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I SELL ALOT OF HEALTH & BEAUTY ON EBAY: Bolo's, Tips, and Sales Numbers

I will share tips and BOLOs of how I sell Health & Beauty items on eBay. Maybe you can find another niche in your selling business, even if your a dude with a “mug” like mine.

If you are a reseller and would like to be a part of a new reseller’s Facebook group, we would love to have you at Rev Nation Reseller’s Gathering Place –

My eBay store is called Rev. Resale and found at https://www.ebay.com/str/revresale

My email is rev.resale05@gmail.com

Instagram – @rev_resale

Music by bensound.com

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Deuces and May God Bless!

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  1. Trust me, as a consumer and now a seller of beauty products, the skin care world is alive and kicking! The discontinued thing really applies here especially! Some people use the same kind of moisturizer or serum for years, and don't want to switch, so they will save their search and just wait for listings to go up! And on the health side, I know personally, I could not find kids breathe right strips anywhere.. googled it and saw they were discontinued, so I went on eBay and one pack was an easy $15! And up! I mean at least one sold every day though.

  2. didn't know back then Rev, but just found this video.great timing too since I have a lot of Health and beauty stuff I just pulled out of a storage unit. you don't use them cause you don't need them. your are beautiful already 😀


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