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How I Use My NutriBullet For A Healthy Beauty Fast – Ms Toi

Reset your body by cleaning the slate with a juice fast. Watch this video to learn my cleansing juice recipe that is delicious and satisfying. Also, get some helpful tips to help you have a successful juice fast. Be sure to consult with your physician before embarking on any type of fast.
I recently saw the popular documentary by Joe Cross called “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead”. It documents Joe Cross’ journey to health by embarking on a juice fast. I was totally inspired to incorporate juicing into my regimen. Follow me as visit my local farmer’s market to gather all the items I need to for my beauty juice fast.

Take a closer look at the NutriBullet at http://amzn.to/1d6I0Oy

See my blog post to to prepare for the symptoms that sometimes come from detoxing at http://beautyblogbymstoi.com/youtube/the-healthy-headache

Watch the documentary “Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead” at http://www.fatsickandnearlydead.com/

Still haven’t seen my crayon lipstick tutorial? Click the following link to watch! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwYibvVBDXs&list=SPk85xRocbJY5F3MjqZv_zqliEryNfmGdp

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FTC Disclaimer: This video is not sponsored. All items shown in video were purchased by Ms Toi. This is Ms Toi’s personal testimony and experience. Always consult with a physician before doing any type of fast.

Music Credit; VideoBlock “Ala Kemenio”


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  1. Ms Toi, how long has it been since the accident? Was it that bad? Ive been driving for less than 6years and sometimes i get nervous on the freeway but yea, im not a big fan of driving. Love your videos but i also want to say that, it will be good to add a disclaimer on some of them so that people know what to expect and that some of the recipes / ideas might not work for all. Thanks

  2. Hey , I was just deciding to go to water fasting for at least 10 days…My husband earlier tried water fasting for 25 days but neither suffer any symptoms nor got totally cleansed…I  think I  will try juice one now to fast for more than 10 days…:)

  3. Thanks for this great video! Unfortunately you are absolutely right about the negative detox symptoms..that has happened to me before. I tried going paleo a while ago and that first week really messed up my stomach! :/ I didn't know jumping straight into only healthy food, especially a detox regime, could do that ._. 

  4. These fruit "cleanses" look great, but I'm curious: surely the detox side effects such as fatigue and headaches are signs your body is giving you to indicate that you are receiving improper nutrition, including a lack of protein and too much sugar. Perhaps they imply overdose of sugar, thereby providing the "sugarcrash"/fatigue. It doesn't sound healthy really :-/ not sure what to make of it

  5. I fast but its for religious reasons. Lol you might think its weird but i fast every ramadan, plus you dont know what ramadan is probably but its a religious thing in do where i can only eat at night and then i have to start fasting again at 6 in the morning. im only 11 and ive been fasting since i was 7 haXD but i forgot i think we do it like every 2 years where we have to fast for a month 😛

  6. I have not fasted, but I do enjoy juicing.  I like kale, apple, ginger, cucumber, carrots and lemon.  I might try fasting after I talk with my doctor. Thank you so much for this video.  Blessings.

  7. Thank you for posting. I was really considering buying a nutri bullet for juicing but wasn't sure if it would be a good buy for that use. This helped me make up my mind. You're great! Thanks again.

  8. I need to start doing this! I drink smoothies every morning for breakfast, but never thought about doing a fast for detoxing. Side note – get your butt behind a steering wheel!lol But for real, I can appreciate the new found benefits of taking public transportation, but if you stay away too long it will become a mind thing : ( 

  9. I am a biological scientist, and those symptoms aren't from 'toxins', they're from lack of food! This is dangerous, your body has 2 kidneys and a liver to get rid of toxins and waste products and they do the job better than any juice can, and starving them of food is going to do you more harm than good! You clearly have no understanding of human biology! If you actually built up toxins in your body which needed getting rid of, you would be getting very ill very quickly! People don't just get sick and die if they don't do a juice cleanse, this is ridiculous! Your body gets rid of its own waste and toxins, and green juice has no effect on this whatsoever. Shame on you for encouraging girls to fast, this is so unhealthy.

  10. This was perfect. I was just thinking of going on a fast. I have done them before or done meal replacement using the juice. I am always amazing how great you feel after and the weight loss that happens


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