IELTS Speaking Recent Actual Test in December 2016& Sample Answers IELTS Speaking Part 1

Where do “were living”?

I live in …… city which is the capital city of …….. It is an association of modern and traditional municipal with a lot of skyscrapers and cultural rights relics

2. How long have you lived there?

I’ve been living here since I was born. I grow up with this place along with my parents. I have lots of delightful memories here

3. Do you want to live there in the future?

Yes, of course. I have friends and family beside me so I always feel welcomed now. I inspect lots of beautiful municipalities but this place is my home so I still want to be here

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4. What do you think about the transportation there?

Honestly, I conclude the the transportation is far from satisfactory. Batch of vehicles trip on superhighway everyday so the road is getting more and more populace. The infrastructure is out of date and some superhighways don’t have signpost. The transport system works ineffectively due to those reasons

5. What do you often do at the weekend?

I frequently grab some chocolate at a antique coffee shop that is near my house. whenever I be there, the tranquility of this home makes me feel so’s good arrange to unwind and get away from the loud of the city

6. How often do you go to the cinema?

I go there quite often, sometimes with your best friend or go alone.I adore the feeling when watching a movie on the big screen. So whenever there is a movie secreted, I scarcely miss one

7. What kind of movie do you like?

I’m keen on comedy movie. It is funny and has excellent story-line. The direct is well-acted, with lots of charismatic luminaries. it’s ever my hand-picked when I go to the cinema

8. Do you like boast?

To be honest, I’m not a jaunty girlfriend. I don’t invest much time to play sport as I feel so tolerated and time-consuming. I’m ever covered in sweat while playing so athletic isn’t my thing

9. What kind of sport do you play?

I play lots of athletics, indoor or outdoor but football is my most favorite one. It was a compulsory subject at my institution. I didn’t like it at first but then it actually grew on me. I feel resilient and pleasant when playing soccer so I spend time everyday to practice it

10. Do you want to be a professional athlete in the future?

No, I don’t. I precisely frisk athletic to keep fit and strengthen the health. If I want to be a professional athlete, I have to practice hard-handed every single day. Besides, it’s very stressful job as I have to compete continuously and travel all the time. So that’s why I precisely represent athletic for fun

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IELTS Speaking Part 2

Describe a special meal that you retain having.

You “re saying” :

where you had the meal

who you were with

when you had it

and explain why it was a special meal to you.

Test Answer:

I still remember the birthday party that I had when I’m 25. I came back to my country after three years( 1) studying undergraduate degree in Australia. When I arrived at the airport, I( 2) envisaged that there would be lots of people welcoming me so I( 3) rushed to home. All of my best friends and kinfolks were at home and stunned me with flowers and presents. That night, my mom cooked a lot of my favorite menu like pizza, mushroon risotto. It was a long time since I feed traditional nutrient so I( 4) tucked in every dish freely. I had this food in Australia but the savour wasn’t as yummy as in my hometown. The flavor, the smell( 5) stimulated of remembers that I had before. That was the best meal in “peoples lives” as everything was( 6) mouth-watering and fresh. The banquet is so special to me as it is a reunion after a very long time and I still feel stroking whenever I “ve been thinking about” it. I was( 7) over the moon because of their desire for me. It was (8) a darknes to remember as we chitchatted about many things and took a lot of photos to( 9) captivate that time. The reminiscence still( 10) wreaks rends to my sees and it’s the best meal in my life

study undergraduate degree visualize run to tuck in rekindle of retentions mouth-watering over the moon a darknes to remember capture that time brings rends to sb’s sees

IELTS Speaking Part 3

Do you think parties favor indoor or outdoor undertakings?

Well, I guess it depends on the age. The juveniles are likely to flock to fitness cores where supplied with cutting-edge equipment. It’s easy to move their workout and there are trainers helping them with employs. On the other hand, outdoor works are much more favorable to the elderly.They can do rehearsal anytime at the common without any attack. Outdoor pleasures stand old-fashioned parties to be closer to nature so they will work out harder and be as fit as a fiddle

troop to cutting-edge equipment track sb’s workout closer to nature has become a fit as a fiddle: strong

Nowadays, the youngsters tend to take part in risky athletics. What do you think about this?

I personally believe that risky boasts have both pros and cons. The thrilling of the sports provokes young people to( 1) step out of their consolation area and challenge themshelves. Besides, rich promotes the brave so that’s why at boxing matches, the champions receive lots of money .( 2) Adventurers develop self-confidence and become more mature than their( 3) companions. Nonetheless,( 4) everything comes with price tag so( 5) the juniors face countless( 6) life-threatening causes like injury or even extinction. They “re going to have to”( 7) follow strict refuge regulations to (8) protect themshelves. I think that this trend is becoming more and more popular in the future

step out of their consolation zone fortune preferences the brave Wanderer Fellow everything comes with price tag the junior life-threatening follow strict security governs defend Men are likely to join in risky boasts than wives. Why do you think this happen?

In my opinion, different gender have different interest. Women tend to take part in some amiable physical undertakings like doing yoga. On the other hand, humankinds enjoy living on the edge and propagandizing their restraint with boxing, rock climbing. While followers are born with adventurous spirit and carefree, girls are likely to be prudent and apprehensive. It takes nerves to join risky plays so it’s suitable for men as they have passion to overcome natural roadblocks.

amiable physical works live on the leading edge push sb’s restriction prudent and apprehensive It makes intestines to V passion to overcome natural impediments.

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