IELTS Speaking Part 2 Topic:
Describe an occasion when you helped someone

You should say:

Who you helped
How you helped them
And explain how this person reacted to your help or/ and explain how you feel after helping this person


Honestly, I’m not the type of people who often go out much, that’s why I rarely have chance to help other people. Last week, on the way home, I came across a miserable old woman, who seemed to be my grandma’s age. She was carrying a lot of bags full of food while trying to cross the crowded road. As it was during rush hours, there were a lot of vehicles on the road and she looked very confused. As she reminded me of my grandma living far away from me, I quickly walked up to her and offered to help.

At first, she was suspicious about my sudden appearance as people nowadays are often afraid of strangers. However, after seeing my working uniform, she became calm and willingly gave me all her bags after giving me thanks in advance. Then, I held her hands and we crossed the street together. I helped her to carry the bags to her house. During that time, we spoke a lot. It made me feel like I was talking with my grandma as I extremely missed her. When we arrived at her house, she invited me to take a seat and have some tea but I had some tasks waiting me at the office and I need to come back as soon as possible.

From my point of view, doing a good deed makes me feel comfortable. I believe that if we help another, in return, we can get a helping hand when we are in need. Therefore, I hope that everyone will help each other frequently for the sake of our mutual well-being.


Come across: meet somebody accidentally

Ex: Last week, I came across and old classmates in cinema

Walk up to: walk towards somebody, in a confident way

Ex: I walked up to my moms, asking for some allowance

Rush hours: time in a day when traffic is heaviest

Ex: I always try to avoid going out in rush hours as the road is so crowded.

Suspicious: afraid somebody will do something bad to you

Ex: I was taught to be suspicious of strangers who approach me in the street.

Cautious: careful

Ex: Please be cautious when you touch that vase

Do a good deed: do an action that is good

Ex: I enjoy doing a good deed as it makes me feel happy

For the sake of: do something for a certain benefit.

Ex: You should give up smoking for the sake of your health.

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