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Have you ever tried this shrug variation? #shorts #shrugs #health #fitness

This is my favourite isolation exercise for developing strong healthy traps!

A couple tips- use a couple of dumbbells to weigh the bench down to prevent it from moving.

Place the incline bench at roughly 60-70% incline.

Plant your feet firmly on the ground with your midsection/ stomach pressing firmly on the bench.

Make sure the top of the bench is sitting just below your sternum.

Turn your elbows out away from your side

Hold the dumbbells as if you were holding a barbell and keep your arms in a fixed position!

Pull with your elbows and shrug your shoulders up to your ears.

Feel the best shrug movement you have ever done 😉

This exercise allows for an amazing amount of range of motion! You don’t need a lot of weight to really feel this one!!!

Give this a try on your next back or shoulder day and thank me later!

– Coach L


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  1. never tried … there are many things that I have never tried !!! who knows in life there is always a first time !!! Seeing you train so hard makes me want to go to the gym too. you are an inspiration …. good training my dear friend❤️


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