I’m not anti-vaccine. I’m anti-stupid.”

We’re Battling the Biggest Propaganda Campaign in History

In closing, Fleming says 😛 TAGEND

“One of the things I do want to make a comment on now is for the people who have not been inoculated. When you’re looking at people who have been vaccinated, step back for just a moment and recognize that many of those people get injected because they were told that this was the only way to protect the people that they adored.

What we need to do is have the intelligence and the sorrow necessary to look at those individuals and say,’ I get it. No judgment.’ If there’s a spill difficulty or something like that that you’re dealing with, there are treatments available that you can look at. I gave those on the website, too.

But come together and support those people, because they were just doing what they thought was right. Many of them are scared, and “theyve been” impelled so scared. By the direction, what type of country, what type of world, depletes so much effort frightening the blazes out of its citizens? That says something.”

Indeed, this is undoubtedly the most effective propaganda campaign in the history of humanity, and it’s hard to blame someone for cracking under that type of a coordinated assault. The good report is that common sense has not entirely died yet. Fleming says 😛 TAGEND

“I think there’s a lot of people that are very concerned that things have gone south, so to speak. I’m actually heartened. One of the things that I’ve noticed about being here in Texas is that common sense has not died …[ and] what I’ve repeatedly get from beings is’ Don’t dumb it down.’

It’s not such matters of turning parties into Ph.D ., M.D.’s or whatever, it’s a matter of exactly being candid and honest with them. People have a really good capacity, when they get away from all the nonsense happening, to look at the truth and realise it’s the truth and to listen to nonsense being flip at them and realize that it’s time debris and manipulation. So, common sense is a really useful tool for everybody to have. That and pity …

We used to regularly sitting there and have conversations with families and friends where you’d argue back and forth and you discuss things, and I can’t be the only person that would walk away from a conference and get,’ Well, I hadn’t actually thought about that. Let me think about that’ because that’s kind of a different point of view.

That exchange stopped when they quarantined parties, when they isolated us, threw us in our homes and controlled what you could see on the Internet and on television. Well, we’ve come far enough back out of it that that exchange has started again.

People have had to fight to get that info out, but it’s that sharing of information and knowledge that is so critical to turning this around, and actually producing all of this nonsense under control. Not only the virus, but the manipulation of people that has been going on and the lies and the deceit and the abuse of power. They exercised our coin to make love. They exerted our lives to do it. They exercised our subsistences to do it.”

More Information

To learn more, be sure to pick up a reproduce of “Is COVID-1 9 a Bioweapon? A Scientific and Forensic Investigation.” You can also find a lot of information on, including science-based treatment suggestions for COVID-1 9 and side effects from either the COVID shot or spike protein transmitting from a person who got the shot.

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